Make it fast…

I had not been to see this handsome boy

Handsome boy, tee piang stall - Sibu pasar malam

…at the pasar malam (night market) here for a while now for the simple reason that it would be so hard to find a place to park the car and I, for one, wouldn’t be all that keen on parking some distance away and walking all the way and all around the place in search of the stall – they cast lots once a week, I hear, so each time you go, the stall that you are looking for will be at a different location.

Well, last Sunday night, my girl was out with a friend and I dropped her off at the place they had agreed upon and I thought I would make my way to the pasar malam to buy some of the tee piang that my girl enjoys a lot so we would be able to heat them up for breakfast the next morning.

It is not difficult to find the stall – if you see one with a whole lot of people…

Tee piang stall, Sibu pasar malam

…standing all around it, that would be it! The problem is the tee piang may be sold out by around 7.30 p.m. so all your effort in making your way there would all be in vain.

I was lucky – when I got there after 7, they were just about to make their last batch for the night so I quickly placed my orders and stood around waiting…and in the meantime, I decided to take snapshots of everything that was going on at the stall.

This lady was making the batter…

Preparing the batter

…and it was obvious that she did not need any electrical appliance, no blender, no mixer, nothing – she just had to do it by hand and see how smooth…


…the batter was! Later, I saw her cutting some chives and adding those to the batter as well.

She had some banana fritters frying in the wok so she had to remove them…

Banana fritters, done

…first after which, she added some more oil and once it was hot enough, she was ready to roll.

She added some of the aforementioned batter to the ladle…

Add batter to ladle

…and lowered it into the hot oil…

Lower into hot oil

Once it was cooked enough, it would detach itself from the ladle and float on the oil…


…while the lady went on with the next one in line.

She would be able to do quite a few…

A few at a time

…at one time and once they were nicely done, golden brown in colour, she would take them out of the wok.

To do the ones with meat filling, she would line the ladle with the batter and add the meat…

Add the meat

…after which, she would cover the filling with more batter before lowering it into the hot oil…

Into the oil

I bought four of those with meat filling (RM1.50 each)…

Tee piang with meat filling

…and don’t ask me why they were only three in the photograph. Of course I could not resist indulging in one right away the instant I got home, nice and hot. LOL!!!

The filling…


…is something like those in steamed paos (buns) and these would be a lot bigger than the regular or kosong ones (those without any filling) and one would be enough to fill you up – in fact, if you are not a very big eater, you probably should find someone to share or go for those without any filling (3 for RM2.00).

It did take quite a while even though it was very obvious that everyone was working as fast as they could and it was way past 7.30 before I got my orders. I did not feel the time passing by as I was busy taking the photographs…and I did hear somebody asking while I was leaving only to be told there wasn’t any left – somebody else had already ordered the last few still frying in the wok. Do go early to avoid disappointment – they usually open at around 5.30 p.m.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Make it fast…”

  1. At least once a month to cast lots is ok but not once a week, way too fast. It seems that I never come across these tee piang in any of the kuih stall at Stutong market or maybe I am not observant enough. The one with meat looks good. Really admire the lady preparing the batter without using any electrical appliances.

    I would do the same, not into using the modern appliances. My mum taught me well since young, no such things then. I have not heard of any available in Kuching.

  2. With meat filling some more. Must be good. I usually have the one without meat. True, couldn’t resist while they are warm.

    In my younger days, we only had the kosong ones. The ones with meat filling made its appearance in the 70’s or 80’s, I think, at a stall near the overhead bridge to Sarawak House at Tiong Hua Road and it was a hit!

  3. These pictures look so amazing! I love that i’m reading this because i have an idea what to eat when i visit your country again!

    You’ll love it, I’m sure. When are you coming this way again?

  4. Our version, they will add oysters with meat filling

    The texture is different, people told me…and they’re not as nice – yet to try the ones over at your side.

  5. That is impressive without any electric mixer, I can feel the effort as I did something similar when I was a child my grandmother ask me to blend some sticky stuff for her while cooking

    I was the one doing that in my young days whenever my mum wanted to make cakes.

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