En route…

Last Saturday, after that very heavy Korean lunch that we had, we were still too full by evening so having an early dinner at around 5 before leaving the house to go for the novena and sunset service at our regular church here was out of the question. That was why after the service, past 8 something, we stopped by here en route home, like what we did a few weeks ago, for a late dinner/supper.

I asked for the somewhat plain-looking fried rice (RM4.50)…

Colourful Cafe fried rice

…again with their signature three tiny shrimps buried somewhere inside. On our previous visit, I had the set (RM4.50) with the masak hitam beef and one fried egg plus a handful of those mini keropok (fish crackers). Yes, with its lovely wok hei fragrance, it was nice but of course, I did not have it just like that.

To go with it, I ordered their very nice satay, chicken (RM2.00 per stick) and beef (RM2.50 per stick)…

Colourful Cafe satay

It may be around half the price at the Malay stalls but I did not like their beef, thin and hard, not palatable at all – their chicken and lamb were fine, the last time I had some. I would not say the ones here are a lot more expensive though as they are twice the length and are much thicker too…

So long, the satay

…but more importantly, they marinate theirs really well. We absolutely love how very tasty these are and the satay peanut sauce is great too.

I love ketupat with satay but unfortunately, they do not have any here. Anyway, at the Malay stalls here, they usually do not have any either and if they do, it would be those sold in packs at the supermarkets and I often get worried seeing how they are wrapped in plastic and boiled for hours to cook the rice inside. I don’t know why they do not make their own anymore.

The ladies loved the chicken but I liked the beef more and anyway, they only had a couple of sticks each as they had their chicken chop (RM9.50)…

Colourful Cafe chicken chop

…with mushroom sauce – I guess that alone would be quite filling already seeing that the serving here is usually quite big.

After that very delightful meal, we headed home.

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539) is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus  Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “En route…”

  1. All looks pretty good with the thick and juicy meat.

    The main reason why we keep dropping by here other than the fact that the food is great, prepared by a qualified professional chef, and it is on our way back to our house, very convenient…plus it isn’t in the congested town centre and parking is free.

  2. The ladies’ chicken chop looked delicious. I would enjoy that myself. Satay. Must be tender and char. Not too dry. I don’t like that.

    That the kind of fried rice I would enjoy but I prefer ikan bilis to tiny shrimp.

    That is his trade mark – the three shrimps, 3 in everything be it fried rice, kway teow, noodles, laksa…only 3, not more and not less.

    I must remember to tell the lady to burn the edges of the satay a bit next time – I like it like that but they say one charred barbecued chicken wing is equivalent to 8 cigarettes!!!

  3. I suppose it’s much easier to make ketupat in the plastic bags than weave the natural leaves the old way.

    I guess so, just grab a pack from the supermarket but for one thing, I don’t know how many of the young ones can weave it these days, a dying art, I’m sure – our culture, our heritage.

  4. These are all the food that I like – fried rice with 3 tiny shrimp HAHAHA!, satay and chicken chop. I can always use more shrimps for the fried rice though but at that price, I won’t be complaining.

    I dunno why he bothers, no that he’s got anything to show – so small he might as well not have any.

  5. The noodle stalls usually give two small shrimps with their noodle / fried rice dish too. 😛

    This one gives three but they’re so small he might as well not bother – I wouldn’t miss them, of that I’m sure.

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