Last Sunday, after the morning church service, we dropped by here again, this time for brunch – unlike most places here, they open early, at 9.00 a.m. which is indeed quite convenient for those keen on having breakfast there.

I was glad to note that they had decided to do away with those cheap no-class-at-all fake flowers that they had on every table the last time we were here but they still had the same system though – you go to the counter, place your orders with the cashier and pay before you proceed to your table carrying this card holder…

Card holder 1

…with a letter on it – ours was a T.

I thought the old-school telephone was kind of cute but too bad, the mouth piece had dropped off…

Card holder 2

…and they did not bother to glue it back using Super Glue or whatever.

Incidentally, some sections of their menu on the wall had been blurred as those items, according to what was indicated across those sections, would only be available after 11.00 a.m…

Available from 11.00 a.m.

It did not matter as what I wanted was in the Classic Breakfast section – the Benedict Egg & Bread (RM16.00) and this was what I got…

Caffeine Cafe Benedict Egg & Bread

Oh dear! Was that a poached egg? Whatever happened to all the white? Swimming around in the boiling water? I can do eggs in various forms very well but I am still quite hopeless when it comes to poached eggs – now do not tell me to add salt or vinegar or cooking oil or whatever, I’ve tried all those…and even though my poached eggs aren’t really how I would like them to be, I do think mine looks a little nicer than this one here…

Caffeine Cafe poached egg

– it looked kind of under-done and of course, the yolk was runny – it was raw, almost! The Hollandaise sauce was fine, the bread in the middle was kind of hard – I would be quite happy with just the toast under the egg…and the salad, like the last time I had it, was very much to my liking.

My missus has their mee mamak (RM16.00)…

Caffeine Cafe mee mamak

…and it was all right. I tried a bit and despite there being a whole lot of ingredients, really big prawns and all, I did not think it was anything exceptional, not something I would want to order for myself the next time we drop by here.

All our orders came with a complimentary drink and both of us had their black coffee…

Caffeine Cafe black coffee

…while my girl had their orange juice but no, it wasn’t freshly squeezed, just something out of those tetra pak cartons, Sunkist, to be exact.

She ordered their seafood hor fun (RM16.00)…

Caffeine Cafe seafood hor fun

…which turned out to be wat tan hor actually and they were quite generous with those big prawns and sotong (squid) and yes, she thought it was pretty nice. She particularly loved the fact that they used hor fun for the dish – yes, they had the somewhat thinner and translucent hor fun and they were using that, not our thick and white local kway teow.

Service was great, the girl waiting at our table was very efficient and friendly…and while we were there, I spotted the people at the next table having their club sandwich and also their focaccia sandwich and both looked very good – perhaps I will go for those the next time I drop by here.

CAFFEINE CAFE is located on the ground floor of Wisma Liberty, Block 3, Lorong Pedada 7, off Jalan Pedada – on your left, past the Jalan Ulu Oya Road traffic lights if you are coming from town, just a few doors away from Nica Gelateria (2.302620, 111.842988), to the left at the end of that same block.

Author: suituapui

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13 thoughts on “Brunch…”

  1. The old school telephone was cute indeed. All for the same price, I would rather go for the hor fun which looks great.

    Yes, we would say that was the nicest of the three.

  2. The egg. I believe they used a sous vide machine to poach the egg in like a 63c temperature. But no, that’s not for eggs benedict 😎. And some bacon or ham with the eggs benedict will be nice, yea?

    You mean like that pan mee place we went to where they had a half-cooked egg disguised to look like a poached egg? At least that one looked nice. This one…

    It would be nice if they had lined the toast with a slice of ham or bacon, egg on top and Hollandaise sauce poured all over it – they can leave out that rock hard mini-baguette or whatever and I don’t mind going without the meat – when it comes to Egg Benedict, it is the perfect poached egg that I am looking for. This one…

    1. Couldn’t agree more… Oh and some avocados too

      You sure know how to stretch your ringgit, eh? Muahahahahaha!!!

      1. Haha well… If they made it pricey already, may as well add some avocados to make it worth it

        Accountant, very calculative! LOL!!!

  3. The wat tan hor looked yummier over here. I don’t mind a plate of this. The prawns sure looked big and fresh.

    Yes, the prawns were very big & fresh, firm and sweet. The ones this size would be around RM40 a kg, uncooked, averaging RM2.00 each. They also have those prawns in the mee mamak, buried under the noodles.

  4. ooo, i agree with the other readers that RM16 does seem quite high for both dishes, even at a cafe – guess i was expecting a bit more out of the presentation and ingredients in both of them. but the wan tan hor looks like decent value 😀

    I am of the opinion that for the two noodle dishes, the huge prawns and a whole lot of sotong made the prices quite all right, if only the tastes had been exceptionally good…and they weren’t that great, really. On the other hand, the Egg Benedict was undoubtedly VERY expensive, no ham, no bacon, no bacon…and worse, the poached egg was disastrous! I am amazed that despite the prices, the place is always very crowded – I guess the young and trendy sure do not mind it one bit, today’s lifestyle, they will tell me.

  5. Quite an old school way of ordering where your order is on a card holder with an Alphabet, nowadays they all use a pager or buzzer

    That UFO kind of thing – but that one, you have to go and get your orders yourself when they are ready. They will not serve them to your table.

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