You drive me crazy…

This is the current craze here these days, it seems – the milk and yogurt from…

Farm Fresh

…which is, in fact, a Johore company in the peninsula…

Made in Johore

My girl bought a few bottles once at that supermarket in town that stocks up on all the imported stuff and she loved them so much that she quickly rushed back for more but sadly, they were all sold out and all this while, her visits there had all been in vain. I happened to see some at another supermarket one day so I quickly bought some for her and the following week, before she came home for the weekend, I went there in the hope of grabbing some more – fat chance! There wasn’t a single bottle left in the shelves.

Well, last Sunday morning, a little over a week ago, a friend of mine shared a photograph on Facebook so I quickly asked her where she got it and the instant she told me, I headed to the aforementioned place right away. Looking at their Facebook posts, it looks like they also have some stock of the same at the latter but one lady said in her comment that she went around noon the following day after seeing the 4 something post and they were all sold out, believe it or not!

There are different flavours available. For their yogurt range, they have mixed berries and strawberry (RM6.50 a bottle)…

Mixed berries and strawberries

…both of which my girl enjoys, and also mango.

As for the milk, I’ve seen chocolate and cafè latte but my girl’s No. 1 favourite is this one – their fresh milk with kurma ( dates) selling at RM9.80 a bottle…

Fresh milk with kurma

She says that it tastes like the gula apong ice cream that we do enjoy very much and yes, I grabbed all the bottles without looking at the price tags thinking that they all cost the same so you can imagine my heart skipping a beat when the cashier keyed in the amount on the cash register .and the figures appeared on the screen. Ah well!!! Since my girl likes it so much and she insists on keeping them at home for her to indulge in when she comes back from her school in the jungle on weekends, I sure would not mind buying them for her to give her some temporary relief from her dreary life in the wilderness.

For one thing, owing to the fact that they contain no preservatives…

No preservatives

…it would be best to consume them 3 days after opening…

Best consumed within three days

…and of course, I would keep all the very nice bottles for whatever I can use them for – to fill with drinking water to bring along with me when I go out, for instance and I think they will come in handy when we make our own homemade garlic chili sauce.

While I was at the supermarket, I decided to buy some mooncakes for my girl to treat her colleagues at her school the very next day, the 24th instant – the actual day of the Mooncake Festival this year. There are only 3 Chinese ladies teaching in that school – all the rest are Malays, mostly from the peninsula and those from the local ethnic communities. I did not buy those from here even though those were from a bakery and got the ones from  this West Malaysian company…


…instead. These are certified halal and there is the Jakim logo at the bottom of the tins.

Talking about the tins, they were rectangular, not the usual square, and bigger even though there were only four mooncakes inside. I thought they were kind of plain, one pink and the other purple so I was not at all keen on keeping them but the moment my girl brought them to school the next morning, two of the teachers staked their claim instantly and booked them, one each – the tins are so nice, they said!

I did not see these…

Sinar complimentary cutlery

…on display that morning – probably the cashier had slipped them into the tins while I was paying for my purchases and my missus and my girl spotted them when they opened the tins to have a look at the mooncakes inside. They sure looked lovely, great and handy to bring along when travelling so of course, we kept those for ourselves.

I was amazed to see that the mooncakes, despite the prices, were almost all sold out. There were a lot of the tins, empty so my guess would be that people bought them singly or two by two, not in tins of four. That, of course, meant that I did not have much to choose from and I took four pandan lotus paste with salted egg yolk (RM13.50 each), all the three that was left of the lotus paste with salted egg yolk (RM13.50 each) and one yam paste (RM11.50), leaving behind only three, dunno what flavours those were as I did not bother to check.

This brand is very well-marketed here – available at most/all supermarkets and even at some grocery stores like the one near my house and they are selling it at my regular Malay kueh stall at Bandong Walk here even but I did not bother to go and see if they had any left and what flavours were still available. I just paid for these that I could get here, along with the milk and yogurt, and that was it!

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6 thoughts on “You drive me crazy…”

  1. Yeah, the fresh milk with Kurma also drives people crazy over here. Once the stock arrives, I can see everyone posted all over FB. The free gift looks cute and handy. Luckily your girl and missus spotted them.

    Yes, we love the free gift. Oh? In Kuching too? Not cheap though…but of course, it’s cheaper than the coffee at those laces. I wonder if the Cafe Latte is any good – maybe I will buy a bottle myself and try.

  2. I know that brand. Sell like hot cakes over here but I don’t go for it. Not that milk crazy.

    Aeon has them and their best seller is the kurma flavour.

    Not into milk either and if it is fresh milk that I want, I’d much sooner go for the ones from Australia and New Zealand, half the price! Anak likes so what to do? Buy lor! LOL!!!

  3. Ah! I believe I have seen that brand before but I have never tried it.

    The irony is this is a Malaysian product but a whole lot more expensive than the imported ones from Australia and New Zealand…so guess which I would rather buy.

  4. At first I thought the yohurt and milk is some kind of lotion, LOL

    Nice bottles, eh? Not in the usual tetra-pak cartons. I’m keeping them!

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