Birthday morning…

My girl had a gluten-free baked Japanese cheesecake…

Melissa's Japanese baked cheesecake - birthday 2018

…for her birthday this year – her mum baked one…

Melissa's birthday cake, 2018 - sliced

…like the one she baked last year (but with brown sugar) so she could enjoy it and of course, the first thing in the morning on her birthday, in keeping with the tradition, we had to have the mee sua (Foochow longevity noodles) in traditional chicken soup…

Birthday mee sua in traditional chicken soup

…but since the noodles, being made from wheat flour, are not gluten-free, only I could have that while she had hers with hung ngang (the big bihun) instead.

Later that morning, we went out and it was way past lunchtime when we stopped by here…

Outright Coffee

You can place your orders at the counter…

Outright Coffee, counter

…and pay first before going to take a seat – they will serve your orders to you once they are ready.

You can help yourself to all the water you can drink, free of charge…

Water, all you can drink

…and because I was still full from the mee sua, having had a lot of the noodles and two eggs, I did not want anything to eat.

My girl wanted something light so she just had the mushroom cheese omelette (RM9.50)…

Outright Coffee mushroom cheese omelette

…with her iced spice chai tea latte (RM11.00)…

Outright Coffee iced spice chai tea latte

…that she would always order everytime she drops by here with her friends.

She enjoyed the omelette – 3 eggs went into it, so we were told and a lot of cheese…

Outright Coffee mushroom cheese omelette, inside

…as well. Normally, that would come with a few slices of baguette toast or whatever bread – no, my girl would not be able to eat that as it would not be gluten-free but I saw some guys at another table having their omelette with fries so I quickly asked my girl to request for a switch and in the end, she got the fries instead and yes, they were very nicely done – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside though I must say they were not very generous with them. LOL!!!

This metal cabinet in the corner caught my attention…

Outright Coffee metal cabinet

– and it turned out to be some sort of a “secret passage” into their kitchen and bakery…

Passage into the kitchen & bakery

The mum just had the ice blended banana espresso (13.50)…

Outright Coffee ice blended banana espresso

…while I had the banana mango milkshake (RM15.50)…

Outright Coffee banana mango milkshake 1

…which I thought was very nice and had a lot of mango in it, not only on top…

Outright Coffee banana mango milkshake 2

This came out of the kitchen…

Outright Coffee fried chicken dish

– the people at the next table were having that and I could detect the delightful smell but no, I was not tempted to order that for myself. It looked like the meat was coated with batter so I guess that would not be gluten-free but we could always go for something else on their menu on our next visit.

Service was great – the people were very pleasant and friendly and conversant in English. We certainly wouldn’t mind dropping by again sometime…and do stick around – I will have another post on this place soon.

Well, the Mooncake Festival or the Zhōngqiū Jié (中秋节) is tomorrow, Monday, the 24th of September. Have you bought any to enjoy yet? Or perhaps you have made your own? I did buy some that day and the morning we were here, my missus bought a few from here…

Mooncakes from Outright Coffee/Bakemore Bakery

…to try. Theirs are cheaper than most and I like the lotus paste and salted yolk as it is not as sweet as all the rest. The Ferrero Rocher cheese is nice too but for me, it is a tad too sweet – not so good for old folks like me. To preserve the culture, if not for any other reason, do hop over and see if there are any left, if you haven’t had any yet.

OUTRIGHT COFFEE (2.290978, 111.820996) is located at 24B , Jalan Lau King Howe, at the end of the first block of shops immediately behind the Lay King Howe Memorial Museum.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Birthday morning…”

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter, please bake a cheesecake for me too! HAHA… I think I will try to make my own mushroom cheese omelette at home la. The one you posted looks yummy!

    It was good, my girl is looking forward to dropping by there again. Thanks for the wish. So when is your birthday?

  2. A lovely birthday celebration with a beautifully baked Japanese cheese for the birthday girl. Food looks great especially the mushroom cheese omelette. Like the glass bottle and it looks like the ones from Ikea.

    I wouldn’t know, never ever been to IKEA, so kuno. LOL!!!

  3. Beautiful birthday cake. I bet it was nice. I love Japanese cheesecake.

    Happy birthday to your girl. Hope her wish comes true.

    Thank you. Fingers crossed, her wish will come true.

    I love baked Japanese cheesecake too, very light and nice.

  4. Happy Birthday to Melissa! And the cake is priceless cos Mommy baked! I would be too full to eat other things too if I had a big bowl of Meesua like that!

    Thank you. Yes, we enjoyed the cake, finished in no time at all as it was not very big.

  5. Happy Blessed Birthday to your daughter!!!

    Japanese cheesecake is one of my favourite cake…

    Thank you. Yes, mine too – not so rich and sweet and heavy, just nice, can eat a lot in one sitting!

  6. The home baled birthday cake looks so good. Happy birthday to your girl.

    Thank you. I’ve always enjoyed Japanese baked cheesecake over all the rest. Not a fan of those regular cheesecakes that are the favourite of many.

  7. her mom / your wife is a skilled baker – that looks like a lovely japanese cheesecake! 🙂

    Yes, it was very good. She used to bake a lot, not anymore…and especially now that we know our girl is gluten-intolerant.

  8. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    I would want your Banana Mango Milkshake, looks yummy! And I want to try that Ferrero Rocher Cheese Mooncake, I am all for trying the different types of new flavours of mooncake other than the traditional ones

    Thank you. I’m your exact opposite, very very traditional, so old school.

  9. Happy Birthday Melissa. The cheesecake looks so good, I wish I can have a bite of it. My boys and I are huge fans of cheesecakes.

    This year we did not get to explore many types of mooncakes due to our hectic schedule but the boys did get the chance to play with lanterns which I think is more important than eating mooncakes and growing as round as the moon 😀

    Thanks. Why? You’re allergic to cheese? I only like these Japanese baked ones, not a fan of those regular cheese cakes, too rich, jelak after a bite or two.

    So lucky, you all, getting invited to all those events, eating free. Poor me! Did not get any mooncake this year, had to buy my own. Sobsssss!!! LOL!!!

  10. That is a lovely looking Japanese Cheesecake with no cracks LOL! Mine always cracks on the surface. Mooncakes are so pricey but I suppose it’s ok to indulge once a year. I bought some for myself, the ones with nuts. I seem to enjoy that one these days.

    Oh? I think you did not let it cool before taking out of the oven – I think I did hear mum and daughter talking about that once. I have bought a few this year, the more affordable ones but no, I’m not into those with nuts.

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