Raja in Malay means “king” and ulam is the Malay word for vegetables, fruit or herbs eaten raw with sambal belacan (dried prawn paste chili dip) as an accompaniment to rice…

Ulam raja & sambal belacan
*Archive photo*

…so ulam raja would mean the king of all those stuff eaten in such a manner. You can click this link here and read about all the health benefits of eating ulam raja.

I’ve been planting these ulam raja plants for a while now but I never had the variety with those purplish pink flowers. A friend of mine all the way in Mukah did give me some seedlings once but none of them survived.

Not too long ago, my missus went to her friend’s house and she had a lot of this particular variety so she gave my missus a whole lot of the seeds. I wasted no time at all in planting them but out of so very many seeds, in the end, I only got around 3-4 plants…

Ulam raja plants
*Archive photo*

…and that was around May. Thankfully, those have been growing very well since so imagine my delight when I spotted the flower…

Ulam raja flower, pink 1


I really love the shade of pink and its winning combination with the yellow and brown and the green around it…

Ulam raja flower, pink 2

…and I can’t wait for the other buds to bloom as well.

I don’t think it has fully bloomed yet but from the look of it…

Ulam raja flower, pink 3

…it is not going to be very big unlike the yellow ones…

Ulam raja flower, yellow
*Archive photo*

…that I also got from my friend in Mukah. Those were big and they flourished and bloomed so well but in time, the plants grew old and they all died and sadly, all my attempts to plant some more using the seeds were not successful so now I do not have any of those anymore.

I do not have any of those orange ones…

Ulam raja flower, orange
*Archive photo*

…either now – I got the seedling from my friend, Peter, the PAYUNG CAFÉ boss and the flowers were smaller too but it sure looks like these are even smaller, about the size of a 10 sen coin. We’ll see…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “King…”

  1. These little flowers are cute and their combination of colours are beautiful indeed. I have the yellow ones in my garden before and never knew it was ulam raja till my friend told me so. All the while I thought it was just another flower plant. Now they are gone when I did extension to my kitchen.

    I heard there is a similar flowering plant – some say it is not edible, planted solely for the flowers.

  2. Never knew its flower is so colourful. Really a king.

    Love the flowers and the shrubs, very nice greenery with the added colours.

  3. How I wish I got green fingers…

    I always thought that same thing too – doing not too badly right now though I often wish I can do better.

  4. The ulam raja flower is really nice hor… I am bad with plants. Even my 2 cactus plants have died 😦

    They are like people too – they need tender loving care.

  5. Yummo!! there’s a great Malaysian lady who has a little kiosk near us…not as good for you but the Rendang pies are the bomb (and it’s hard to get good rendang here so I am very happy!!)

    1. Rendang pies? Gee! Wish I could try that. That’s one dish I’ve yet to master. Fine with curry…but not quite there when it comes to rendang.

      Your first time here? All the way from Sydney? Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Do come again!

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