Not what I thought…

I got this…

Yen Ta Fo

from my dear friend, Mary, sometime ago when she went to Thailand and initially, judging from the name, I was thinking that perhaps, it was the Siamese version of our yong tofu. Obviously, it is not what I thought as this is, in fact, “another Thai favourite noodle soup”…


Inside the box were a packet of bihun and another packet of the Yen Ta Fo paste…


I followed the instructions at the back…


…and soaked the bihun in hot water to soften.

I had some beef balls and shrimps so I boiled those in some water till cooked and then, I fished them out, leaving the stock in the pot. I also heated up one tauhu pok (tofu puf)f in a non-stick pan till golden and crusty on the outside and after that, I cut it into smaller bits to be used later…and I also boiled an egg to go with the noodles.

I emptied the Yen Ta Fo sauce into the pot and brought it to boil. In the meantime, I placed the bihun in a bowl and arranged the beef balls, shrimps, tofu puff and egg along the side before pouring in the soup and garnishing it with thinly sliced Thai basil and sawtooth coriander from my garden…


I would say it was nice…

Thai Yen Ta fo

…something like tomato kway teow but I could not detect any taste of the fermented tofu that is said to give it the red colour which made me wonder if the real thing would be anything like this. I sure would love to try that should I ever get a chance to hop over to Thailand one of these days…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Not what I thought…”

  1. Looks so tasty with all the ingredients you added in especially the shrimps.

    It was good but now that WOW kind of good, not anything I would be dying to have again. Maybe the freshly-cooked ones there would be nicer – this one’s instant, factory-manufactured.

  2. Initially, I thought it was yong tofu too. With all the ingredients added, it makes everything looks so good.

    Looked ok, tasted ok too. I expected it to have some kind of the typical Thai exotic taste, turned out to be something like tomato kway teow. Nice but nothing to get excited about.

  3. First time seeing and hearing about it. It looks good as you put so many other things on top. How it tastes actually? Tomato sauce? Sweet ? I prefer soup tastes a little spicy or sour.

    I would say it was very slightly sweet and sour but no, it was not spicy. I guess we can always add our own chili flakes. On the whole, not too bad – bet the real thing would be very much nicer. Worth a try if you ever come across it when you hop over to Thailand.

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