In my post a couple of days ago, I did say I would be blogging about this place…

Outright Coffee, this way


When we were there that morning, I saw in their display cabinet that they had beef pies priced at RM8.00 upwards but I was too full to eat anything at that point in time. My missus went to their bakery, back to back to this place with a hotel on top to look around and she came back with this beef and potato pie…

Outright Coffee beef & potato pie

…and another one with cheese. It seems that they would sell the unsold ones at the bakery at half the price. Now, that sure is a steal!

The pastry was very nice…

Outright Coffee beef & potato pie, inside

…and there was so much beef inside…

Outright Coffee beef & potato pie, filling

I enjoyed it very much and I would say that it’s value for money even at its original price. I have tried the other one with cheese, no potatoes – my missus said it was nicer but I prefer this one probably because I love those tubers with the beef.

In the meantime, let’s take a tour of the place. I am very sure anyone dropping by would not fail to notice the greenery…

Outright Coffee, greenery

…all around. I heard that Dennis, the owner, bought the plants from Peter, the boss of Payung, and it is good that he takes good care of them. I’ve heard of people buying from Peter too but eventually, all the lovely plants withered away and died. As a matter of fact, Dennis was outside when we got there that day, busy with the watering.

I liked this one…

Outright Coffee, plant

…and this one with the little purple flowers…

Outright Coffee, plant with purple flowers

…too and this gave me an idea – perhaps I could plant some wild ferns…

Outright Coffee, ferns

…in pots as well as I do think they make really nice decorative plants that one would not need to spend a fortune to purchase.

You can choose to sit inside in the air-conditioned section or outside…

Outright Coffee, outside section - side

…by the side and also in front…

Outirght Coffee outside - front

…and there are other sections here and there as well with some very interesting furniture…

Outright Coffee, unique furniture

…and the chairs here…

Outright Coffee - old school chairs

…caught my attention. We had those sets at our house in the colonial days and my paternal grandparents and my maternal grandma had similar sets at theirs too. Of course, we no longer have them anymore.

I did drop by here once a long time ago for the coffee and cakes but all my photographs did not come out as it was way too dark. In the meantime, my girl does drop by sometimes with her friends in the evenings to linger around and sit and chat but now that they do have quite a lot of stuff to eat, they probably would see me there…

Outright Coffee, front

…a lot more often, most likely in the daytime so that I would be able to take more flattering snapshots of what they serve.

OUTRIGHT COFFEE (2.290978, 111.820996) is located at 24B , Jalan Lau King Howe, at the end of the first block of shops immediately behind the Lay King Howe Memorial Museum.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Outright…”

  1. I like the decor of this cafe, so nostalgic and nice with all the greenery and wooden chairs. The beef pie sounds tasty though I don’t take beef.

    I think they do have chicken but I prefer beef.

  2. A very relaxing and nice place to hang around especially with all the greens around. Love that pot of beautiful wild ferns as their decorative plants. If I am not wrong, florist used them in their flowers arrangements.

    Oh? I may have seen those before, not sure. Sure looks nice in a pot.

  3. The cafe ambience looked green and cosy. I like the pie. Such a steal indeed.

    My girl loves handing out here with her friends. I sure would buy some more of the pies if I see any on clearance – they’re very nice.

  4. A big thank you to Arthur for giving us such a favourable writeup in this blog. We feel honoured to have your patronage in our little cafe. We need your further comments and suggestions to improve on all aspects of the cafe operation. Although we are just running a coffee outlet, our chefs are not contented with just offering the simple sandwiches and big breakfast, so watch out for more cafe quality food from us in the months to come! And green fingers out there you are also welcome to give suggestions on how to keep this piece of urban green healthy and lush!

    You are most welcome. That was one reason why I took so long to drop by again and blog about your place – I am not really into those coffees and cakes and now that you have a few choices in your menu selections, I sure would love to go and give them a try.

    The beef pies were great and my girl loved the mushroom omelette that she had and we were delighted that we could have fries instead of bread as my girl is gluten-intolerant – she said that her friend had another one when they were there not too long ago and she loved what she had too.

    Nope, I don’t have green fingers – just doing it for fun, to pass the time and get a bit of exercise. Glad that most of what I planted turned out all right, 1% effort, 99% luck. LOL!!!

  5. Never had beef pies before with chunks of meat like these.. indeed very worth buying to eat.. LOL..

    The ones overseas would have chunks, with lots of the lovely gravy – I would not have liked them if it had been minced.

  6. I never try beef pie before, usually is chicken I had…

    We have chicken here, most not nice except one…and it’s cheap too!

  7. Is this the cafe that near Sibu Waterfront? Saw this cafe when visited my friend’s condo there. Too little time and didn’t check this place out. Will be on my list on my next trip back.

    Yes, it’s in that same area. Do drop by – they have waffles and all those stuff too!

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