In a day…

We did not go anywhere during the week-long school break but the days passed by so very quickly. There were this and that, my girl’s stuff mostly, that we had to see to – things that we can’t get to do on school days as she is there in her school in the jungle and is only back on weekends when most offices would be closed.

On one of the days, we went here for lunch. We were there once for dinner but she had not tried  the chap fan (mixed rice) before.

She had the chicken curry…

Ah Kiet chciken curry

…and the Japanese tofu, cangkuk manis with egg and the chives also with egg…

Ah Kiet Japanese tofu, cangkuk manis and chives

…RM6.00 altogether with a free flow of their very nice complimentary soup.

My missus picked these…

Ah Kiet missus' picks

…also RM6.00. The charges here are very straightforward – RM5.00 for any 3 dishes, never mind meat or vegetables and RM1.00 extra for an additional choice.

I had these…

Ak Kiet my picks

…and also this very nice pork, RM6.00…

Ah Kiet nice pork

…that was a cut above the sweet and sour fish fillet that I also had, I must say.

Luckily, we got there a split second before the crowd…

Ah Kiet long queue

…showed up so we did not have to stand in the long line. It sure looks like the business here is getting better by the day.

Yes, we enjoyed our lunch there though I was wishing the whole time that they would let the customers scoop the food themselves. They were not all that generous, unfortunately. LOL!!!

That afternoon, we went to watch the movie and yes, we enjoyed it thoroughly – really hilarious, entertaining and I loved the songs too in the soundtrack.

After the show, I was a little hungry – I did say that the portions were not as large as I would like them to be and I did see on Facebook that they have the Korean bingsu

Nica Galeteria Korean bingsu & Italian gelato

here now and of course, my girl was delighted when I suggested that we stopped by there for that.

Other than the gelato and the mille crepes and cheesecakes and the  macarons, they have the tarts…

Nice Galeteria tarts

…and some new stuff like these…

Nice Galeteria petit geatuax

…for instance but our minds were made up. We were there for the bingsu.

I was multi-tasking, taking snapshots using my cheap handphone to share on Facebook and also my digicam and when I got home, I discovered that I had neglected to take one of the Thai mango snow ice bingsu (RM17.80)…

Nice Galeteria Thai mango snow ice bingsu

…so I have no choice but to use the one I took with my handphone here.

We also had the Korean strawberry snow ice bingsu (RM16.80)…

Nice Galeteria Korean strawberry snow ice bingsu

…and of course, as soon as they were served, I quickly removed the cookies and popped them in my mouth – those were not gluten-free so my girl would not be able to eat them.

When we started to dig in, we spotted some black stuff in the snow ice. My girl went to ask and it turned out to be crushed Oreo. Oh no!!! That’s not gluten free as well and the mum and I had to get that out of the ice so my girl would be able to eat what was left.

There was that ball of gelato on top and also more underneath the snow ice. It probably would be nice to mix everything together and eat but we had to eat up the snow ice to get rid of the Oreo.

My girl had it when she went to Korea and I asked if the one she had there was any better – she said they had red beans at the bottom but that did not really get her all excited – she said she would much rather go for our very much nicer Malaysian cendol or ang tao peng anytime…and at those prices for the bingsu, we could eat ourselves to kingdom come…but obviously, a whole lot of people do not share my same sentiments. The place was packed and the three of us had to share a table for two and I did see a lot of them happily eating the bingsu or whatever else they could get there.

We had dinner at home that night – we were still full from the bingsu and since there were some leftovers in the fridge, we just finished them off instead of going through the trouble of cooking anything new.

AH KIET RESTAURANT (2.317307, 111.850023) is located right behind Comfort Furniture among the shops beside the Selemo traffic lights along Lorong Ling Kai Cheng 2, off Jalan Deshon if you are coming from town or you can go in via Lorong Ling Kai Cheng 4 if you are coming down from Teku or Ulu Sg Merah and NICA GELATERIA (2.302620, 111.842988) is located at Wisma Liberty/Wisma Sri Minyak at No. 14, Block 3, Jalan Pedada – on your left, past the Jalan Ulu Oya Road traffic lights if you are coming from town.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “In a day…”

  1. I like how they used the tray to serve the food. They seem quite generous with the serving, not enough for you ???..I like the dessert.

    The dessert? It was o.k. Nothing sensational…and so so very expensive. For that kind of money, I would much sooner go for the rice sets at Cafe Ind or Payung and derive a whole lot more pleasure. I think at some places here, western delights like their grilled chicken chop, for instance, is around that price too…or less. I am surprised that there are so many people willing to part with so much money for something like this – I guess that is the trend these days, not the kind of lifestyle for old timers like me who do not have that much money to throw.

    The servings were all right just that if I were to scoop myself I would tend to help myself to a little bit more. 😀

  2. Ooh it’s been a while since I’ve had curry… but guess what? I just landed in India so hope to be having some very soon. 😉

    Oooo…lucky you! True blue authentic Indian curry! Have fun there!

  3. “Bingsu” is a new word to me. Shaved ice desserts – I’m only used to ice kachang.

    New to me too. It’s that Korean thing, taking the world by storm and everyone is suddenly into anything and everything Korean. Like my girl, I’d go for our cendol and ais kacang anytime and with that kind of money, we can eat ourselves to kingdom come. Over-priced, over-rated!

  4. peter rabbit! a blast from our pasts … hopefully it lives up to our childhood imaginations! 🙂

    For want of something to watch with my girl during her week-long school break, I checked the trailer and thought it was pretty good…and indeed, it was more than that! Not a dull moment from start to finish and with James Corden as the voice of Peter Rabbit, what can one expect…and I enjoyed the songs too, some familiar tunes with little twists in the lyrics. describes it as “a movie that will not only delight kids with its physical comedy and bright palette but one that adults will find surprisingly charming” even though some people are not too happy about the allergy issue – I, for one, did not think it was anything to get emotional about.

  5. My daughter is so much into bingsu! We love it as well, its a very nice dessert and light as well. Even though summer is out we still enjoy it once in a while.

    I wonder how much one would be there. So so so expensive here but not if converted into your currency, I’m sure – around NZD4 only. 😀

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