I don’t wanna waste what’s left…

Well, as far as possible, I would not want to waste anything in the fridge or in the pantry but at times, if it is way past the expiry date, I would have no choice but to throw it away. Other than that, I also cannot stand seeing things sitting there for too long – I would want to take and use as soon as possible and that way, the things will not go bad and get thrown away plus some things are best used fresh, not after they have been kept for sometime.

That morning, I took what was left of the sago vermicelli that I used to cook the curry laksa for my girl. No, I did not soak it for an hour this time around according to the instructions on the packet – I just boiled some water and put the noodles in till soft enough, just like cooking instant noodles. Then I drained it and rinsed it well…

Sago vermicelli

…to remove whatever excess starch their might be so the strands would not stick together.

I also had some prawns and taugeh (bean sprouts)…

Prawns and bean sprouts

…left so I decided to use those to fry the vermicelli, char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) style.

This were the other ingredients…

Other ingredients

…that I used – some garlic, finely chopped, chopped spring onions from my garden, two eggs, my missus’ pounded chili (and garlic), soy sauce and pepper. That’s the beauty of Chinese cooking – it’s very simple and requires minimal ingredients and it tastes great.

I fried the garlic till golden brown in a bit of oil before adding a teaspoon of the pounded chili and the prawns. Once cooked, I added the vermicelli to which I had added a bit of soy sauce and pepper and tossed before hand. Then I broke the eggs into the wok and mixed everything together and lastly, in went the spring onions (saving a bit for garnishing later) and the taugeh. I do not like the taugeh overcooked so while it was still nice and crunchy, I turned off the heat and dished everything out of the wok and served…

Fried vermicelli 1

…with a sprinkling of spring onions on top.

Yes, it was nice…

Fried vermicelli 2

…but I do feel that it would be nicer with the smoother and softer  kway teow. I still have a bit of the prawns and taugeh left so perhaps, I shall buy some kway teow and fry this coming Friday for my girl to enjoy when she comes home from her school in the jungle…with her gluten-free soy sauce, of course!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “I don’t wanna waste what’s left…”

  1. If you open a shop doing just this char koay teow, I will catch the next plane to Sibu! LOL…. by the way, sorry for not coming by for the past week or so… do not know what to say… but I will try and try and continue to be active like before!

    Come! Come! Bring your friends too! I can have you all over for dinner like the last time and I shall fry this specially for you all.

    Hmmmm…not as active as before? Getting lazier? That is how blogs come to an end – the posts get fewer and fewer and then, no more.

  2. I think some of the best dishes from around the world have been concocted from leftovers.

    I read somewhere that “chop suey” started off as something like that. Here, when we host a banquet, we do take home the leftovers and we combine the compatible ones to enjoy over the next few days – they taste pretty good, I must say.

  3. Your char bihun looks much better than some of the hakwer stalls one. Me loves lots of taugeh in my fried bihun/kway teow or noodles too. Yes, taugeh, the last thing to add so they taste cripsy and nice.

    With those BIG prawns, for sure that will not be cheap at the hawker stalls.

  4. I totally agree with your paragraph 1. Better use all the items when they are fresh and waste not. This stir fried noodle dish that you cooked is so very tasty. Melissa would definitely enjoy the kway teow version that you are going to cook for her.

    Even when kept in the fridge. I am not in favour of buying and keeping for too long, not when there are shops and markets and supermarkets close by. Can always go out anytime to get things fresh as and when needed. My missus likes buying a lot and hoarding stuff and she insists BEST BEFORE is ok as long as it looks all right. I guess I’m a little paranoid where these things are concerned.

    Yes, the noodles tasted great. Yet to go and buy the kway teow…and she’s coming back for the weekend tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go and grab some this evening or tomorrow morning.

  5. If you open a stall in Singapore, everyday I will go patron…

    Yakah? Like that, I will be rich in no time at all! LOL!!!

    1. And I do not have to go supermarket buy grocery and do the cooking, everyday, I patron your stall, kaka…

      Sure is a win-win situation, You win, I win. Gotta move to Singapore soon.

  6. I would like to try your noodle and I am sure I would love it.

    Come, come back to Sibu! We’ll have dinner at my house, no problem at all.

  7. I hate wasting food and ingredients too. Your fried noodles sure look good what with those prawns!

    Tasted good too but I prefer the smoother and softer kway teow texture to that of this big bihun.

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