Everybody says…

…that the noodles here…

Sg Antu market/hawker centre

…is nice so I just had to go and give it a try.

Actually, a long time ago, some friends of mine were telling me that a friend of theirs was praising the noodles there to the skies and the next day, she took them there to try but they were not impressed so I never bothered to go and check it out…or perhaps I did go once and one look at the place…

Before photo
*From Google Maps, street view*

…I changed my mind about having anything there.

More recently, I shared on Facebook a series of photographs of the Foochow fried noodles that I had before and asked my friends where they had the one they liked the most – nobody bothered to respond except one and she mentioned this place and told me the stall number. I quickly went there but unfortunately, the place was closed for renovations.

The municipal council people sure have done a great job in upgrading the place…

Sg Antu hawker centre, stalls

…and when I dropped by early one morning, I sure was pleasantly surprised seeing the crowd there at the time – they certainly were enjoying brisk business in their nice new environment. They had a whole lot of fans lined up on the ceiling…

Sg Antu hawker centre, fans

…and being new, it was very clean, definitely a world of difference from how it used to be. I certainly hope that the tenants will cooperate and keep it that way.

An ex-colleague of mine shared this photograph of the fried kway teow

Sg Antu hawker centre, fried kway teow - friend's photo
*Ex-colleague’s photo on Facebook*

…that he had there and he was saying something about “Lau Peng Yau” (old friend) and a certain Stall No. 10.

It turned out to be a drinks stall so I was at a loss as to which stall the one with the nicest fried noodles was. While I was sitting there waiting for my orders, it looked like this guy at Stall No. 12…

Sg Antu hawker centre, Stall No. 12

…was the one as he seemed to get a lot of orders from the crowd.

I ordered this very nice kopi-o-peng (RM1.50)…

Sg Antu hawker centre, kopi o peng

…from Stall No. 15 and eventually, I decided to try the noodles from Stall No. 14…

Sg Antu hawker centre Stall No. 14

…because there was this very nice and friendly lady who probably noticed me in my predicament and she asked me what I wanted to eat. She said that they also served Foochow fried noodles (RM4.00)…

Stall No. 14 Foochow fried noodles 1

…and it turned out the be the so-called moon version that I like very much and yes, it was very very nice. I sure would not mind coming by this way for this again and I liked how they used those glass plates instead of the plastic one in that photo my ex-colleague took of his kway teow. Hot food served on plastic plates always get me worried.

Stall No. 14 also sells kampua mee and pian sip and I ordered a small bowl of the latter (RM2.00)…

Stall No. 14 pian sip soup

…to try and yes, I must say it was very good but somehow, the light clear soup tasted a little different from the usual, nicer! I wonder if this is one of those that they say they throw in one whole Chinese cabbage into the meat bone stock for the added sweetness.

I sure enjoyed my breakfast that morning and I most certainly would be back again sometime for the fried noodles that I enjoyed a lot…

Stall No. 14 Foochow fried noodles 2

…or maybe I shall try something else the next time around.

THE SUNGAI ANTU MARKET & HAWKER CENTRE/FOOD COURT (2.320030, 111.830741) is located along Jalan Sg Antu 2, on your right off Jalan Industri as you drive in from Jalan Kpg Nangka.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Everybody says…”

  1. The soup must be sweeter with one whole cabbage thrown in

    It was and what I also liked was its light subtle taste, not all msg like most places here.

  2. if to choose, i will opt for yours. your ex-colleague is the soupy version, which I dont mind but I prefer the dry version.

    Sure look nice and clean. Like you said, hope the tenants maintain it that way.

    It was not dry – it was the moon version where they put the noodles back into the gravy to cook a bit more before serving. What you call the soupy version is where they fry the noodles and then they cook the gravy and they pour the gravy over the noodles. There are some nice ones too – must know where to go.

  3. Hard to come by seeing fried noodles or anything served in glass plates, plus point for them. I have a few each of those white and brown glass plates in my collection. The wet version is what we call zhu char if I am not wrong. Yours looks like something with a bit of gravy.

    That would be the char chu mee, the soup version. My missus likes it sometimes – to me, that is something like the watered-down/diluted version of the char mee, tam (fried noodles, wet/with gravy). This one is the moon version, nice if it is nicely done, not overcooked till too soft and soggy. This one is good.

  4. Do try out the moon version at the coffee shop jus beside the WTK building. Parking there is a headache though.

    Yes, I’ve heard of the place, been around a long long time – they say the chap fan (mixed rice) is good too but no, like you said, because of the parking, I have not bothered to drop by and try.

  5. I never get tired of eating pain sip…

    Pian sip, not pain sip…and you mean wanton or pian sip? A friend from here tried the ones – the pian sip – at the kampua mee stall in Singapore that I blogged about once – she said, not nice, not like the ones in Sibu. I would much sooner go for wanton – there are good ones – than pale imitations of our pian sip. We have those no good pian sip here too!

  6. a noodle-themed post – i can feel the carbs reaching out from your photos! 🙂

    Are you another one on that Keto Diet, the current craze?
    My late dad would eat TWO plates of rice, heaped, every meal and he was a fan of noodles…and he lived till 93. I saw an article like this one the other day:
    As for me, I do believe in moderation…and staying active/exercise – not into any kind of diet.

  7. Arthur, that kopi-O peng indeed looks nice. Rich and frothy.

    Yes but I think these days, they all use the hand-held blender to get it to look like that. The current thing, it seems – coffee with froth, like Guiness Stout.

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