All you can eat…

One evening last week, my girl said that we would be going for dinner here

The Kitchen BBQ & Steamboat

…her mum’s treat as she had a small windfall, enough for a meal for three.

We were here once before and it was pouring cats and dogs that night so we chose to sit outside since it was a nice and cool evening. This time around, we opted to sit in the air-conditioned section inside…

Air-conditioned section

…where it would be much cooler. There aren’t that many tables there though, maybe only around 8-10 only so if anyone is thinking of doing the same, it would be best to call and make a reservation to avoid disappointment. We were lucky as there was one table available, just one.

Yes, there are a whole lot of those frozen stuff that one can get at any supermarket in town – we did not bother to go and look even. They had fresh seafood and even though the prawns…


…and clams were rather small…


…we took quite a lot to throw into the boiling chicken stock…


– that would give the soup that very lovely sweetness.

The bamboo clams…

Bamboo clams

…were all right, more or less the regular size but I did not take any of the crabs…


…they had that night. I had never seen this variety before – the spots on the shell looked like eyes staring at me!

There was un-marinated fresh meat that one could take to add to the soup and fresh chicken meat balls and beef balls and bitter gourd stuffed with them…

Stuffed bitter gourd

…too. I saw in their Facebook page that they would have stuffed ladies’ fingers as well but I did not see any that night.

They had all the beef and chicken, pre-marinated…

Marinated meat

…for grilling…


…and I had those wrapped in lettuce…

Wrapped in lettuce

…and I sure enjoyed them a lot. One could help oneself to fresh finely-chopped garlic and chili if one so desires – adding those would surely bring the taste to a whole new level.

I saw that they had herbal eggs…

Herbal egg

…this time around so I helped myself to one…


It wasn’t that great, I thought, not so much of the much-desired herbal fragrance. I would much sooner go for the very nice stewed eggs at the chicken rice and roast meat stalls.

There was fried rice and fried bihun – I did try the latter and it was all right and I did see some pre-cooked stuff in a cabinet but I did not bother about those.

Of course, there were all the noodles and everything…

Noodles and everything

…and vegetables too…


…and I did have quite a bit of the Chinese cabbage, tofu, mushrooms and sweet corn in the lovely soup.

For dessert, I did not go for the ice cream as I wanted to try their ang tao peng (iced red bean)…

Ang tao peng

…which would have been ok had the ice been well-shaved. It was so coarse that it became quite a chore having to bite it the whole time while eating.

That lovely dinner came up to less than RM80.00 because we got there at around 5 something, before 6, so we were eligible for the early bird price of RM25.90 per head to eat all you can. By the time we had finished and were leaving, the place was already fully-packed – it sure looks like if anyone intends to go there for dinner, it would be best to book ahead.

THE KITCHEN BBQ & STEAMBOAT (2.309579, 111.844828) is located at No 19, Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Pedada. You turn left into the road after Starbucks Sibu, right before the Petronas petrol station and it is on your right at the other end of the blocks of shops where the Grand Wonderful Hotel and Italian Coffee are located.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “All you can eat…”

  1. All you can is definitely not for me as I am a small eater. Not worth. Better go for something more rewarding.

    Same here. If you’ve noticed, I never went back again after that first time to check the place out even though it is round the corner from my house – very convenient for us to go there. Good for going in a big group, family or friends, cooking and eating and chatting and spending the whole evening there. If it’s just going to eat and leaving right after, I do think there are many places where one can enjoy the food a lot more with that kind of money.

  2. Me age catching up, can’t eat much, same with Irene, not worth…

    Same here and same reply as what I said to Irene above. Same thing as going to those expensive coffee places where a lot of young people love to hang out. “Hang out”, that’s the key phrase – the trend for those people these days, not if one will drop by to just drink and eat and leave right away, too expensive for that.

  3. Restaurant looks very nice, and quite a good price too. A Korean restaurant near me charges $40 per head for all you can eat bbq.

    *faints* I am sure you get better selections there, value for money. This one’s just ok, not bad.

  4. Rm 26 is a good price given the spread

    I do wish they would do away with all those cheap supermarket stuff and give quality instead of quantity – nobody can eat everything, so much! Some fresh fish balls, bigger prawns and clams, two choices each, beef and chicken of the marinated meat would be enough, for instance…and I wouldn’t mind some fresh, juicy cockles as well.

  5. It looks like a very satisfying dinner. Did your Mrs strike lottery? hah..hah..

    Small one but something’s better than nothing. I never win anything. Born loser! Sobssssss!!!!

  6. With that kind of price I will surely go again and again. I remember this place. I was impressed the first time you blogged about it and am still impressed now. Haha.

    Here we pay RM80 plus for our family of four’s steamboat. Ala carte not eat all you can and mostly fishballs only. Huhuhu.

    Not really expensive but I do wish they would give quality instead of quantity. No point giving so many things – one can’t possibly eat them all.

    I don’t go for those set steamboats anymore but last I heard it is not so expensive and they have nice prawns. RM80, can buy a kg of them, RM30-40 and the rest, can buy other stuff – have own steamboat at home.

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