Upstairs, downstairs…

I heard there is a new Indian restaurant in town so we wanted to drop by one day for lunch but for reasons unknown, it was not open. It is located upstairs on the 1st floor so in the end, we decided to just grab something to eat at the Italian fusion restaurant…

La Vino Italian Fusion

…downstairs located here…

Road sign

We’ve been here a couple of times before and yes, the last time we were here with my cousins from Kuching, we did enjoy what we had…a lot.

I liked the very young staff that they have running the place – they’re very polite and friendly AND conversant in English and when we were there that day, service was prompt and very good too, making dining there very pleasant, I must say.

We just shared the Ceasar salad…

La Vino Ceasar salad

…and this rack of lamb…

La Vino rack of lamb 1

…with four slabs of the meat…

La Vino rack of lamb 2

…so we had one each and my girl had the extra one…and yes, everything was to our liking.

I did see the prices of our orders in their menu but I can’t remember them off-hand as before I could pay for what we had, somebody had beaten me to it. It so happened that my ex-student, Iggy, went there for lunch and good grief!!! He had just got there and had not even ordered yet but he had already paid my bill…and this was not the first time – I was taken by surprise once here and he beat me to it when we met here on another occasion. Thank you so much, Iggy, and like I said that in my post that previous time – next time, do slow down a bit and let me have the chance to reciprocate.

LA VINO (2.293636, 111.842059) is located at Lorong Wong King Huo 1B, the first one in the block of shops to the right of Medan Mall.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “Upstairs, downstairs…”

  1. Iggy is really quick! You are a good teacher that is why your students have their upmost respect for you until today. I’m sure Melissa is as great a teacher as you are.

    The rack of lamb looks really good. Can I have a bite? 😀

    No lah! It all boils down to good family upbringing. He’s a good boy, his sister and older brother too.

    Come! Come! Come to Sibu and I’ll take you here. Not cheap but the food’s really great.

  2. Next time hope the Indian shop opens and you get to try it.

    The lamb racks. Yum yum. I would love that with good gravy and some salad.

    Looking forward to that. I love Indian!

  3. I just love the Caesar salad.

    I think that’s RM18, not cheap – eating here. We used to order that at their sister restaurant. Their potato salad is great too – had that by the side of the lamb.

  4. I will go for the salad…

    Good! Good! You need to eat more vegetables. See my reply to Irene above.

  5. Fuyo, must be very happy that the student remembered you

    Always very pleased whenever I meet wonderful students like that. Not that many, unfortunately. Many are quite happy to stay as Facebook friends and will keep their distance. 😦

  6. The Ceasar Salad and rack of lamb look pretty good. There you go, blessed again! You must be Iggy’s favorite teacher 🙂

    Ummmm…I shall refrain from responding to that. 😀 😀 😀

    Food’s good, service is great…but not all that affordable, best reserved for special occasions.

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