Win some, lose some…

It’s the 1st of June today and a very Happy & Blessed Gawai to all those celebrating!

Gawai and Raya decor

We have not been here for a while now and the other night, I asked my girl if she wanted pecel lele for dinner and she said yes so we dropped by the place and that was what she had (RM7.50)…

Penyet Delta pecel lele

…but to our disappointment, the rice was not wrapped in banana leaf

Penyet Delta rice

…and steamed. That is the main draw when it comes to the nasi ayam penyet here, the very thing that puts theirs a head above the rest. I don’t know if that was because it is the month of Ramadan and those leaves are in high demand for wrapping the kuihs and everything – I’ve seen cars stopping by the roadside and the people helping themselves to the leaves of those banana trees growing there. Thankfully, other than that, the rest of what my girl had was fine.

However, the mum had the lalapan ayam penyet (RM8.50)…

Penyet Delta lalapan ayam penyet

…and no, she did not get her rice wrapped in banana leaf either and other than that sprig of tapioca leaves, she got a different kind of sambal, probably belacan (dried prawn paste). She did not say a thing so obviously, she was not impressed and what was worse was she got a slab of chicken breast – she is not into that, I know.

At least, I got the whole thigh with my nasi goreng ayam penyet (RM9.00)…

Penyet Delta nasi gorang ayam penyet

– I thought I would try something different that night.

The fried rice was all right…

Penyet Delta nasi goreng

…nothing to get excited about – it was the very nice sambal cili

Penyet Delta sambal cili

…that saved the day.

Service was great, I had the teh tarek ais, kao and it was very good – I sure enjoyed that and when I went to pay the the bill, the total, inclusive of drinks, came up to RM32.10 and the friendly young guy just collected RM32.00 from me…unlike one classier joint here – they will wait for you to dig out the coin, regardless and if you do not have any, they are willing to give you the 90 sen change. Tsk1 Tsk!

All in all, it was an o.k. meal – we sure wouldn’t mind coming back here again if and when we feel like having stuff like this.

PENYET DELTA (2.307969, 111.825223) is located at No.14, Lorong Delta 10, off Jalan Delta, right behind the Delta Swimming Pool, right beside the Delta Seafood & Cafe.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Win some, lose some…”

  1. I prefer thigh to chicken breast meat too. Among all, I like your choice.

    My missus has often expressed her dislike for breast even though that is supposed to be healthier, white meat.

  2. I’m still looking for good ayam penyet. I would be very unhappy too if I was served with chicken breast.

    So far this is the only one that stands out because they serve the rice wrapped in banana leaf and steamed – otherwise, generally, it is just o.k. – some a little better than others, generally more or less the same…and relatively rather expensive. I would much sooner go for other dishes if I had a choice.

  3. Chicken looks like a better deal compared to fish, at least in terms of size!

    I guess so but actually, I prefer fish and my girl too. Usually, the mum would be the one going for the chicken as she would not touch keli.

  4. Found a place in Kampung Baru that’ll make the sambal right on the spot before serving, you gotta try that!

    That’s nice, freshly-made.

  5. What is that triangular piece with peanuts inside, I always see this at Malay stalls but they looks hard to chew and eat

    That’s tempeh and that’s soya bean, not peanuts. My girl loves it – I’m just so so with it.

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