You’re not the only one…

I am not a fan of mochi nor am I into those Chinese glutinous rice balls, the tang yuan (汤圆) but I do enjoy our Malaysian coconut-coated kueh Melaka or onde-onde…

Nyonya Colours onde-onde
*Archive photo*

…but only those with lots of gula Melaka (palm sugar) inside and it squirts out when you bite into it!

However, in the case of mochi, I will make an exception when it comes to those so-very-nice  Nestum-coated ones with peanut butter filling…

Sarikei Kim Hing mochi 1

…all the way from a bakery in Sarikei but at RM6.50 per pack at this shop here round the corner from my house, you wouldn’t catch me hopping over to grab a pack or two all that often.

My good friend, Lim, dropped by my house a few days ago – he just got back from Sarikei on official business and he passed me a packet of the mochi. He said that he remembered me saying how I loved them so he got me a pack…

Sarikei Kim Hing mochi 2

“Oh dear!” I exclaimed, “We can buy that here in the next lane!”

However, according to him, there are other types of filling.  Hmmmm…I did not know that! Obviously, those with the peanut butter are not the only ones available, just that we can only get one flavour here. He got me a pack of assorted flavours…but they all looked identical and he did not know which was which – I would just have to eat to find out.

This is chocolate…

Sarikei Kim Hing mochi - chocolate

…but no, it did not tickle my fancy – very sweet.

I quite liked this one – the black sesame…

Sarikei Kim Hing mochi - black sesame

…and I wouldn’t mind having those sometimes for a change from the peanut butter ones…

Sarikei Kim Hing mochi - peanut butter filling
*Archive photo*

…that I enjoy so much.

Thank you so much, Lim – that was so very sweet of you to remember me. I was wondering if it would be  much cheaper to buy from the place of origin but he could not remember how much he paid for the mochi – guys are like that, present company included. We forget what we have paid for something the moment we step out of the place. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “You’re not the only one…”

  1. Lim is such a thoughtful friend who knows what you like. So there are only 3 types of fillings. I wonder if they make their own peanut butter or use some bottled ones as the fillings.

    Yes, Lim is a very good friend.

    I’m quite sure it’s one of those bottled ones, like peanut butter and not like the peanut filling in paos and others…and I sure am glad that they are using a good brand – I’ve bought those Malaysian factory-made peanut butter and I did come across some really not nice ones.

  2. Onde onde is one of my favourites too. For mochi, between black sesame and peanut fillings, I definitely go for the peanut fillings.

    First time trying black sesame, dunno what that is and it turned out to be very nice.

  3. I like onde-onde, like you said, the gula melaka squirt out when bite into them.

    I don’t mind mochi or tang yuan but see what filling. Preferable no filling.

    I saw somebody sharing a photo or video of onde onde cake in Kuching and everyone was full of praises. In the video, somebody was squirting the gula Melaka out of a plastic sachet onto the top of the cake. Eyewwwwww!!!! I thought that is as bad as those nasi lemak burger, no nasi!!! I cannot imagine eating onde onde without the palm sugar squirting out from inside. Sacrilege!!!

  4. Don’t think I will like the chocolate filling too, but black sesame and peanuts, I am All for them!!

    Ya, chocolate sticks out like a sore thumb, not nice and so very sweet.

  5. Onde onde is one of my favourite kueh …

    For me, it depends on whether it squirts or not, lots of gula Melaka. The texture must also be right.

  6. So nice of Lim to remember specifically that you love the mochi from Sarikei.

    I am not a fan of mochi but am a huge fan of Onde Onde. It is difficult to find good ones that squirt out gula melaka until I decided to learn making them one day. We learned from YouTube and after trials and errors, we finally got it right. Nowadays, the boys and I regularly make onde onde as we all love it a lot.

    I wish I could make my own too – the ones sold here are very stingy with the gula Melaka, most of the time, it will not squirt so that is why I seldom buy.

  7. Look at that onde onde, I love them too! Love it when the gula melaka shoots out when you bite them.

    That’s the kind I like too! Hard to find here. Most are rather disappointing.

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