Not so usual…

It is not so usual for us to have meals at home without rice – most of the time, it would be rice with a few dishes to go with it and very rarely, we may have something different instead.

Well, my girl was thrilled to find this box of taco shells…

Taco shells

…at the supermarket here, the one that imports all kinds of stuff from countries overseas. If I am not wrong, the first time she had tacos was at the Taco Bill outlet in Singapore a long long time ago and it was love at first bite!

Well, this one was gluten-free…

Gluten free

…and despite being an imported product, it was not expensive – RM12.90 for a box of 12 so it works out to a little over a ringgit each only and all we had to do was to heat up the shells in the oven at 170°C for three minutes and they were ready to use…

Taco shell

There was some leftover grilled chicken that day so my girl shredded that…


…and she also prepared some kind of salsa with tomatoes, cucumber and whatever else…


…and there was this grated cheddar cheese…



We also had this bottle of mayonnaise…


…in the house , imported as well and gluten-free…

Gluten free too

That was all we had to stuff the taco shells…

Taco shell and stuffing

…to eat and yes, I thought it was very nice and we sure had a delightful lunch that day.

I do think this has a lot of potential though – one can add anything one likes to bring it to a whole new level. I thought prawns would be a nice addition or things like mussels and clams and thin strips of finely-sliced omelette would certainly add a bit of colour to it. Maybe we will try that next time but in the meantime, we will have to go back to the supermarket to grab more boxes of the taco shells, if there are any still available. The problem we have here is when they run out of something, they may not restock even though it sells really well and instead, they will have all kinds of other things though some of the bestsellers may reappear after a long while.

That night, my girl cooked this very lovely aglio-olio prawn spaghetti…

Aglio-olio prawn spaghetti

…for our dinner. Yes, we are very well-stocked indeed on gluten-free pasta that my girl could cook to enjoy as and when she feels like it.

It sure is nice to have her home for the holidays – we can get to enjoy these not-so-usual meals for a change.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Not so usual…”

  1. What Melissa whipped up looks great. I like the stuffed taco shell. A month long of eating spree. Enjoy the most of it.

    We sure will, can’t be doing things like this when school reopens.

  2. I like spaghetti, but my mum not into it, so I never cook it at home…

    My missus is like that. She will eat but she prefers stuff that is extra spicy so she is not really into western cuisine.

  3. One of the cruises I’ve been on supplies chilli flakes for you to sprinkle on your spaghetti. Your missus might enjoy that.

    Yes, we have that at home so we sprinkled it all over the spaghetti, along with bottled dried parsley as well. She did add one fresh chili to the spaghetti but it was one of those not spicy, might as well don’t bother ones.

  4. Looks good though I’d prefer without the mayonnaise

    I’m not crazy about mayo either but I do like some kind of sauce to go with it. What do you suggest is a good alternative?

  5. I bet those chia seed crackers would go fab with some soft camembert.

    I like camembert or brie – used to buy at Giant Hypermart here but that place has since closed down, dunno if the new one has got them or not, will have to drop by one of these days and see.

  6. The tacos look delicious. I might want to try making some!

    We went back and got another box – it was that nice. Looking forward to another round of it!

  7. Nice and yummy tacos made by your girl. I saw these tacos shells before but never bought any.

    Oh? You can get that in Kuching? We went back to buy some more and they were down to the last box already.

  8. taco time! maybe you could do a sarawak-inspired taco, adding some sarawak-style chicken, fish or vegetables inside! 🙂

    That’s a brilliant idea. I can imagine taco with umai…and kerabu midin or paku with lots of cili padi. My missus would love that, I’m sure. She likes it super hot.

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