Too hot…

I finally went to check out the Ramadan Bazaar, the main one at the Sibu Town Square. Gosh!!! That one is really very big, so very many stalls, selling so many different kinds of food.

There are different kinds of barbecued chicken, the regular ones…

Ayam panggang 1

…and this one is a little special…

Ayam panggang 2

…but I can’t remember in what way now. There were so many things to see it was really mind-boggling!

There’s the ikan panggang (barbecued fish)…

ikan panggang

and you have the usual ikan bakar (grilled fish on a hot plate)…

ikan bakar

…and the sotong as well…

Sotong bakar

…and of course, there is the satay


…and oh my goodness!!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw them basking the meat on skewers with cooking oil using paint brushes!!! No, they were not those special kitchen brushes for egg-washing our pastries – they were the ones one would use to paint the house! And wasn’t there a scandal not too long ago regarding the hair used to make those brushes? Tsk! Tsk! The traditional way of using sticks of serai (lemon grass), bruised at the ends would give added fragrance and flavour to the meat – I certainly would not settle for anything else, much less those paint brushes!!!

One thing I noticed when I was there was the integration of the cultures here with stalls selling kampua mee and shumai/sio bee (meat dumplings – chicken, of course) and I think I did see a stall selling kompia and chu nu miang, if I remember correctly  and they even have this Hainanese chicken rice…

Hainanese chicken rice

…and I did see somebody selling the traditional ethnic Dayak ayam pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo) too!

It was a blistering hot evening even though it was already around 5 and somehow the heat and humidity gets to a person and one would not have the appetite or the craving to want to eat anything. That was what happened to me, I guess so I did not buy anything in the end except this kelupis


…that I do enjoy with kaya (coconut jam)…

Kelupis with kaya

I have not seen this being sold elsewhere but for a while now, when I did get to see any, I noticed that the people had resorted to using nylon strings to tie the thing and since then, I have not been all that keen to buy any to eat.

Of course, there were all kinds of traditional kuehs, a lot of cucurs (deep fried fritters) and our renowned kek lapis (layer cake) Sarawak…

Kek lapis Sarawak dll

…and all the rest but other than the kelupis, none tickled my fancy.

I saw my friends from Sri Pelita there…

Friends from Sri Pelita

…and believe it or not, they had this HUGE cauldron of nasi biryani

Sri Pelita nasi biryani

…and according to the guy, that would be the amount they would cook every day…and every day, it would be completely sold out!!!

He also told me they had ayam berempah and I thought I would come back later to buy for our dinner that night and I also thought these prawns…

Udang galah

…at another stall looked really good, RM2.50 each and one could buy some to go with rice but after walking through the whole bazaar, I was feeling hot and uncomfortable and the thought of going back all the way to the stalls did not seem all that appealling so we headed back to the car and went on our way to have a nice dinner in a cooler and more conducive environment.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Too hot…”

  1. What are the leaves used to wrap the kelupis? I would buy the prawns at RM2.50 each is a good price as the prawns look big from the photo.

    That’s daun palas, a kind of palm leaf, yellowish/greenish, woven for use for making ketupat lemak – I think that is actually called ketupat palas:

    RM2.50 is cheap actually. If I buy from the wet market, it will work out to slightly less than RM2.00, freshwater prawns that size and these are already cooked.

  2. I like the sambal grilled fish and nasi briyani

    We did not try the ikan bakar here but we did buy twice at another place. The briyani, we would go to eat at the shop quite frequently.

  3. Oh no, using paint brush. I would be pissed off. I like the grilled fish and ikan panggang.

    Exactly!!! These young kids! I really wonder if they actually know what they are doing.

  4. wah, such a smorgasbord of goodies – can imagine the myriad of smokiness, succulence, savouriness and sweetness here, all within a short walk of each other – very appetising pics

    …and you walk out of such places smelling exactly like what the people are cooking over the hot burning charcoal. LOL!!!

  5. Lovely variety of foodstuff. Most interesting.

    They should promote this as a tourist attraction…not some food and cultural festival where they sell all those things from Taiwan, Korea, Japan…and all, nothing much from our own local cultures.

  6. The hot weather really makes one lose appetite. Me too. Too hot to think of what to cook.and eat. Good excuse to eat out. Lol.

    Hubby on holiday, would be nice to go out and spend quality time together, all in the family. That’s what we are doing now that my girl is home for the holidays, making the most of the time we have.

  7. hahahha…paint brush!
    Anyway, the ikan bakar and sotong bakar looks good. I like it…

    And serai is so cheap…or one can just stop by the roadside and help oneself to a stalk or two, FOC. They are planted on public land everywhere here!

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