Not much has changed…

We had not been here for a long long time and it sure looked like not much had changed – the place was crowded as always but surprisingly, it was not full for a Saturday afternoon. Perhaps there would be more people on weekdays, the office people on their lunch breaks…and yes, it was  noisy so if you are more into dining in a peaceful and quiet environment, you’d better go some place else.

My girl wanted their sizzling barbecued honey spare ribs (RM25.20)…

Pork ribs

…so of course, whatever she wants, she gets!

It was as nice as before and had the very familiar corn-on-the-cob and sweet peas but instead of the wedges, they now served this bowl of potato gratin…

Potato gratin

…in a bowl separately alongside…and yes, my girl loved that too. She was worried initially that she would not be able to finish as the serving was huge and would probably have to enlist my help but her fears were absolutely unfounded – she licked everything clean! LOL!!!

The mum had the spicy sizzling seafood kampua (RM13.20)…

Seafood kampua

…which I had before a long long time ago but was not impressed as I thought the sambal and the noodles were not all that compatible – I prefer their kampua and masak hitam beef combination. Well, this dish was what the ladies from the UK had when they were here (2:30 on their video clip) and they loved it!

They had a whole lot of new things on their menu and I decided I would go for one of these…

Nasi biryani

…and I picked the one with the curry chicken (RM18.20)…

Complimentary soup

…which came with a bowl of very nice tofu egg drop soup.

You get a little bit of acar (pickles) and half a hardboiled egg by the side…


…and the curry…

Curry chicken

…was very nice, as nice as what we would cook at home using our favourite A1 Mountain Globe instant curry paste and the rice tasted all right too, just that for that kind of money, I would much sooner hop over to this place right round the corner for their authentic North Indian biryani rice with a piece of papadum and a small serving of raita and a much more generous serving of their very very nice mutton curry for RM21.00 while their equally nice butter curry chicken with basmati rice is 20 sen less than this one here, only RM18.00.

The bill came up to RM74.10…and yes, this much sure had not changed one bit – there would be no rounding up of the total and like it or not, they would wait for you to dig out that 10 sen to pay your bill…or alternatively, they would happily give you your 90 sen change.

NOODLE HOUSE (2.291406,111.829162) is located somewhere in the area immediately behind the Sibu Central Police Station at No. 2B, Ground Floor, Lorong Laichee 1, accessible either from Hua Kiew Road or Laichee Lane.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Not much has changed…”

  1. All looks pretty good except the spicy sizzling seafood kampua which in my opinion doesn’t look like a good combination but then again, it all depends on individual liking. Yeah, some people do not practise the five or ten cents discount. Die die must wait for you to dig up the five or ten cents. A little gesture goes a long way.

    My missus seems to like it – this is probably the third time she had ordered that same dish. I guess the employees are in no position to write off the 10 sen or 5 sen but even if the bosses are at the till, it will still be the same story. I get quite pissed off by it, honestly.

  2. Now they have Bryani in the menu? Wow. Getting more and more.

    Your girl must have love the ribs so much to be able to finish all till lick the plate. Hahaha. I think I had that before. Cannot remember. On my first visit with my sil and my 2 kids while I were heavily pregnant. I remember we ordered ribs. I think this was the one. I need to go to my old post. Lol.

    They should focus on a few – keep the popular ones like the ribs, been around for a long time and they’re really very good. Don’t mind ordering that even though the price is on the high side. Definitely my girl’s favourite here! The bryani I had was good but I can get the same or even better at the Malay shops for around half the price – I sure would not want to go for that again.

  3. I definitely want the BBQ ribs. Your yellow rice and curry looks good too. But the seafood kampua does not look very exciting.

    The seafood sambal is nice, very nice – I think it would go well with plain rice but somehow, I thought there is a kind of conflict between the taste and that of the kampua…plus that is definitely over-priced as well, so expensive. The curry beef kampua here is only RM5.00 – makes a whole lot sense to go there…and not here.

  4. The honey spare ribs and potato gratin look good, I would love to have that.

    Yes, and that is less than SGD10.00 – would be so so cheap for you people.

  5. Waaa…now they have sizzling spare ribs!
    The rice dish looks nice.

    Yes, they had that on the menu too that time when you were there. I guess we were looking for the local Sibu Foochow delights so we did not pay attention to it.

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