My girl’s school in the jungle sure doesn’t look too bad…

SK Sg Sepiring, Selangau 1

…from a distance. I would say it has a lot of potential and could be a really very nice school. I did hint subtly in my post sometime ago about how things may be improved but I shall dwell on that no further seeing how in the general state of affairs, not just here but there and everywhere else, nothing much would ever get to change.

I was there after the week-long school break and my girl had bought out of her own pocket a whole lot of things to decorate and beautify the classroom and create an atmosphere more conducive to teaching and learning – sadly, that’s the way it is here – you just have to fork out your own money if you want anything done.

While she was at it, I walked around the place…

SK Sg Sepiring, Selangau 2

…and one thing that I noticed were how there were so many beautiful and colourful flowers that certainly helped brighten up the surroundings a little.

There was, of course, our national flower, the hibiscus…

The hibiscus

…and this one…

Flower within a flower, red

…and this orange variety…

Flower within a flower, orange

…caught my attention. They looked like they had one flower growing out of another, something I had not seen before.

These dual or tri-coloured blooms…

Dual or tri-coloured blooms 1

…are pretty common…

Dual or tri-coloured blooms 2

…around here too and of course, everybody would be all too familiar with the allamanda…


…and the bunga kertas (bougainvillea)…


The latter seems to bloom really well in hot and dry weather here, all the different colours and they can be really very beautiful. Perhaps the tourism authorities here could work on the idea of using them as an attraction like the sakura in Japan or tulips in the Netherlands. As a matter of fact, we do have trees lining the streets in some parts of town and when in full bloom, they do resemble the sakura quite a bit and are quite a sight to behold.

I had some of these lilies…


…in my garden – my missus planted them a long time ago but owing to the gross neglect, they, though still alive, are not growing too well now and it has been a while since they last bloomed.

These minute pineapples…

Mini pineapples

…would be a hit around Chinese New Year and some people would display pots of those in their houses. In Hokkien, it is called ong lai…or literally translated, good luck comes.

These are nice too…

Nice shade of red

– I love the shade of red and long ago, everybody was planting these leaves…


…that come in different sizes and different colour variations. I don’t seem to see them all that much anymore.

Well, since we’re on the topic of flowers, I saw these blue butterfly pea flowers…

Bunga telang

…in the compound of the church that I frequent here. They use the petals to get the blue colour for the rice in the nasi kerabu and also in some nyonya kuehs (cakes). When my cousin and her hubby were here from the UK not too long ago, she said that the tea brewed from the flower is a current craze over there as it is believed to have a whole lot of health benefits.

That was on Good Friday – the service was at 3.00 p.m. but we went at 12.30 p.m. to make sure that we could get seats and that was why I had a lot of time on my hands to go around the place. Every year, without fail, there would be such a HUGE crowd – either they are those taking advantage of the long weekend to come home for the Ching Ming Festival which is usually around this time of the year as well…or there are those once-a-year Christians creeping out of the woodworks…or twice actually – I would get to see some of them around Christmas as well.

I thought these little yellow flowers look pretty too…


…but this one stole the show…


It would make a nice buttonhole, don’t you think? A nice change from the usual red carnation.

Author: suituapui

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12 thoughts on “Flowers…”

  1. These flowers are such a beauty. The orange hibiscus also caught my attention, very rare type unlike the red type.

    I’ve seen orange ones but not this type where there is one flower growing out of another flower. My sis was once into growing hibiscus, all shapes and sizes and colours – she did have orange ones, if I remember correctly but not these dual-flower ones. I like the super red ones, shaped like carnations.

  2. We didn’t go to Good Friday mass. Sure packed and no place to sit. One year, the bench has to be placed all the way near the entrance. And rather stuffy too.

    Love looking at your flowers photos. Everything looked so lovely and free but not when we grow them in our garden. Lol. My mini pineapple is growing well, I just glanced at it this morning. πŸ™‚

    You have one? Bought for Chinese New Year? Must have cost quite a lot. πŸ˜€ I do enjoy tending to my plants and my garden but then again, I have nothing else better to do – good way to pass the time and I get a bit of my much-needed exercise every day.

    Yes, the church was so full they had to place benches outside and keep the door wide open and where I was sitting, I could feel the hot air coming in…despite the air-conditioning inside. 😦

  3. I like the lilies, very beautiful…

    There are some very nice colours other than this one – mine’s exactly like this colour but it has not bloomed for a long long time now.

  4. Looks gloomy, raining?

    It did drizzle in parts along the way. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining when we got there – such a nuisance carrying the water, the rations for the week and everything from the car to her quarters along the shaky wooden bridge…and it is quite a long walk, mind you. Life in the jungle, you wouldn’t know what it is like over there in the comfort of your city.

    For one thing, if it had been bright and sunny, you would not catch me walking around taking photographs of the flowers – I can’t stand heat, will get heat stroke!

  5. I’m surprised you found so many different types of flowers from just walking around.. guess we all need to start looking around more, rather than being glued to our smartphone’s screen.

    I would agree with you 100% on this. As they say, stop and smell the roses!

  6. Pretty flower pics for today! Your girl’s school compound is certainly very tidy and has lots of potential.

    Yes, a real pro-active, super efficient, dedicated and hardworking administration would be able to work wonders with that place.

  7. You took time to to smell the flowers … and you took some very pretty pictures of them! I don’t recognise quite a few of them πŸ™‚

    City folks, eh? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. So nice of Melissa to fork out her own money to beautify the school. It is more or less her second home there, right? If I am not mistaken, she has been in this school ever since she graduated…

    Not only her, ALL the teachers especially those in the rural schools. Whatever it is, there is only ONE answer from the authorities – TIADA PERUNTUKAN! That is why some people shared photos of classrooms – government-funded and teacher-funded…to show the stark difference. What a shame, our education ministry and department, so so miserable!

    Having said that, I was surprised that day when there was this thing in Singapore about getting teachers to pay parking fee and someone shared a very lengthy post on Facebook on what the teachers there have to put up with and OMG!!! They were not all that different after all despite being an advanced and progressive nation, not like us, about to go bankrupt…in the jungle, especially.

  9. I love flowers! I have the second bunga raya in my garden.

    The flower coming out of another flower? I never saw that anywhere before, first time.

  10. Gee, the flowers are beautiful. I wonder why you believe things won’t change. How can things become better if people don’t give feedback?

    You bet we do. I’ve been doing that all this while, all fell on deaf ears. Once I made a whole lot of noise about their electricity problem, tagged everybody on Facebook, made the post go viral…and even the state director called the people in the district – they were furious as to how the top brass got to hear of it…but nothing much happened and as soon as the dust settled, everything went back to Square One. Sad!

  11. Love all these flowers. My mom’s place is full of flowers. Unlike me, she beautifies her garden with flowers. I on the other hand, plant only edibles.

    Me too! Only things that can be used for cooking, the flowers are all purely accidental – they just appeared out of nowhere so I would just let them be for a little bit of colour, not all green.

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