I prefer…

If you go and order a plate of fried noodles at the Chinese shops and stalls here, you will most likely get the wet one, the one with gravy…

Chinese/Foochow fried noodles, wet

…or the dry one…

Chinese fried noodles, dry

Of course, you will need to know where to go for the nice ones – some may not be all that great and the dry version may turn out to be just noodles fried with garlic and soy sauce with a few strands of taugeh (bean sprouts) and a bit of egg.

Generally, when it comes to noodles, fried dry, I do prefer the mee goreng (fried noodles) at the Malay shops and stalls like this one (RM4.00)…

Bandong Walk mee goreng 1

…from the lady at the stall beside the drink stall which is to the immediate right of the Bandong Walk Nasi Lemak stall.

I noticed that morning that the roti canai boys are back, a couple of stalls to the right of this noodle stall and were enjoying brisk business as well.

She also sells kampua mee and I saw a lot of people eating that but no, I did not feel like having that. Her mee goreng was very good…

Bandong Walk mee goreng 2

…with bits of chicken and everything else, not too oily like some and bursting with flavours. I sure would not mind going back for it again and perhaps the next time around, I will ask her if she has a “special” – they usually have that, a fried egg or a fried chicken wing perhaps.

I had the kopi-o-peng/iced black coffee (RM1.50)…

Bandong Walk kopi-o-peng

…and good grief! It came in such a huge glass and the best part was that it was so cheap. I prefer the kopi-o, no ice (RM1.00) that I had the previous time though.  This one was too sweet initially but it was ok after the ice melted a bit by which time, the coffee was kind of diluted.

Business certainly looked very good these days – there were so many people eating there or buying to take away and of course, that is a good thing.

This noodle stall is located at Bandong Walk, Jalan Bandong, beside the drinks stall to the immediate right of The NASI LEMAK BANDONG WALK stall (2.313869, 111.825808) somewhere in front of the block of shops where Mastura Delite and the 1Malaysia clinic are.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “I prefer…”

  1. I am a noodle lover so any type of noodle cooked in any way, I would love it. All the noodles in the pix looks so tempting.

    Yes, these are the good ones that I had had before. Some can be quite disappointing.

  2. The Bandong fried noodle is quite a portion. I like Malay fried noodle, more than Chinese but there is few nice Chinese fried noodle over here. Like you said, must know where and what to order.

    The good Chinese ones would have the nice wok hei fragrance, without which theirs can be quite disappointing. The Malay ones will not have that as they use an ordinary gas cooker usually but they make up for it with the ingredients used, giving theirs the very nice taste, bursting with flavours.

  3. looks like mee goreng mamak, or jawa mee goreng.. i love those too, always so flavourful. (enhanced flavourings 🙂

    Yes, it is the ingredients they use that bring the taste to a whole new level. Usually, the Chinese fried mee, dry, do not have a lot of ingredients, kind of plain…and bland.

  4. For this type of noodles, I prefer the gravy type.. the first picture of the noodle looks good to me…

    That would be our Sibu Foochow fried noodles, wet. I thought it looked similar to the Hailam fried noodles over at your side but a Seremban friend said that they do not taste the same – our Foochow one is nicer, she said. I sure would like to try the Hailam noodles one day – nothing like finding out for oneself, first hand.

  5. Same with Irene, me also a noodles lover, noodles will be my first choice over others like kway teow, bee hoon, etc…

    I don’t mind kway teow, not so much into bihun.

  6. It’s been FOREVER since I had ICED COFFEE but during Fair Week I was able to find one with a vegan creamer! YAY!

    I always take my coffee black. Milk makes me sleepy…but that’s probably psychological. LOL!

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