Some days…

This goes back quite a bit, to Easter Monday around two weeks ago, to be exact.

Usually, my girl comes home on Friday (but that week, she came back on Thursday, Good Friday being a public holiday here) and we would go to the sunset service on Saturday evening and on Sunday morning, the mum would cook up a storm, all the food rations for her in the week ahead at her school in the jungle and we would have an early lunch before leaving the house to go on the Pain-Borneo Highway to her school, some two hours away from Sibu town…but on some days, it may be a little different.

That Monday, for instance, her school took an occasional holiday and we were able to make use of that extra morning to settle some business that she had to see to in town which, of course, meant that the mum would not be able to do much cooking for her. After we had got everything done, we went for brunch and she wanted the chicken rice here but I thought it…

Chopsticks Chicken rice

…was not that great that day as it was kind of dry, not that flavourful and not nice and oily.

The roast chicken was all right…

Chopsticks roast chicken

…and the siew yoke (roast pork) too but I simply could not understand why when I had said that I did not want any sauce poured all over the meat, the char siew (barbecued pork)…

Chopsticks siew yoke & char siew

…was drowned in the sweet sauce and I guess I do not have a case with the stewed eggs…

Chopsticks stewed eggs

…as eggs are not meat but I wish the yolk was not all soaked in the sauce like that. I can’t remember how much I paid for all that plus three plates of rice and complimentary soup for the three of us – I think it was RM23.00 altogether, if I am not mistaken.

On another day, my missus and I stopped by here as I heard that their cendol was very nice. When we got there, we were told that they did not have cendol, just ABC (air batu campur), RM3.50…

Joystar ABC

…so we had that. There were ang tao (red beans) and cincao (grass jelly) and even a scoop of ice cream in it and it was all evaporated milk, no santan (coconut milk), no gula Melaka (palm sugar). I thought it was all right, just that it was not anything sensational, not something that would get me going back for more.

We also had the rojak (RM5.00, small)…

Joystar rojak

…and that too wasn’t really great. The sauce did not taste like it had much prawn paste in it so we were not too thrilled by it. Personally, I do feel that this would be one of the much nicer places to go to here in Sibu for things like these.

CHOPSTICKS CHICKEN & RICE (2.312434, 111.845917) is located in the Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada area of shops, facing the church along Lorong Taman Seduan 8, off Jalan Gambir and JOYSTAR GARDEN 花悅坊 (2.328329, 111.837701) is located at No. 2A & 2B, Jalan Igan, to the left of the Sungai Merah traffic lights, across the lane from SMK Tiong Hin and a church there

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10 thoughts on “Some days…”

  1. The chicken rice, looks more like plain rice to me than chicken rice…

    It was as dry as it looked. They do need better quality control, obviously.

  2. Not really a huge fan of Rojak, i find the sauce usually too sweet to my liking

    Then you will like the one at Payung. A lot of people said they like as it is not so sweet, not like normal rojak which they find too sweet for their liking.

  3. I would ask them to put the sauce in separate bowl. Don’t like the sweet sauce on my meats.

    You too? I don’t mind char siew without any sauce, sweet enough.

  4. ABC without santan & gula Melaka is simply not nice. The rice doesn’t look like chicken rice, more like plain white rice. As far as I know, most seller will drown their char siew or stew eggs with the sauce or gravy.

    Yes, they do but I did nisist, no sauce on the meat…and I spoke in Mandarin, so no excuse that they could not understand.

    Yup, the ABC, sure I will not go for it again but at least, I’ve tried and now I know. Cannot just depend on hearsay, these things.

  5. I know of a friend who would flip tables if she gets sauce all over her meat dish. I am okay with it especially on egg yolks coz I always choke eating egg yolks. They are too dry for me so I will definitely welcome some sauce on it

    I love egg yolks but I do like them a little moist, not so cooked till hard dry but yes, I too would want to dip in soy sauce or tomato sauce even – not keen on eating it like that.

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