Before the sun sets…

That day, after the not-very-fruitful visit to the Ramadan Bazaar, I had one restaurant in mind for our dinner and since it was a public holiday, it was not that difficult to find a parking space – normally, we would avoid the area as trying to park the car would be near impossible unless one is really very lucky.

However, it was just after 5.00 p.m. and the place would not be open till 6.00 p.m…

Opens at 6.00 p.m.

…so we decided to go to the pasar malam (night market)

Sibu Night Market

…close by to stroll around. They moved it back to the original place not long ago but they are back here again now, the place where they call the Butterfly Garden, for whatever reason, I wouldn’t know. Those as old as me would remember this place as the location of the old bus terminal way back in the 50’s and 60’s and maybe right through the 70’s.

They were saying that there would be some massive renovations done to make the site much nicer, with a roof and all, but I did not notice any difference from the way it was before. For one thing, with the shops/buildings all around, though not protected from the rain, this place is well-shaded so one would not need to endure the unbearable heat of the scorching sun – this was just before the sun had set so it was still very sunny at the time.

We were early so there were not that many people around…

Pasar Malam stalls, Chinese

…and many stalls were not even up yet.

A lot of them were food stalls – one can grab a pack of chap fan (mixed rice) from this one…

Chap fan

…and I saw that a number of these roast meat stalls…

Roast meat

…were all ready to roll.

I spotted this dumpling stall…

Dumpling stall

…that I did not see before on my previous trips – probably, it is new…


…like one lok lok stall but I did not take a photograph of that one and of course, there are those stuffed kompia and Sibu-style sio bee

Kompia & sio bee

…but I wouldn’t know if they are any good or not as I have never tried any of those from here before.

For some, the booze…


…and the cigarettes…


…at the pasar malam are an attraction, with some unique brands not usually available at the shops.

There is a section with all the Malay/halal food stalls…

Halal section

…and another section selling non-edibles…


…including this one where I was attracted to the ethnic native Dayak prints of the sarong.


This dog…

Dog in boots

…sure got a lot of attention but no, it was the stall-owner’s pet, not for sale.

It was way past 5.30 p.m. already when we were making our way back to the restaurant when I spotted the handsome boy setting up their stall…

Handsome boy

– they had just arrived and thankfully, they had some pre-fried at home…

Tee peang

…so we were able to grab all we wanted without having to wait for them to fry and buy them straight from the wok.

After that, it was dinner time but that will be in the next post. Stick around!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Before the sun sets…”

  1. For a second there, i was taken by surprise, cos i thought the dog was also for sale! How much is that doggie on the bucket, heh 😉

    Good grief! Patti Page? You’re as old as the hills. LOL!!!

  2. This pasar malam looks big, a lot of things to see and buy. The dog is cute with all those accessories on it. I love those ethnic native Dayak print sarong. How much does one piece cost?

    Yes, very big, a tourist draw, that’s for sure. People coming to Sibu love going there. I do not go that often as I can’t stand the heat…and as always, in the town centre, parking is such a pain.

    I did not ask the price for the sarong but if I want such ethnic designs, I would go to Fabrico, at India Street in Kuching. Theirs would be more exclusive and much nicer too. Presently, I’ve two shirts made from textile bought from there and I had others before.

  3. I think my dog would hate having to wear those shoes. It might help to keep my house clean though.

    When I saw it, the thought that went through my head right away was – if God had wanted dogs to wear shoes, He would have given them feet…not paws. 😦

  4. If I were to see the dog, I will go and said hi to the dog, hehe…

    …and it will say hi back to you! LOL!!!

  5. I enjoy going to Pasar Malam! Those pork look good and they even sell bakkwa too. Btw is that okay to sell those ciggy openly? Seems like it’s smuggled one wor. HAHA

    Yes, I did notice the bak kwa and was thinking whether I should buy to try or not. In the end, I did not as we were going for dinner. Next time perhaps.

    Oh? Those unfamiliar brands of booze too, I guess…at one time, 3 cans for RM10. None for me, of course – I don’t drink. Shhhhhhhhhh!!!! LOL!!!

  6. Wow those roasted meat! They sure look good.

    The dog is so cute with shoes and all.

    You care for the head? Snout and all? They have every part of the animal here. LOL!!!

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