Close but not quite…

Early last Thursday morning, before we drove to my girl’s school in the jungle, I went to buy some flowers…


…at the florist here – if I am not wrong, it’s the only one in town that opens so early, around the same time as the wet market opposite. Others will only open after 8 or 9 or even later, I think.

I stopped by this coffee shop for something to eat – it was going to be a long day, you see. The old lady at the char kway teow stall

Happy Hours char kway teow stall

…was nowhere to be seen – I gathered that the nice and friendly guy in the photograph was the son. It sure seemed very popular, I must say – the one that drew most of the people dropping by here that morning.

The guy at this stall had moved to help his wife at her stall at another coffee shop in the town centre and in the meantime, some ladies have taken over…

Happy Hours new stall

…and it looked kind of pathetic, no photos at all though I must say that was good in a way. You will not get your expectations up too high especially at those displaying some very nice snapshots of what they have on their menu and the moment your order arrives, it is an anti-climax, such a disappointment. Honestly, sometimes you wonder where they got those photographs from.

I decided to try the lor mee (RM5.00)…

Happy Hours lor mee 1

…which did not look all that enticing but I was quite impressed when I tried it…

Happy Hours lor mee 2

The gravy was quite thick though it could have been just a little bit thicker and it could do with a slightly stronger cinnamon/five spice powder fragrance and I did not see any tau cheo (fermented beans) in it either. It was pretty close like the ones I used to enjoy a long long time ago but I have not found any quite the same since. It used to be a bit sweet but actually, I was fine with it not being so sweet and I liked how the poached egg was perfectly done – the yolk was soft and runny and on the whole, I would say it was good and I sure wouldn’t mind going for it again should I happen to be in the vicinity.

The chili garlic dip…

Happy Hours lor mee, chili garlic dip

…that came with the noodles was very nice and it sure helped enhance the taste of the noodles a lot more – I sure enjoyed it very much.

When I dug into what was in the bowl, I was pleasantly surprised to see many slices of the stewed pork…

Happy Hours lor mee, stewed pork

…in the noodles. Perhaps they should work on the presentation – slice the meat thinner but bigger and display it on top of the noodles with the lovely poached egg and the greens by the side.

Somehow, I do think that a nice first impression would help whet one’s appetite unlike some who do not give a darn that what they serve is a complete utter mess. One would certainly enjoy eating whatever dish a whole lot more when it looks nice and presentable and enticing.

HAPPY HOURS CAFE (2.307165, 111.837312) is located at one corner of the Rejang Park shops/commercial centre in that residential area, beside the volleyball stadium and the surau, facing the vast parking area there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Close but not quite…”

  1. I don’t put too high hopes at those displaying nice snapshots of their menu as I know they are for illustrations purposes only. That bowl of lor mee looks good with that lovely poached egg. I never get my poached egg right, haizzzz….

    Me too, all kinds of eggs, I’m ok now…yet to master the art of cooking poached eggs.

  2. you’re right! no photos, simple text, and you have lower expectations of the food. hehe :)…

    ps. won a microwave oven, on my latest blog post 😛

    Oh? I’m sure you have one already? Mine just called it a day so I do not have one right now. Never mind, keep in the store. When I go KL, I get from you and bring back home. LOL!!!

  3. First impression does play important part. Good presentation of food does entice one appetite.

    Yes, some do not bother – in a hurry to make more and more money and I guess many do not care, just eat.

  4. Has been a while since I had lor mee, must go eat one of the day…

    Only time I had lor mee elsewhere was in Penang, Hailam lor mee. Not the same but very nice.

  5. I’m drooling at the egg yolk. Over here when we eat lor mee, it is usually hard boiled eggs. I’d change it for soft boiled eggs anytime if they allow me too.

    Oh? Now that you mentioned it, yes, I do remember hard boiled egg with lor mee usually. I’m glad I got the soft one too.

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