Gotta be there…

I’ve loved the hay peah (prawn fritters)…

Peterson hay peah

…from this place in Kuching, formerly Peterson Corner…

Goh Cafe formerly Peterson Corner

…since I can’t remember when – it was a long long time ago, way back in the days before I started blogging.

Once I wanted to buy some to take back home to Sibu but the old guy simply refused to sell to me. He insisted that I would not know how to fry it to perfection and would ruin his reputation so if anyone wanted to eat his hay peah, one had gotta be there in the flesh to enjoy it on the spot, piping hot from the wok.  After much persuasion, however, he finally relented and sold some to me.

These days, you can buy any number of pieces that you want and the other day, my good friend, Lim, went back to Kuching for a couple of days and when he came back, he brought me a pack…

Peterson Hay Peah, pack of eight

…of eight.

It came with the very nice chili sauce…

Peterson Hay Peah, chili sauce 1

…but of course, if you go and eat it there, you will get it with a generous topping of crushed peanut…

Peterson Hay peah chili sauce 2

…and should you run out halfway, you can always ask for more, no problem at all.

I deep-fried them till golden brown one morning for breakfast…

Peterson Hay Peah, deep-fried 1

…all eight of them and yes, I really enjoyed them very much. It sure has retained that quality of being, to me, the best hay peah in Kuching…

Peterson Hay Peanh deep-fried 2

…crispy and crusty and so very tasty.

A cousin of mine in Kuching says that it is not as nice anymore but there is none available here or even if there are, they will all pale in comparison, no question about that.. For one thing, the old man is no longer fussy about people buying the fritters to take away to wherever and I did notice on my last two visits that he did not do the frying himself – he just left it to his workers. Maybe that is the reason behind this.

Anyway, thank you so much, Lim, for buying them for me to enjoy and thanks also for the super extra spicy nasi lemak sambal that your friend made – it was absolutely out of this world!

This hay peah stall is located at GOH CAFEformerly called Peterson Corner, (1.551939,110.336656) along Lorong Satok No. 3 in the blocks of shops behind the ones facing Satok Road where KFC is located. You can turn in at the KFC junction and go straight along Lorong Satok 7 and turn left – there was a small roundabout there, dunno now and go straight ahead. You will see the shop on your left as you get near to the back of the hotel (Regal Court facing Palm Road) or you can go turn left in front of KFC and go straight ahead and round the corner after Mita Cake House.

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9 thoughts on “Gotta be there…”

  1. Mita Cake House…I’ll have to search your blog for other posts with that place! Sounds interesting! So does this place!

    So far, all I know is that it is famous for its butter pound cake – very very nice but not all that cheap.

  2. I like to eat Ngo Hiang Hay Peah too and they also a sweet pink sauce that goes with it too (not the peanut chili sauce), but don’t know what they call it

    You mean ngor hiang…and hay peah and all the other fried stuff. I think in the peninsula they call it lor bak – we also call it ngor hiang here. No ngor hiang at this place – just the hay peah, fried fofu cake, fried fish balls.

  3. I like the hay peah from there. I never knew can buy from them. Absolutely awesome if hot from the wok and what not with the nice chilli dippings. Cannot stop munching piece after piece. Yummsss!!!

    If I were in Kuching, I would go there to eat, what for buy home. Nicer there, hot from the wok. We people here, no choice.

  4. Hay peah is lovely. Can’t get it here, though. Not to my knowledge anyway.

    Can’t get it here in Sibu either – we do not have stalls or shops selling those lor bak or lok lok, all the deep-fried stuff. At times we may get to see some selling at the Malay kueh stalls – one small skinny prawn, the cheap thick shell variety in the middle, quite nice but no, they’re not the same.

  5. Oh! I love that. The are so perfectly shaped and fried.

    So very nice! I would not want to miss the chance to go and enjoy it at the shop every time I hop over to Kuching.

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