Not for you…

My girl enjoys lamb very much and after the very nice roast rack of lamb that I took her to eat that night for dinner, I was thinking of going here

Le Cafe

…for the very nice lamb shank. I was very sure she would like that! And if anyone is wondering what the chef looks like, there is a photo of him…

Le Cafe Chef Ting

…at the back of the menu. LOL!!!

We went there for lunch the other day and the young girl who took our orders suggested something new on their menu, some Hong Kong pork chop rice (RM16.90)…

Le Cafe Hong Kong pork rice 1

…or whatever and in the end, my missus decided to give it a try.

She did not think it was anything great…

Le Cafe Hong Kong pork rice 2

…and yes, I did try a bit of the meat too and it came across to me like the soy sauce and ginger and Bombay onion pork or chicken she would cook time and time again at home…and since it probably had soy sauce in it, it was not something for my girl to have as it would not be gluten free. Otherwise, she would have loved to order their very nice claypot chicken rice but that too would have soy sauce in it so that would be another thing on the menu not for her as well. Sigh!!!

My girl and I shared the lamb shank (RM33.90)…

Le Cafe lamb shank 1

…as I had intended – it would be too huge for her to handle on her own.

We also ordered the mashed potatoes (RM6.90)…

Le Cafe mashed potatoes

…even though we did know that the meat would be served on a bed of that – we just felt we wouldn’t mind a little more and yes, it was very nice and had a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top.

Other than that, I asked for their coleslaw (RM5.60)…

Le Cafe coleslaw

…which was good too though I would not say it was the best in town.

As for the lamb shank, it was so good…

Le Cafe lamb shank 2

…fall-off-the-bone tender and we really enjoyed it to the max.

We sure would love to come back for that again but I saw on their Facebook page that they also have crispy pata, aka Philippine pork leg (RM50.00). Perhaps the next time we drop by here, I should give theirs a try to see if it is any good.

LE CAFE(2.299452,111.830832) is located along Brooke Drive at the Brooke Business Centre, on your left if you are driving from town, in that block of shops past Jalan Kumpang after you have gone past the building where the Sheraton Restaurant is.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Not for you…”

  1. The chef is also the owner I assume… or else they will have to change the menu if the chef leaves! HAHAHA…. The lamb shank looks delicious! 😀

    LOL!!! Yes, he IS the owner, I guess. Lamb shank was good.

  2. The lamb shank really looks good and juicy. Am not into mashed potatoes but coleslaw, yes, I like it. The egg ring fried egg on your missus Hongkong pork chop is definitely a No no for me too.

    I’m with you regarding the egg, none of the nice golden fringe when done this way – I dunno why people use the ring. Maybe that is good for an egg burger, neater…or if you have to fry a lot of eggs on an iron plate so the egg white will not flow all over the place. But I like mashed potatoes more than coleslaw. Lamb shank was great and cheaper than most other places serving the same.

  3. The portion of the pork chop looks huge…

    Me same with you, I prefer mashed potatoes more than coleslaw…

    Yes, quite a lot of the pork but we did not think it was really sensational.

  4. Ooohhh…the lamb shank looks divine! I agree that an extra serving of mashed potatoes is a very good idea. You must go back for the crispy pata. I hope it is good.

    Looking forward to that!

  5. Tender lamb shank! I want that too.

    My favourite in Kuching is the one at Junk, Wayang Street, very very nice. I think they use bolognese sauce, have not had it for a long long time.

  6. These days, chefs are celebrities. Lamb shank looks good. I always cook them in the slow cooker (crockpot)- never fail to turn out good.

    We do not get to see it a lot here at the supermarts. I guess the importers will mostly supply the cafes and restaurants, probably not a big market for it here.

  7. if you’re in a big group, you could all share a ‘leggy’ meat meal – lamb shank, crispy pork trotter, and a chicken drumstick dish! 😀

    Yes, I am wondering how I can get to try the trotter if nobody else wants to eat that. I jolly well can’t finish it myself.

  8. Lamb shank is very popular in Australia too.

    Bet theirs will be very fresh, from the farm to the plate, not the frozen imported ones from there that we have here.

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