The story of a small town…

If you were into Mandarin movies in the 80’s, you probably would have seen this one (小城故事) starring Kenny Bee and Lin Fong Chiao with Teresa Teng singing the beautiful theme song. I did go and watch the movie at a cinema here way back then but no, I did not think much of it though I do love the very melodious song to this day.

Anyway, there is this small town in the Sarikei District/Division – the mere mention of its name, Jakar (2.043039, 111.494602), would make people think of the celebrated prawn noodles there

Jakar prawn noodles
*Archive photo*

…and the last time my friend, Annie, was back home from KL, she went there with her mum and family and bought me the very nice sio bee (meat dumplings) from there.

I tried and I really liked them a lot

Jakar sio bee
*Archive photo*

…and I did go round looking for them all over town because I heard that they are sold at some places around here. Unfortunately, I have not been very successful – as a matter of fact, I even mentioned it to the boss’ son at this shop as his father would go to Sarikei on alternate days to stock up on stuff for sale but so far, I have not seen them at the shop so I guess they are not all that keen.

Well, Annie was back again for a couple of days to exercise her democratic rights and for some reason, her constituency was in Sarikei so she had to go all the way there to cast her vote. This time around, she got me not one but three packets…

Sarikei Jakar shumai

…for me to enjoy. For sure I would go through them slowly, a few at a time to stretch it for as long as I can.

I also heard from the guy at the hair salon that I would go to that the coffee at Jakar was his favourite – none in Sibu could come near it, he said. I never had the chance to try but that day, Annie got me a pack of that…

Jakar coffee 1

…from this renowned coffee manufacturer there (2.038381, 111.492155)…

Jakar coffee 2

I came across some photographs taken by my friend at their factory…

Jakar coffee 3
*Philip Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…so I asked for his permission to share some of them…

Jakar coffee 4
*Philip Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…here in my blog…

Jakar coffee 5
*Philip Hii’s photo on Facebook*

…and he gave me the green light, thank you so much, Philip!

For one thing, they roast the coffee beans with butter added…

Jakar coffee 6

The one here did that too but the last time I spoke to the guy, he said that they would mix margarine these days as butter is way too expensive. Of course, that would mean that their coffee would not be as nice as in the good ol’ days anymore.

Well, I’ve given it a try. They came in sachets…

Jakar coffee 7

…so I just put one in a cup and poured hot water into it.

It was nice but I am not so used to our local coffee without sugar, unlike the mug of Nescafe that I would have every morning, so I added a little bit…

Jakar coffee 8

…and I quite enjoyed it. However, it was not kao (strong) enough for me – I think I would prefer the powder that I can use to brew the coffee using my good ol’ percolator. I bet that would be a whole lot nicer.

Thank you, Annie, for the goodies from Jakar and for going through the trouble of getting me some stuff from there even though you were rushing for time during your lightning visit here.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “The story of a small town…”

  1. Heard so much about the celebrated Jakar prawn mee and sio bee. I love sio bee and must order if I have dim sum.

    The Jakar ones are very nice, not quite like the Sibu Foochow ones, a little like the Open Air ones – the best of both worlds.

  2. Isn’t sarikei a town already?

    It’s a town and a district and a division and Jakar is a very small town, actually more like a bazaar (pekan) in the Sarikei division, not sure if it is in its own district or not. Complicated, eh? Well, Sarawak is a HUGE state. You do not have divisions there, only districts.

  3. You are most welcome and hope you enjoy them. And thank you for the goodies too.

    I didn’t know this is a famous coffee! We saw it at one of the shop, selling a lot interesting biscuit and food by local people and the girl told me, must get the coffee, it is nice.

    Too bad that this round didn’t manage to eat the famous prawns noodle at Jakar.

    Oh? You bought the coffee and shumai in Sarikei? I don’t see the coffee here either. I guess I will have to drive to Sarikei then, not so fond of the old and winding road to Jakar.

  4. I never get tired of eating sio bee, as it’s one of my favourite food…

    I have 3 packets!!! They will last quite a while, I’m sure. Yum yummmm!!!!

  5. I enjoyed the coffee production photos. Most interesting, especially the use of butter.

    Yes, all this while, we all know they add butter for the roasting but kinda disappointed to hear from our favourite one here that they now mix with margarine. I did feel it is not as nice as in the good old days, still good but not quite the same, anymore.

  6. interesting to see the behind-the-scenes traditional coffee roasting in the photos

    My friend took quite a lot of photos – I only picked 3.

  7. Been there few times, or accurately twice for its celebrated big prawn noodle.

    Ngu brothers? Guess not related to the Ngu Motors in Sibu.

    I suppose not. That Ngu Brothers sells Perodua cars.

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