Perfect picture…

I mentioned this outlet of our very own Sarawak’s fast food franchise…

Sugar Bun Drive-thru 1

…in my blogpost a  long time ago, way back in early 2015 and yes, it is very much alive and kicking to this very day.

I had never dropped by there…

Sugar Bun Drive-thru 2

…before though – as a matter of fact, I hardly ever drop by those franchise places, never mind which one. The last time was at this one in May last year and from my personal point of view, that one looked like a much nicer place inside…

Sugar Bun Drive-thru 3

…than this one.

There is the regular Sugar Bun counter…

Sugar Bun counter

…and my missus went for their roasted chicken set…

Sugar Bun roasted chicken

…that came with a free drink. She was not all that impressed and I think she said that it all came to over RM12.00. I am sure she would derive a lot more satisfaction from her favourite – the grilled chicken chop here and that one is only RM9.50 a plate with all the sides.

Just like at that other place, there is also a pizza counter…

Pezzo Pizza counter

…here but we did not go for that – the crust is not gluten-free.

What took us there that day was this photograph…

Featured in Borneo Talk

…in a complimentary travel magazine distributed at airports and local bookstores here. My girl saw it and pointed it out to me and I could guess that she was keen on giving it a try.

We placed our orders at the counter…

Sabah Kertang counter

…and I was surprised that she wanted the tom yam bihun (RM12.60)…

Sabah Kertang tom yam bihun

…as she used to enjoy the milky one when she was in Sg. Petani and also the one here and the one here wasn’t too bad as well.

I ordered the one in a claypot with the milky soup with hung ngang, the big bihun (RM8.50)…

Sabah Kertang claypot fish hung ngang 1

…and because she said that hers was way too spicy for her to handle, we swapped so I had hers and she had mine. Both our orders sure did not look anywhere near as perfect as the one in the picture that we saw in the magazine.

I did try the milky one initially and I felt it was way too milky…

Sabah Kertang claypot fish hung ngang 2

…like drinking milk and in dire need of some more ingredients to make it a lot more tastier.

The fish was pre-fried…

Sabah Kertang fish, pre-fried

…and my girl liked it that way but yes, the fish on the whole was very nice – this giant garoupa or kerapu in Malay or as it is known by its local name, ikan kertang, anytime better than dory, so I gave most of what there was in my bowl of tom yam bihun to her to enjoy.

I would say it wasn’t too bad, definitely not anything to get us running back for more, just not too bad, that’s all I would say. Period.

SUGAR BUN DRIVE-THRU (2.301506, 111.850243) is located beside the traffic lights junction of Jalan Ulu Oya and Jalan Pahlawan, past SM St Elizabeth on your left if you are coming from the town centre.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Perfect picture…”

  1. I think Sugar Bun over here is not doing so well as KFC. Frankly speaking, in terms of broasted chicken, I prefer Sugar Bun to KFC. Is this new on the menu? Tilapia fish set is one of my favourite choice.

    Same here, business not as good as KFC or McD. Me too, I would go for their broasted chicken anytime over KFC’s. Tilapia or what they call eco-fish is good and also their assam fish. Loved their fish fillet, the fish burger/sandwich especially, but these days. it’s kind of yellowish orange like the frozen fish fillet at the supermarket, not to my liking…plus it is not cheap!

  2. Too bad no Sugar Bun here, if not, will go try…

    Lots of other nice/nicer things there, no need for Sugar Bun.

  3. Wow. A different concept. Drive through some more. I don’t think I seen this around here (yet). Hung Ngang in milk soup looked so white!!

    Yes, too milky but to be fair, it was all right…just that I had had nicer ones elsewhere before. This place was not open when you were still in Sibu?

  4. I have never tried milky broth as I know I would not like it.

    Oh? It’s very popular in KL – I hear they prefer clear soup up north. Never had the ones over at your side but I quite enjoyed what I had here before but this one was just so so, sure did not get me jumping with delight.

  5. There’s a sugarbun nearby my workplace, 15 mins walk or so, my colleagues love the sabah keratang, I do too!

    I wonder what the ones there look like. Are they anything like the photo in the magazine?

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