Big brother…

I met a friend, also my ex-student/colleague, a while ago and he asked me to drop by here…

11 Cafe

…across the road from the medical centre…

KPJ Sibu Medical Centre

…to try his brother’s kampua mee

11 Cafe kampua mee 1

I remember he told me about him once when he was at a different place (that goes by a different name now) at the time but when I went there, he had moved elsewhere so I did not get the chance to try.

Well, he’s here now…

11 Cafe kampua mee stall

…his kampua mee stall right next to the Muslim/halal stall, something you would only get to see here among our multi-racial community but it seemed to me that the latter does not open that early – they came past 8.00 a.m. when I was about to leave and started getting ready for the day.

The coffee (RM1.60)…

11 Cafe kopi-o-peng

…was so-so, more or less like most of the rest and definitely not the best there is around but yes, the kampua mee (RM3.00)…

11 Cafe kampua mee 2

…was very nice, not soft or overcooked and soggy like some around town, very chewy and springy and to my liking though I would not mind a little less of the noodles…

11 Cafe kampua mee 3

There was so much of it that it was quite a struggle for me to finish especially when I had ordered a bowl of pian sip (meat dumplings) soup (RM3.00)…

11 Cafe pian sip soup 1

…to try and yes, that…

11 Cafe pian sip soup 2

…was very good too.

This place used to go by a different name and I did try the kampua mee here then and the one I had then was good as well. They were telling me once that the food from the chu char (cook and fry) place at the back was very nice and very cheap too but I never did manage to stop by and try – I am not sure if they have the same people there now or whether there is a chu char place at all even.

11 CAFE (2.300145, 111.833018) is located along Jalan Oya in the block of shops across the road from the KPJ Sibu Specialist Medical Centre. The Sibu Polyclinic is a short distance to the right if you are coming out from this place to the main road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Big brother…”

  1. Pls order two servings of kampua mee and dumplings for me! 😀

    Coming right up! Come and enjoy!

  2. Wow, RM3 only for that huge plate of kampua noodles. I guess I have to share if I were to order. Does every plate look that huge?

    Yes. I guess the going price in Kuching is at least 50% more, RM4.50 now…and the serving is 50% less?

  3. I know that row of shops but never go there. Don’t know what was nice.
    That kampua sure looked like a mountain high. Haha. Worth the price.

    I just went once to check out the kampua – they said it was very nice. Then I heard the chu char at the back was very nice and cheap, must go early, sold out very quickly…but I have never gone to try. Not too fond of the surroundings – kind of dirty, all the car workshops. Got my car air conditioner serviced at the shop there once.

  4. Pian sip, my all time favourite, never get tired of eating it…

    I just has some very nice ones at another place this morning. Blogpost on it coming up real soon.

  5. good recommendation. if ever i have the chance to visit sibu, will definitely ask you to bring me there.. i’m hungry already.

    What’s stopping you? Come on, come over. You’ll love it here, I assure you!

  6. Yes, looks like a very big portion.. or maybe it is special for you only? 🙂

    I did look at what the others were having – everyone had such huge servings. I did know one fried noodles lady once – she would give bigger servings to bigger people and my friend complained when he got much less. 😀

  7. wonder why they chose the number 11 😀

    I haven’t the slightest clue. Maybe that is the shop number and they just decided to use it for want of a nice name.

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