Eyes wide open…

I saw on their Facebook page that their new stock had arrived so I quickly made a beeline to the place to grab a couple of bottles of the fresh milk with kurma that my girl enjoys a lot and a couple of this…

Farm Fresh cafe latte

…for me to try.

When I blogged about it the other day, somebody mentioned that she liked the cafe latte very much except that it was too expensive. I did mention in that earlier post how my heart skipped a beat when the cashier keyed in the price for the one with kurma, over RM9.00, I think it was, and the price appeared on the monitor.  Well, if I had not been forewarned, I would probably have had a heart attack in the case of this one – it was priced at over RM11.00 a bottle!!! The yogurt were all over RM6.00…and despite the prices, when I got there that night, there were a whole lot of people and no price for guessing what they were all buying, like they were giving them away for free!

There is enough in one bottle…

100% genuine fresh milk and real coffee

…for two mugs so it works out to less than RM6.00 each – very much cheaper than what you may have to fork out at those coffee places but of course, there is no froth unless you have a hand-held whisk or you shake the bottle vigorously before pouring out the milk and there is no cute artwork for your amusement and admiration.

I had these digestive biscuits…

Gullong digestives

…in the house, bought from that same supermarket – Gullón brand – made in Spain which do not come anywhere near the original that I used to enjoy a lot but these came in value packs of two (tubes) for over RM7-8 and they are sugar free. They did not go too well with black coffee but I thought they were really nice dunked in fresh milk so I tried them with this kopi susu (coffee with milk)…

Cafe latte with digestives

…and yes, they did go quite well together.

This tagline on the bottle…

Eyes wide open

…caught my attention. Yes, it was very rich with the fresh milk and very strong on the coffee fragrance and taste, double expresso, it says there…but unfortunately, it did not manage to keep me awake. I had it for morning tea, around 10 a.m. and after lunch that day, I was no longer able to keep my eyes wide open and had to have my afternoon nap.

I guess it’s purely psychological but we seldom had milk in our younger days, only when we were sick and all we had was tinned condensed milk (Milkmaid) and later, I read somewhere that hot milk and honey would be a sure cure for insomnia so I would have that on nights when I found it difficult to sleep and that did seem to work. Perhaps that is the reason why without fail, at any time of day, milk makes me sleepy…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Eyes wide open…”

  1. The most important cup of coffee kaw kaw for me is early in the morning for my breakfast. If I were to have another cup of coffee or tea later in the afternoon I won’t be able to sleep throughout the night. I have experienced it.

    You have it with milk? Now that would put me to sleep right away.

  2. ooo, how much coffee do you usually need to keep yourself awake? i used to be able to drink a lot of coffee, but now my tolerance is lower, and one shot is enough to keep me buzzing 🙂

    I will drink a mug, Nescafe, first thing in the morning to jump start…and I can go on drinking all day, as and when the opportunity arises but I must not drink anymore come nightfall or I will be awake all night.

  3. Saw before, but yet to try it out…

    They sell it in Singapore? Must be very cheap…in your currency.

  4. I also like the kurma version. Earlier on, it was quite rare. Not every supermarket has it. I do like the coffee one too. Ya, you are right…its quite expensive la.

    I’d rather go for the kurma, nice…and not as expensive and something out of the ordinary too. Kopi susu at the price, no thank you. LOL!!!

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