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I went to the mini-market right next door to this coffee shop in the vicinity of the Delta Mall here to buy these gluten-free soy sauces…

Gluten-free soy sauces

…for my girl. They did buy the made-in-Taiwan ones, the thick and the light (left) versions and they were pretty good. It seems that the place is open only in the morning till around 11.00 a.m. and since I was going somewhere around there that day, my missus asked me to get another bottle of the latter as we were running out of it.

I did buy the Shoyu from there before and I noticed that the same manufacturer had come out with their own Tamari sauce. We’ve tried another brand, the Tamari sauce, before and it was all right, just that it wasn’t anything like the regular soy sauces that we are used to. That was why I decided to buy this one to try.

Having made my purchases, I made my way back to the car and I passed by the coffee shop again. I saw the kampua mee guy…

Wan Long Cafe kampua mee guy

…preparing something with a whole lot of pork liver and he told me it was his Sarawak laksa and some customer requested for the liver to be added. He asked me if I wanted to give it a try and looking at the broth…

Wan Long Cafe Sarawak laksa broth

…in the pot, I thought it looked good so I ordered a bowl (RM5.00)…

Wan Long Cafe Sarawak laksa

…but no, I did not ask for the liver.

It turned out to be very nice…

Wan Long Cafe Sarawak laksa & kopi-o-peng

No, it did not quite taste like the authentic Sarawak or Kuching laksa nor did it taste like curry mee. Other than that, it did not have those small boiled prawns and shredded chicken. I did not mind going without the prawns and I would go for the slices of char siew anytime in place of the usual somewhat bland strips of chicken.

I would say it had its own taste and I did like it a lot – I sure would not mind dropping by for it again…and the coffee I had there was good too.

WAN LONG CAFE (2.312977, 111.847257) is located past Delta Mall, if you are coming from town, at the corner among the shops at the junction of Jalan Gambir and Jalan Pedada.

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Buy it…”

  1. I would definitely ask for the liver to be included. Only I eat liver in my family. Liver in Sarawak laksa will be so awesome. Haha.

    Never tried that but yes, I do love pork liver. Best in soup with lots of ginger and traditional Foochow red wine.

  2. From the photos, it does look good, oh mine, I am hungry now. Good that you enjoyed the meal and the coffee too

    Yes, that was good and RM5.00 is cheaper than the Sarawak laksa elsewhere around here, I think.

  3. The laksa broth looks thick and creamy enough. I have never seen laksa served with char siu, tauhu pok and fish cake over here. No taugeh? I like mine with taugeh but not hua sui.

    Dare to be different! They even have Sarawak laksa with lobsters now but I am sure it is not cheap. You mean wan sui, coriander leaves? You will never find any in the laksa anywhere in Sibu, not something people here like…or know even! But yes, there was taugeh – in fact, I was quite pissed off to see the let tao shell clinging to two of them.

  4. I wouldn’t want liver in my laksa. No, no.

    The last time I had Sarawak laksa was few weeks ago. 3 weeks ago. After tasted that laksa, I felt ill. Cough, fever and sore throat. Since then, I didn’t have any.

    LOL!!! I did think that was an odd combination.

    Oh dear!!! I thought it would be good for health, all those herbs that went into the sambal? Not like those things that are deep-fried – those can be very heaty. Probably it wasn’t the actual cause, lots of people falling ill because of the weather these days.

  5. I didn’t know about tamari. Googled it and learnt something new!

    It seems popular among gluten-intolerant people – I actually was told about it first before I am across Shoyu and all the rest.

  6. I like the bright curry colour too, not too dark as in some curry, I guess it is the spices which has different types, right?

    Well, for one thing, it was not curry. Dunno what sambal laksa he used, nice colour. Tasted pretty nice too!

  7. Thats what I use as well, Tamari. Has a smoother flavour than normal soy sauce

    I guess it is not so expensive there, around NZD10 for a bottle of that here.

  8. Liver with Sarawak Laksa? The seems odd. I’ve tried tamari but I still prefer the taste and aroma of regular soya sauce.

    I thought that was odd too – that was why I did not ask for it in mine, much as I do enjoy liver.

    Old habits die hard – we do enjoy dishes cooked using these gluten-free soy sauces now but when my girl’s in school, we would use the regular ones in our cooking – so so so much cheaper.

  9. That laksa was so vibrant. I prefer Sarawak laksa to have coriander for a more refreshing and ‘nature-y’ taste.

    You’re most likely from Kuching. Not many here will love wan sui (coriander), and many in Kuching will shun it too. Bed bug smell, they would say. I’ve acquired the taste, a lot of that in Thai cuisine and I have sawtooth coriander growing in my garden, same smell but some say it is stronger.

    1. I didn’t know it smells that way for those people! Thai cuisine uses a lot of herbs indeed as we can see from this youtube video they even have a whole bunch of fresh herbs on the table. Sawtooth coriander seems to be more special..and growing some fresh herbs in our garden is nice and free.

      Yes, I plant my own, 100% organic, fertiliser and pesticide-free.

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