Got a new one…

I spotted this…

Starfresh corned beef

…on the shelves at one of the supermarkets in town the other day. I guess it is a new one as I have not seen it anywhere else before. One good thing is the price – it is a little less than RM10.00 which is more or less like what I would have to fork out for my regular brand…

Linkz corned beef

This one that I used to like before…

Mili corned beef

…has inched past the RM10.00 mark already and besides, it is “whiter” which probably means that it has a lot more fat plus it is more mushy, not quite as nice, and since price is no longer a consideration as far as it is concerned, I would not be all that keen to buy it anymore.

Of course there are other brands that are nice too but they are way over RM10.00, too expensive for the likes of me.

To try this new one out, I peeled one potato and cut it into cubes…


I don’t know what potato it was – we depend solely on the vegetable seller by the side of the building here in the afternoon. He will tell us if it is good and the ones my missus bought from him that day were huge! That was just one potato and there was so much of it…and yes, it was very nice and creamy, exactly what we will look for in potatoes.

I boiled it till soft…

Potatoes, boiled

…and drained it well. That would save me the trouble of waiting for the potatoes to cook while cooking the corned beef.

I peeled and sliced some Bombay onions…

Bombay onions, peeled and sliced

…and opened the can of corned beef and mashed it…

Corned beef, out of the can

…with a fork. I thought it looked finer, more mashed than the others – if you are into coarse corned beef, you can try the New Zealand one, Palm Tree brand or something. Theirs is like pulled meat – you can actually see the strips of beef but of course, it does not come cheap, not at all.

I also felt that this one looked very red, no traces of white like this one…

Corned beef with fat

…which obviously has a lot more fat and when it is so fat, I would just fry and melt the oil to cook the dish. I guess I can’t do the same with this one.

That was why I fried the onions in a little bit of oil…

Fry the onion

…till it all came apart and had softened a bit before I added the corned beef…

Add the corned beef

…and mixed everything well.

When the beef was done – it would have turned a slightly darker shade of red than when it just came out of the can, I added the potatoes…

Add the potatoes

…and after stir-frying a little bit more, I dished everything out onto a plate…

Corned beef with Bombay onions and potatoes

…and served.

You can add some more ingredients to enhance the taste if you are thus inclined. Some chili would be nice to give it that extra kick but I was cooking it the way my mum did – my dad was a true-blue Foochow, no chili in the food…and in fact, we were brought up that way too. I only started to appreciate and enjoy chili in the 70’s when I was already in my twenties.

Other things that I have in mind would be some curry leaves or chopped Chinese celery and perhaps. some Thai basil leaves would be great as well. I’d probably try it another day since I have lots growing in my garden.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Got a new one…”

  1. so many brands … i’d be hard-pressed to choose – didn’t realise our corned beef now comes from brazil! 😀

    When I was teaching Geography, the cows were all in Argentina, the Pampas. There’s corned beef from Spain, New Zealand too…and of course, my childhood favourite, China! I don’t buy any from there anymore – so white and mushy, dunno what meat, inedible.

  2. I am not a great fan of corned beef. What you dished out looks pretty good though. I wonder if I can do it the same with luncheon meat or not.

    Never tried luncheon meat with potatoes. I would cook the way my mum did – with Bombay onion and egg…but sometimes, I may add chili or curry leaves for the extra fragrance.

  3. When my late dad was around, he did ever buy the canned corned beef, but not now as my mum, same with Irene, not a fan of corned beef…

    When I was younger, I liked luncheon meat more than corned beef – these days, I am ok with both, same with my girl.

  4. I like corned beef fried rice.

    It’s gaining popularity here now, easily available at most Malay shops around town. I prefer it with bihun, the way my mum used to fry it.

  5. the packaging for all the corned beefs look almost similar..

    Well, I wouldn’t say all – Highway is blue and I think Libby’s is white…and the NZ Palm Tree Brand is yellow.

  6. My mother cooks luncheon meat the same way except she adds chili in it. Nyonya must have chili in almost everything.

    Not the Foochows or not way back in the early days, that is but they are learning.

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