Meet me in the shade…

I was in the vicinity of the shops at Bandong Walk here and I noticed that the somewhat prolonged construction…

Bandong, new look

…going on there was more or less complete already. I guess that roof will provide some shade from the rain on wet nights – I do not think any of the shops open in the daytime so there isn’t any need for protection from the sun.

It looks pretty nice but it would be good if the owners of the shops could give their premises a nice new coat of paint, the same colour throughout perhaps and something pastel, light and soothing – that will make the place look a whole lot nicer than now, with the myriad of horrendously gaudy colours, some of which have seen better days, that’s for sure.

This shop…

Noor Satay Islamic Cafe

…is open now, it seems. I used to frequent their satay stall and when they set up shop here, we did go a few times. Eventually, they closed down owing to the high rental there but they could not open here for a long time because of the on-going construction. I certainly would drop by one of these days to check it out.

While I was there that morning, I dropped by the nasi lemak stall to buy a couple of packets home with the super-yummy and spicy sambal sotong for the ladies but my main intention in going there was to try the guy’s mee jawa (RM5.00)…

Bandong Walk Nasi Lemak mee jawa 1

…and I sure was glad I did!

It was very nice and had quite a bit of beef in it…

Bandong Walk Nasi Lemak mee jawa 2

…but what won me over was the gravy – it was absolutely delicious and bursting with its most delightful flavours…

Bandong Walk Nasi Lemak mee jawa 3

…and I would say it certainly was a head above most, if not all, of the mee jawa that I have had around town.

I’ve yet to give the guy’s mi sapi (beef noodles) a try – perhaps, I will go for that the next time I’m around those parts.

The NASI LEMAK BANDONG WALK stall (2.313869, 111.825808) is located at Bandong Walk, Jalan Bandong somewhere in front of the block of shops where Mastura Delite and the 1Malaysia clinic are.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “Meet me in the shade…”

  1. Mee jawa is one of my favourites. There are 2 places that I love their mee jawa, one of which is from Fat Cat, RM5.80 per plate with 3 sticks of satay. The other is Fresh foodcourt at 7th Mile, RM5.00 also with 3 sticks of satay. The gravy is very nice.

    We had that here too, mee jawa with satay but it has closed down now. I guess the main draw would be the mee jawa gravy – theirs was good but not outstanding, pretty much like all the rest. The gimmick worked well only for a while.

  2. sounds like a winning recipe, from your description! i honestly would not know where to find great mee jawa in kl, actually! 🙂

    Neither do I! I never see anybody selling or eating it there or perhaps just not around the places that I frequent when I go over.

  3. I haven’t had mee jawa in a long time. I can’t even remember how it tastes like. Oh, they put beef in the mee jawa that you had. I don’t remember any meat in mine, only egg, beancurd and some sort of fritters.

    Oh yes, they have bean curd at some places, not this one…or bits of tofu puffs. At one place here, they give prawn fritters for the special – I like that one too…but mainly because of the fritters. The mee jawa in itself is not bad, quite good as well.

  4. Look forward to your write-up of the mi sapi if you’re in the vicinity to try it out…

    If I ever drop by there again – these days, so hot and hazy even early in the morning so I really hate to venture out of the house.

  5. Prolonged Construction…hum…I blogged a little bit about our local mall being a DEAD MALL and the transformation that is currently taking place. Swing by when you have time. I’m sure I will be blogging more about it down the road, too!

    It was probably the contractor that got the contract, working at a snail’s pace.

  6. Mee Jawa is similar to our Mee Reebus

    No, along that same line but the gravy is different. The one for mee jawa is sweet potato-based and hence, reddish in colour. I enjoyed the mee rebus in Singapore, 1973.

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