Real good looking boy…

My nephews, the one I had breakfast with that morning and his brother, called me, asking me to join them and their family for dinner one evening so off I went to the venue they had picked. It was the long Good Friday/Easter weekend and a lot of people were home for Ching Ming so there was this terrible jam in the town centre and I was quite sure I would not be able to find a place to park the car but luck was on  my side – it so happened that one car along the way was leaving and reversing out after a few cars had gone past and I had just come along so I quickly grabbed the space.

Seeing that I was not far from the pasar malam (night market) which had been moved back to its former site now owing to some upgrading works and massive renovations at its more recent location, I decided to go and buy some tee piang for the boys so I went searching for the stall with the real good looking boy. I did mention in a recent post that one should look for the sign…

Tee piang stall, sign

…at the stall but when I was there, I did notice at least one other stall that had a sign up too. I guess if that is the case, one will have no choice but to look out for the boy…

Greal good looking boy

…who is looking a lot more handsome than ever – for one thing, I do think he looks much nicer in person.

As always, most everything was sold out…

Sold out

…except for a few pieces of sweet potato fritters…

Sweet potato fritters

…and these chai peah and ngor hiang

Chai peah & ngor hiang

…and when this local version of the French toast with meat filling…

French toast with meat filling

…came out of the wok, they were gone within seconds!

I placed my order for the tee piang, kosong (RM2 for 6 pieces)…

Tee piang, kosong
*Archive photo*

…and the ones with the very nice meat filling (RM1.20 per piece)…

Tee Piang, with meat filling
*Archive photo*

…something like what one would find in those steamed char siew pao and waited patiently while the frying was going on.

The boy was not only good looking – he was also very pleasant and polite and he kept apologising that I had to wait and even suggested that I went round the pasar malam to browse around but I assured him that it was perfectly all right.

In the meantime, I heard him saying sorry to some customers that something had run out and they would have to come back the next day…and it looked like my tee piang was the last batch as there were others asking for them and he said there wasn’t anymore…and it was just past 7.00 p.m., still so early and most everything was already sold out!

As soon as I got hold of my purchases, I hurried to meet my nephews and the others in their immediate family. The one based in Shanghai, China, could not resist taking a piece to eat right away, piping hot from the wok, and he remarked, “Gee!!! This is so very nice!” Of course, it was! Very very nice!

The tee piang stall (2.287975, 111.828622) at the Sibu Pasar Malam (night market) is presently located somewhere in the middle along Jalan Lembangan, the road leading from Market Road to Channel Road (where the Sibu Central Market is). The Chinese stalls are along this road at the current location of the pasar malam – the Malay stalls are along Market Road and the miscellaneous stalls are at High Street.

Author: suituapui

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17 thoughts on “Real good looking boy…”

  1. I recently bought a vegan cookbook called Sweet Potato Soul. I need to do more with sweet potatoes! The fritters sound good!

    Can just bake the wedges in the oven, just add olive oil and herbs according to your liking or deep fry like that without the egg batter – my girl loves them in wedges…and there’s wheat flour in the batter too, not gluten free.

  2. Nice to have the tee piang with a hot cup of kopi kaw kaw. I have eaten kosong tee piang but not the ones with meat fillings. I doubt I can find it over here.

    The kosong ones are easy to get here but most are not nice, so small, so out of shape and the taste and texture just aren’t there.

  3. If I see it, I will sure buy it…

    Not me. We can get these everywhere here but most are not nice. I will only buy the ones from this particular stall.

  4. I love browsing through the stalls in the pasar malam.

    Sweet potato fritters, I like.

    Not me, so very hot! Usually I would wait in the car somewhere close by, get my girl and the mum to go and buy…and then they would come back, buying those from another stall. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  5. Quick! Introduce your daughter to him!

    Excellent hubby material, with the looks to match! Works by day, helps the mum at night, such a good boy. Hard to find these days.

    1. Quick quick quick, grab him.

      If I had known you were going there, I could have asked you to be the matchmaker. Sure dapat one! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Didn’t know this stall is so famous. We did see a lot people but we were busy looking for our “moon biscuit” stall. That’s when we walked past and saw him, caught my attention. hahaha!!

    Haiyar!!! Why didn’t I think of getting those Foochow shortbread for you! Available at the shops round the corner from my house, nice ones from Sarikei. Oh? You noticed the handsome boy, eh? LOL!!! So very fair…like you.

  7. everything being nearly sold out sounds like testament to the quality and value! 🙂

    Yes, everything sold out in just an hour or so. When the mum had a stall at a coffee shop here, it was the same – started at 7, don’t hope to get to buy anything after 10. I guess they’re older now, can’t cope so they closed that place.

  8. I bet the boy will go viral if he show off his six packs while selling tee piang. LOL! You should suggest that to him! Who knows he might be able to get some investors and open some franchises for him! HAHAHA

    My! My! You’re very enterprising, aren’t you? Perhaps you can try it yourself, come, come! Show your six packs, see! 😀

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