I like it like that…

I don’t go for those very expensive branded ice cream, not that we have any available here but even when I hop over to some cities, you would not see me rushing for those except when it is something I have not had before and would like to give it a try…once. As a matter of fact, I do not even go for our own local brands though I do enjoy them – for one thing, they are not all that cheap and for another, at my age, I do need to go slow on things that are sweet.

I’ve tried all the flavours that they have in this line of ice cream and there were some that I quite liked, some a lot more than the rest but I do recall one, at least, that was away too sweet for my liking. They have a new one out now – I think I saw someone blogging about it or maybe, somebody shared a photo of it on Facebook…so the other day, when I was at the supermarket near my house, I bought a box…

MAGNUM hazelnut luxe

…to try.

There were three big ones inside…

Three in a box

– just right for the three of us, my girl, the mum and I but personally, I prefer the minis, more to go round and one can stretch one’s enjoyment, a little at a time, especially when they do not come cheap and I wouldn’t want to finish it all in one gulp.

I was kind of sceptical initially…

MAGNUM hazelnut luxe 1

…as I am not really fond of anything with whole nuts in it, never mind if it is ice cream or chocolate or whatever. I would much sooner have those nuts on their own but of course, I would not know whether I would like this one…

MAGNUM hazelnut luxe 2

…or not unless I tried.

To my delight, there were no nuts inside, just hazelnut ice cream…

MAGNUM hazelnut luxe, cross-section

and I sure do like it like that. Yes, I thought it was pretty good, sweet, of course, but not too sweet or not to me, at least.

Still, at those prices, I wouldn’t say I would be rushing back for more. Just wait till the craving for some ice cream creeps in before I indulge in a little bit more pampering – I sure do deserve that sometime, don’t I?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “I like it like that…”

  1. Sometimes when there is a promotion, a box of 3 would cost only RM12 nett. How much did you buy yours?

    I did not check the price – I remember I bought the red velvet, loose, at 7-11…at RM4.80 each. Maybe if I had looked at the price, I would have changed my mind about buying. Hehehehehe!!!

  2. These brand of ice cream doesn’t come cheap. I prefer the mini ones (6 in a pack).

    You should go for those branded ones like Häagen-Dazs – a tiny little cup is over RM10.00 when I had it long ago and it melted so fast that halfway, it was like drinking milk, not eating ice cream. At the end of the day, to me, it was just…ice cream. For that kind of money, I would much sooner go for the lovely gelato at that place here – I think it’s over RM8.00 a scoop.

  3. This ice cream didn’t come cheap. I usually buy those mini sized. Small size and wouldn’t be too sweet to my liking. Haha. I haven’t try this flavour yet.

    I liked it very much, my girl too. She likes the classic and they have the minis for that one so I will always have some in the freezer for her to enjoy whenever she feels like it. Never mind that it is not all that cheap – it’s only money, and as long as she’s happy, I’m happy too!

  4. This brand ice cream not cheap, but nice…

    Not cheap in Singapore too? Divided by 3, should be so much more affordable there.

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