Second time…

I was here

Market Cafe, Sg Merah

…located along this lane…

Street sign

…the first time around this time last year, believe it or not.

No, there wasn’t any particular reason why I did not come back here again even though I liked the kampua pian sip that I had that morning and the coffee was good too. I do recall dropping by once around lunchtime to check out the chu char (cook & fry) place at the back but the lady at the kampua mee stall said that for reasons unknown, the guy had taken the day off even though it was not his regular weekly rest day.

I did compare the prices here to what I had at this place close by and I do prefer the noodles here plus at 50 sen less, I would much sooner come here. Other than that, the kopi-o-peng (RM1.50)…

Market Cafe kopi-o-peng

…here is cheaper than a lot of places and as good as quite a few of the nicer ones around town and as a matter of fact, I would say that it has an edge over the one here, right round the corner, a stone’s throw away, too.

Yes, I did check the prices and yes, the kampua mee is still RM2.50 and so is the pian sip, soup or dry. I did order a bowl of the former (RM2.50)…

Market Cafe pian sip, soup 1

…to try and yes, it was very good. The soup was very light and refreshing and I was glad that they did not take the liberty of adding the traditional Foochow red wine…or worse, vinegar. I do feel that those thus inclined should be allowed to add anything they want themselves.

Yes, the skin was thin and smooth and there was quite a bit of meat…

Market Cafe pian sip, soup 2

…in the dumplings too. I must say that I enjoyed it very much, not salty, no msg overdose and quite like soups that I would cook myself at home. I would probably want to try the dry version or whatever they are selling at the stall the next time.

That morning, I wanted to see what the chu char place at the back had to offer and I did see somebody at another table having the wat tan hor and it did look very good, possibly nicer than the one here. However, I did not have that myself as I had already placed my order for the tomato kway teow (RM5.00)…

Market Cafe tomato kway teow 1

…which was good and had a lot of ingredients, all the meat and shrimps and everything…

Market Cafe tomato kway teow 2

…but personally, I do prefer my favourite in town despite its lack of ingredients if not for the special request for those few pieces of char siew on top. I have not been there for a long while now though – perhaps I will do that one of these days.

MARKET CAFE (2.327140, 111.839997) is located at Lorong Sungai Merah 2A, along Lorong Sg Merah 2 in the building on the right where Moh Hin Hardware is if you are heading from the Jalan Teng King Hua traffic lights where RH Bank, Sg Merah branch is located, towards the Sg Merah traffic lights at the next junction.

Author: suituapui

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7 thoughts on “Second time…”

  1. I think a plate of tomato kway teow taste good or not very much depends on the gravy poured over it. What you had does look appetising from the pix but looks sometimes can be deceiving.

    I prefer the sauce a little lighter on the tomato ketchup and the kway teow to have a stronger wok hei fragrance.

  2. The chu char over here, the ingredients usually a little bit only…

    This one is RM1 more – usually the Foochow fried noodles would be RM4.00 but all you will get would be some bits of meat and green vegetables, hardly visible to the naked eye.

  3. with the name Market Cafe, was there once an open-air market on this street?

    There’s a wet market round the corner but I don’t think it is named after that or maybe they had a stall there before or at the hawker centre above one of the markets in townh, I wouldn’t know – they probably just picked the name at random.

  4. Tomato kway teow is for me but I usually order crispy mee more than kway teow.

    I like a bowl of good dumpling soup too. If you drop by Kuching again, I could recommend you one of my favourite place for a good kolo more and kiaw soup.

    Yes, Kuching fried mee! I like!!! They deep fry the noodles and then they cook the sauce and pour over it. But when I was in college, those college mates from Sibu did not like it at all, they kept grumbling about it being so hard. Yunno Foochows, they like soft food.

    I do hope to hop over to Kuching sometime soon – just waiting for the right time.

  5. I love those soupy dumplings. I sometimes have it just like that for a meal.

    Great breakfast item but for lunch or dinner, I would need a lot more than that.

  6. I dislike my soup with vinegar too. I rather drip the vinegar into the soup myself or none at all. Prefer the original sweetness of the soup.

    Me too! Traditionally, they would serve the bowl unadulterated and they would give you some vinegar and pepper in salt & pepper shakers for you to add if you so desired. These days, they may add our traditional Foochow red wine too. Not for me either, thank you very much!

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