My girl came home last Tuesday to exercise her democratic right the next day and that evening, she cooked this potato gnocchi dish…

Potato gnocchi with bacon & enoki mushrooms & alfredo sauce 1

…with bacon and enoki mushroom and her own-made alfredo sauce…

Potato gnocchi with bacon & enoki mushroom & alfredo sauce 2

…and yes, it turned out really well. We sure enjoyed that!

For dessert, we had this pumpkin sago…

Pumpkin sago

…that the mum cooked. I had been wanting to try that since I saw it in their menu here and it seemed the two ladies, while on one of their outings, stopped there and my girl had that and loved it a lot.

After that delightful dinner, we decided to go and check out this new place…

Country Grocers

…at the mall since renamed Swan Square – it so happened that it had its soft opening on that very day itself. Giant Hypermart used to be here but it has since closed down and this one has taken over the premises.

I saw Adibah

Adibah Noor

…next door and since she kept insisting, “Masuklah! Masuklah!” so I went in and bought a few packets of organic fertilisers for the plants in my garden.

The new grocery store was pretty much the same like any other supermarket except that this one has a lot of stuff from Japan…

Japanese Kit Kat

…and Korea…

Korean products

…and  of course, my girl was thrilled by all the stuff available…


She ended up buying these Korean instant porridge…

Korean instant porridge

…that my cousin in Kuching said was nice, abalone and beef.

They had this wagyu beef…

Wagyu beef

…too but of course, I did not buy that, not that price…

Wagyu beef, price

…thank you very much – not something for poor old pensioners like me, that’s for sure.

I was also shocked to see the current price of my favourite Danish butter cookies…

Butter cookies

…these days. Well, there are things I can live without and this would be one of them but of course, if anyone is thinking of what to get me for my birthday or Christmas or for whatever reason, I shall be most happy to accept with both hands wide open! Hehehehehehe!!!!

This is new – the seating area…

Country Grocers, seating area

They did not have it before when Giant was here. I think one can have chap fan/nasi campur (mixed rice), sandwiches, buns and cakes from the bakery or one of these roast chicken…

Country Grocers roast chicken

…or whatever else that they may have there.

There were a lot of people that night – hopefully, business will always be that good so this place will stay open unlike the one before it.

COUNTRY GROCERS (2.325350, 111.85349) is located at the mall where Giant Hypermart used to be, along Jalan Ling Kai Cheng, on your right if you are coming from town, right after SMK Bandar Sibu.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Shopping…”

  1. I have a few of those beautiful brown plates too. Love the pumpkin sago dessert. I won’t be surprised at the price of imported stuff.

    I think this design, there is one only but we do have quite a few of such brown glass plates for daily use. I prefer ceramics/porcelain.

  2. Your girl can cook well, like the dad!^^

    Country Grocers sounds like good place to shop. I used to buy the grilled chicken from Giant in Riverside but no more. Sometime I get the chicken from Cold Storage.

    Mum’s better, of course.

    The first time I had the chicken was at Giant Riverside, so very nice and cheap and when their outlet at Wisma Sanyan here opened, I did go and buy once or twice. I don’t recall every buying it from this hypermart outlet.

  3. Your side have Starbucks? Can go there to get used coffee ground for your garden. Very good for flowers.

    We have the biggest outlet in Sarawak though I’ve never been. They will give free? My friend has one of those branded coffee places here, maybe I can go and ask him to save it for me.

  4. ooo, i’ve never cooked gnocchi before – your daughter’s version looks delicious. she’s following in her dad’s footsteps to be talented in the kitchen too!

    She’s more into western stuff and baking too, not like me – all the simple old-school delights.

  5. And i always thought pensioners are rich and well-paid?

    i think i’ve seen the instant korean porridge before, definitely not cheap

    Half my meagre salary, non-graduate pay and way back then, it was sheer pittance, not even as much as a graduate’s starting salary these days. They had three increments at least after I retired and everyone was telling me I should not have retired so early. Sighhhh!!!!

    I heard the abalone one was RM14 and the beef, a bit less. Never mind, jangan tak cuba.

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