Call your name…

I used to call these snow peas but somebody corrected me and said that the flat ones are snow peas and these sweet plump ones are snap peas and I’ve noticed that some people call them sugar snap peas.

I bought two packets at one of our supermarkets the other day and they were labelled as sweet pea…

Wrong name

I know that’s the baby in Popeye but it seems that it is a flowering plant and the seeds are not exactly edible. According to Wikepedia, “Unlike the edible pea, there is evidence that seeds of members of the genus Lathyrus are toxic if ingested in quantity. A related species, Lathyrus sativus, is grown for human consumption but when it forms a major part of the diet, it causes symptoms of toxicity called lathyrism.

It seems that they do have stringless varieties now but the ones that I bought do not belong to any of those so I had to remove the string from each pod one by one…

Remove the string

I got the ingredients ready – finely chopped garlic and prawns…

Prawns & garlic

…and two eggs.

I heated a bit of oil and when it was hot, I threw in the garlic and fried till it turned golden in colour. I was watching one of those cooking shows on television and the lady said that one must add the garlic to the oil while cold or it will turn bitter. That is utterly rubbish, I thought! Of course, it will be bitter if you burn it so keep stirring and make sure it does not get over-fried/burnt. Once you get the nice desired colour, throw in the wet ingredients – in this case, the prawns. That will instantly stop the cooking of the garlic and you will get the lovely fragrance and taste.

Stir a bit to cook the prawns and then add the snap peas. Add a bit of water to cook them, with a pinch of salt added, and simmer till it dries up. Then add the eggs and mix together well. Once the dish is done, remove it quickly from the wok onto a plate…

Snap peas with prawns & egg 1

…and serve. Note that I did not add any msg or whatever sauce – I guess you can add those if you so desire but I thought it was nice and definitely sweet enough with the prawns and the peas…

Snap peas with prawns and egg 2

…My missus used to cook this with bottled oyster sauce but we have stopped using that owing to the wheat content – it is not gluten-free and besides, there is msg in that.

There you have it! It is so very simple isn’t it? That’s the thing about Chinese cooking . It is very simple, just cut down on the oil, the salt and msg – you do not need those to come out with a really nice dish for your meal.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Call your name…”

  1. Looks so delicious! I don’t think even that pinch of salt is needed. I noticed that you deveined all the prawns which is very diligent of you. Nowadays many restaurants don’t bother to do that.

    They don’t? Eyewwwww!!!! My missus bought these at the shop in my previous post – I prefer those a bit bigger, not so tedious to peel and devein and fewer too, 1 kg. I bury the heads and shell under my rambutan tree behind the house, 100% organic.

    A little bit of salt is all right especially for people like me who sweat a lot. Everytime I do my gardening in the morning, I will be completely drenched. I read somewhere that insufficient salt will lead to certain ailments like muscle cramps, for instance. I always add a pinch when I boil vegetables to eat just like that, broccoli, for example. Dunno why, maybe that was what my mum used to do so I just follow.

  2. I like this sweet peas and cook the same way as you do except that I never add egg. Anything cook with prawns will taste great. Simple and delicious

    With the egg, there is an added flavour and taste, nicer, I think…like when I fry rice.

  3. I like sweet pea, but never try cook myself as I know if I were to cook it, sure no eye see…

    Snap peas…or snow peas, they’re not sweet peas. I reckon you do not cook, eat out all the time? That’s not very healthy but of course, many do not have a choice owing to work and other commitments.

  4. Seldom bought peas and cook at home. The only peas I bought would be the snow peas for mixed vegetables dish.

    Love your simple stir-fried snap peas.

    These snap peas are very sweet, nicer than the flat snow peas. If you are ok with oyster sauce, it is a lot easier to cook.

  5. They look like the ones we call sugar peas here. I note your label says sweet peas, so maybe they’re the same or related. Yes, snow peas are the flatter ones. Can be quite expensive here, I just saw some at $16 a kilo.

    Yes, these would be the sugar snap peas – the labelling is obviously incorrect, maybe confused between sugar and sweet. I dunno how much per kg but I bought two packets, RM5.60, and was able to come out with one large plate of it, cooked.

  6. Snow peas or snap peas, I tend to use the name interchangeably . What you dished out with them sure looks delicious!

    Thank you, thank you!

  7. coincidentally, i just read this post after reading phong hong’s latest post on cooking chicken wings … you’re both good cooks who make me hungry / hungrier! 😀 your prawns would pair well with her wings for a family dinner….

    Oh? She has updated? Been “eating free” for the past few days, must have been very busy.

  8. I used to just call them pea, then sweet pea. Never knew the name snow pea before. Now I call them pea in a pod. Google them. They are so cute! HAHAHA

    Never too old to learn new things. Now, you can get their names right…hopefully.

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