Stir it…

The other day, a dear and thoughtful friend sent me some gluten-free stuff for my girl as well as this bottle of peanut butter…

Clearspring Organic Peanut Butter

…which, other than being organic, is also gluten free…

Gluten free

Even before I opened the bottle, I could see the layer of oil on top…

Oil separation

…but that is not a problem as according to the label…


…such oil separation may occur.

That reminded me of the Pied Piper peanut butter that we enjoyed so much during our growing up years, way back during the colonial days. Unfortunately, that was the time of the Apartheid and there were trade sanctions by countries in the world against that African nation so we never saw that brand of peanut butter again.

I remember how everytime my dad opened a new bottle, there would be a layer of oil on top and he would take a chopstick to stir it and mix it really really well. These days, we can get this South African brand

Black Cat Peanut Butter, South Africa

…here but no, it does not have that layer of oil so even though, it does taste pretty good, the memories aren’t really the same.

Anyway, going back to the one my friend sent me, it seems that it is a UK product and after I had opened it, I took a chopstick and did the same as what I used to see my dad doing. It was not as easy as it looked…or maybe the one those days was not so hard but after much effort, I managed to mix it altogether well till it was nice and creamy and smooth like this…

Smooth & creamy

To try it, I went to this bakery in town and bought a croissant…

iBake croissant

Good grief! It was RM3.20 EACH! I could buy a loaf of sandwich bread for that kind of money and still have a little bit of change…but I had not had a croissant for a long time now so I just went ahead according to plan. I guess it is all right to pamper oneself once in a while.

I cut a slit in it, toasted it in the oven till it was nice and flaky, stuffed in a slab of butter, Golden Churn no less…and  a generous amount of the peanut butter…

iBake croissant with butter & peanut butter

…and ate. Boy! That was so good! Gotta go out and get some plain white bread, bananas and jam and bacon so I can indulge in some of that absolutely awesome out-of-this-world Elvis Presley sandwich soon!

Yes, I would give this brand my double thumbs up but being organic AND gluten-free AND being a product of the UK, I am sure it does not come cheap. Nothing in those organic or health shops is cheap – it sure is expensive trying to eat and stay healthy! Sigh!!!

Author: suituapui

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6 thoughts on “Stir it…”

  1. You are absolute right, organic products aren’t cheap, even our local organic vegetables sold at Supermarkets, what more to say your imported peanut butter. I do like peanut butter with bread.

    …and from the UK no less. Even the regular brands at the supermarkets do not come cheap, over RM15 a bottle – the imported ones. I think the Malaysian ones are over RM10, not cheap either. I enjoy peanut butter with cream crackers.

  2. Yummy. A simple peanut butter croissant does sound good. I love a buttery croissant any day.

    I prefer smooth peanut butter than those chunky texture.

    But RM3.20 each! I used to buy the ones at Giant, RM5 for a pack of 4 or 5 and so very nice – I would say nicer than this expensive one…and then they stopped making. Probably the one making the croissants left – anyway, no Giant here anymore, all closed down already. Yes, I love my peanut butter smooth too.

  3. After reading your previous post, I did go and buy Pics peanut butter. Oh! I so so love it! My next project is to make the Elvis sandwich 😀

    Sinful, very sinful…but so so so nice! LOL!!!

  4. ooo, i hadn’t heard of Pied Piper peanut butter before this. and gosh – a buttery croissant with added butter AND added peanut butter – decadently diviiiiine! 😀

    It was good…but the cash register bell for RM3.20 kept ringing in my head. LOL!!!

  5. Organic produce/products are costly so yes, it is expensive to eat healthy that is why it is good to grow your own greens if you have the space for it. Imagine growing your own peanuts and making your own peanut butter. LoL. I don’t think I have the patience for that but would really love to try one of these days.

    No, thank you…but come to think of it, if we go and buy freshly-grown peanuts to boil and enjoy, they do not come cheap, not at all!!!

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