We have it all…

Not too long ago, it was so difficult to get gluten-free stuff here in Sibu. We might stumble upon some but those would be few and far between and not all were necessarily nice but we were at their mercy, so to speak, take it or leave it! Most of the time, we were dependent on those given to us, family and friends from Kuching, KL or overseas.

My girl was so excited when she went to KL and there were so many there that she did not know what to pick and cart home so of course, she was so happy to see these…

YESYOUCAN gluten free pizza bread mix

– the same brand as the nice stuff she bought in KL at the supermarket in town that stocks up on all the imported stuff.

Yes, she bought two boxes of that as she missed eating pizza so much, never mind bread or thin crust – both are not gluten-free so now, she is going to use that to make her own to enjoy.

We did bring our own gluten-free pasta to the cafés and restaurants time and time again and asked them to use instead of the regular ones but except for here, all the rest would charge accordingly, the full price, never mind that we were not using their non-gluten-free pasta. However, we never had any gluten-free lasagna sheets and she sure missed eating that. Needless to say, she grabbed a box of these…

ORGRAN gluten fee lasagna sheets

…the instant she caught sight of it on the shelf.

She did try making her own bread – most were disastrous while some were ok, quite nice but none was anything like bread as we know it. This time around, she bought a box of this…

YESYOUCAN bread mix

…to try – hopefully, it will turn out o.k.

Her attempt at making corn bread came to naught so I bought her this box of crispy corn bread…

Corn bread & taco shells

…once but she had yet to give it a try. Of course, there are those taco shells that we enjoyed very much and I did buy a box to keep in the house to enjoy anytime we feel like it.

We have had quite a variety of gluten-free biscuits and cookies – some good, some not so and the bottom line is they are not quite the same, the texture and everything probably because of the flour used. So far, the best would be this Australian one…

Butterfingers gluten free pure butter shortbread

…which we thought was nicer than the regular ones, same brand.

Well, that day, my girl came home with these cookies…

Muesli cookies

…from that same supermarket but we have yet to try them. However, we’ve opened one of these two…

D'Lush gluten free biscuits

…, made in Australia, and much to our delight, we thought they were really very nice…

Gluten free double choc biscuits

Personally, I do think these could give those celebrated Tim Tams a run for the money!

And talking about money, it goes without saying that these things do not come cheap at all but at least, we can get them here now, no need to fly to Kuching or KL and wherever…and anyway, my girl does not spend on anything at all the whole week while she is confined to her school in the jungle so she can well afford to pamper herself and spend on these when she comes home on the weekends, something good for the body and the soul, this shopping therapy, they call it.

TA KIONG EMPORIUM (2.2933,111.82713,783) is located at No. 42-46, Jalan Tuanku Osman and opens daily from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “We have it all…”

  1. Wow this is great news. I know we get it easier here in KL but now that these are available at your place calls for a celebration. I feel so happy for Melissa.

    Yes, she is so happy too. “Christmas comes early!” she said.

  2. It is good news that she could get all these gluten free food items. Since she does not spend much during weekdays when she is in school, it is good that she can get all these with the money saved as gluten free products are not cheap

    Yes, not cheap at all.

  3. Over here, quite a few supermarkets sold imported stuff and those imported ones doesn’t cheap at all. Any Choice Daily supermarket in Sibu? They do have quite a bit of imported stuff too. Anyway, glad that at least Mel has something she likes and enjoy.

    No, no Choice here, no Cold Storage, no AEON either. More choices there but I hear they are cheaper here, things available at both places…and especially when the expiry dates draw near, they do not give discounted prices as low as here…and there are things available here, not seen in Kuching – so it is always worth dropping by the Ta Kiong here…and another supermarket near my house, lots of Singapore products this one.

  4. Your girl must be so happy and excited to see those on the shelves.

    Now she can cook and bake more with all the gluten free ingredients.

    Yes, the long end-of-year holidays are coming soon so these should keep her occupied and we can always go out and buy some more now, so very easy…unlike before.

  5. It’s good that your girl is able to buy gluten free products. These are so pricey. In fact I had just tried gluten free pasta. In terms of taste and texture, I thought it was similar to regular which is a good thing.

    Yes, not much difference. Some of the cookies have this coarse sort-of-sandy texture that puts us off right away and yet to come across any bread that is like bread, as we know it.

  6. That butter short bread is calling my name!

    It’s very nice, this gluten free one…but the regular with macadamia is also very nice. One of the better brands, this Australian one.

  7. Yes, we must pamper ourselves most times if not all the time… lol.. Melissa deserves the best and yes, must buy, buy them all if they suit her fine!

    She sure will, anything that tickles her fancy.

  8. Good to know that the products are now available at your side 🙂

    Yes, no more a problem getting hold of such things for my girl to cook what she feels like eating.

  9. in this case, it’s wholesome retail therapy, since it’s good for not only boosting the spirits but also boosting the body! 🙂

    Yes, indeed! All in one! LOL!!!

  10. Glad to know that there are more choices of gluten free stuffs now. Not easy to get kan.

    I hope that supermarket will always have stock – then it will not be a problem for us. Problem is that supermarket – if there is something you like, once it is sold out, you will not know when the next shipment will come. Not regular. So if there us anything nice and it is sold out, you may never get to see it again at times.

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