The best is yet to come…

The other day, I dropped by the supermarket in town, the one with all the imported stuff from all over the world, in search of the made-in-Singapore kaya (coconut jam). It used to be sold at a number of places, even at the shops round the corner from my house, but it seemed to have disappeared off the shelves, both the pandan and the Hainanese traditional versions.

In the end, I decided I would just grab a bottle of peanut butter and I must say that the prices of the imported ones were somewhat shocking. Of course, I would not settle for less – none of the Malaysian-made ones for me, thank you very much. In the end, I decided to try this one…

BestYet peanut butter

…made in the US…

Made in the USA

It was going for over RM16.00, if I remember correctly, cheaper than this brand or this one and I was delighted with my choice! When I tried it, I found that it was super smooth, super soft and super creamy…

Super smooth, soft & creamy

…very, very nice! It sure looks like the best has come – as the brand says, this, to me, is the best yet!

I also bought this block of the celebrated butter…

Golden Churn butter

…also around the same price as the jar of peanut butter because I wanted to enjoy my cream crackers…

Hup Seng cream crackers

…with the two. This is my favourite brand – so very flaky, extra crispy unlike all the rest that I would usually dip in my coffee and eat.

Usually, I would have butter on one side and peanut butter on the other…

Butter on one side, peanut butter on the other

…and sandwich the slices together…

Cream crackers peanut butter sandwich

…and eat. Yum yummm!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “The best is yet to come…”

  1. The Malaysian made peanut butter are not cheap either. I like the thick creamy smooth type and have it with crackers too. At one time, there are rumours about this brand of crackers. I always buy the Munchy cream crackers.

    I did not look at the prices for the Malaysian ones – I did buy a well-known brand once and did not like it, so never again.

    Don’t believe everything you read, lots of this kind of stories going round about all kinds of popular products:
    I don’t think I’ve tried Munchy – in fact, I don’t recall buying any of their products or if I did, I did not like it enough to remember. I usually bought Jacobs cream crackers but I’ve tried Julie, Tiger – if I remember correctly, I did not think Tiger was great, not their cream crackers.

  2. ooo i’ve not heard of this peanut butter brand before – and they’ve been around since the 1800s, that’s quite something!

    Neither had I! That was why I was having 2nd thoughts – to buy or not to buy and with a name like BestYet, I really was not convinced. In the end, I bought it as it was RM1-2 cheaper than the rest and no regrets! It’s so very nice!

  3. Yum yum. Butter and peanut butter cracker! The best snack ever. Now I am thinking of this. Hahaha.

    Peanut butter, I prefer the creamy one than those with chunks of nuts.

    You’re like me then – I am not into chunky either. I’m already into my 2nd pack of the cream crackers…and half the bottle of peanut butter’s gone. LOL!!!

  4. I have yet to try cream cracker with peanut butter, usually it’s with butter…

    I have the tendency to indulge. Hehehehehe!!!

  5. Oh yes, cream crackers with butter is wonderful! I have not seen that brand of peanut butter but I love Steffi’s no added sugar peanut butter. Just like your favorite, it is very creamy. Golden Churn butter is so expensive these days. It used to cast RM9 a block.

    As its wrapper implies, it is a brick of gold! I have not seen Steffi’s here – at one time, we were buying Skippy, that’s good too but this supermarket does not seem to repeat their orders…so what you can get now, you may not get the same when the stock runs out or at least, not right away.

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