Dirty dirty…

I cannot remember who was it who said to me once that I was old and that was why I would never for the dear life of me understand the ways of the younger set today – he or she said that it is the lifestyle, among other things, to go and queue at any new outlet of some famous restaurant in Hong Kong or Taiwan or elsewhere or if there is some very popular product from those countries like when this cake came to town, for instance. We have it here too as well as our own versions from the local bakeries and no, I did not go and queue for any of them but yes, I’ve tried and I guess it will suffice to just say that I was not impressed.

When my friend, Annie, was home from KL for the Ching Ming Festival that day, she shared photographs of this…

Annie's zang zang bao
*Annie’s photo on Facebook*

…on her Facebook page – another craze from Taiwan, the zang zang bao (脏脏包), literally translated as dirty dirty bread – that she got from a bakery here. She just said it was all right and she did not seem very excited over it so no, I did not rush out to go and buy and try.

Well, it so happened that I saw these…

Aroma Bakery zang zang bao

…at this bakery here (I don’t think that was the one where Annie got hers from) so of course, I bought one of each flavour, RM4.00 each, to try to see what the hype was all about.

They both looked like coated croissants and to me, the chocolate one was all right, sweet with the chocolate cream both outside and inside…

Aroma Bakery zang zang bao, chocolate

…but I would think it would be nicer with cake…like the 100% gluten-free flour-less chocolate whipped cream and raspberry roulade

Melissa's chocolate whipped cream & raspberryroulade

…that my girl made during the long weekend break last week. Hers was so very nice, sweet but very nice and despite the fact that no flour was used in the making, it had that lovely soft cake texture.

No, I did not get my hands/fingers all dirty while eating the zang zang bao as I cut the buns into slices using my kitchen scissors and ate with a fork but I do think that if I had not done that, it could get real messy eating that thing.

I am never a fan of anything matcha or green tea but I thought this one…

Aroma Bakery zang zang bao, matcha

…was not too bad. I don’t know what they had for the filling, not anything green tea, and that helped to save the day.

Still, for RM4.00 each, personally, I do think that it would make a lot more sense to go and enjoy a plate of kampua mee and still have change or our very nice Foochow fried noodles instead of one of these.

AROMA BAKERY (2.311151, 111.831515) is located at No. 36 (G/F), Taman Damai along Jalan Dewan Suarah, the second shop in the block on your right as you enter from Jalan Melur, after the Maju Tyre shop.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Dirty dirty…”

  1. In SG, I saw them selling at Breadtalk and they call it Messy Buns

    I loved Bread Talk, the Orchard Road outlet a long time ago. I loved their bun lined with banana or whatever leaf with a slice of otah in the middle, lengthwise. So very nice that I bought ten of those home. Sadly, on my next trip, that outlet (near Centrepoint) was no longer there. I dunno if the Breadtalk in KL is connected or not – nothing to get excited about there, pretty much the same like most other bakeries.

  2. I remember when this Castella cake from Taiwan makes its first appearance here, there was such a long queue but now it seems to have die off. I agree for that amount, RM4 each, I would go for a plate of nice kolo mee.

    If it’s the very nice Uncle Tetsu or Uncle Miki Japanese baked cheesecake, I can understand – they are very nice! This one’s nothing more than kay nerng ko and in fact, our lung ngor or kuih bahulu is much nicer and a whole lot cheaper too. No queue here, not even at the start, but I do think there are a lot of people buying and business is good enough to keep it going. I’d much sooner go for Kuching’s Mita’s butter cake – that one will win hands down!

  3. I only drink green tea, but not anything else with green tea…

    Usually I do not like green tea anything but this one is ok, not so strong on the green taste.

  4. Ha ha… I don’t know if it’s “old” or “wise” not to jump in a queue and follow the hype of some marketing company that has made these “younger” ones think that the product at the end is so desirable that it’s worth lining up for.

    Something like going to some trendy places to hang out, to see and be seen.

  5. So cheap! Here bakeries sell for over RM5. And dirty croissant is over RM6. I don’t feel like buying and trying after checking the price out. Lol.

    RM6!!! RM4.50, one can have a plate of chicken rice, roasted drumstick, what more to say RM6.00. Wise decision, you did not buy. Even at RM4.00, I was thinking twice, three times…and in the end, I went ahead. At least, I tried…and now I know for sure, it is nothing to get excited about. Never again!!!

  6. Too expensive to eat. I bought a few rounds from different bakeries in Seremban to do comparison. The one priced at RM6+ for a piece tasted very nice for chocolate lovers. Because chocolate sauce was pump in many layers of the freshly baked croissant. But too costly to eat often lar.

    Often? Once is already one time two many! One can buy a cheap bun for less than RM1 and eat with chocolate syrup, Hershey’s or whatever – may be even nicer! RM6 and RM6+!!! I did not think it was worth the RM4 I paid for one even.

  7. Youngsters these days don’t seem to mind parting with big cash for every little thing!

    And they come up in arms to complain about the flagging economy, the dwindling value of the ringgit…and yet they have the money to splash on such things! I guess we’re old, can’t understand the folly of young people but I guess wisdom comes with age. LOL!!!

  8. At least you tried. 🙂 My mum got it from the same bakery as yours. But mine look really dirty eh? hahaha

    Oh? The same? Yes, this bakery is near her friend’s shop. They look quite different so I thought you got yours from elsewhere.

  9. Wow that really looks dirty, so dirty it looks inedible

    I hear that is the attraction but honestly, I just can’t see how people can possible feel that is anything to get excited about.

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