Go there…

Yes, yes…I know I’ve been blogging about this place ever so often these days but last week, while he was still in town, my brother said he would like to go there and check it out and that was why we dropped by for lunch that afternoon.

Well, I sure was not in the least surprised that my missus wanted the kalio ayam (RM14.50)…

Cafe IND kalio ayam
*Archive photo*

…again, her obvious favourite here. My brother did try a bit of the gravy and he loved it.

I strongly recommended the opor ayam (RM14.50)…

Cafe IND opor ayam
*Archive photo*

– the white curry, to my sister and she took my word for it and yes, she liked it.

My brother had their beef rendang rice set…

Cafe IND beef rendang
*Archive photo*

…and he said it was good too.

As for me, I had something from their Indian menu, the fish curry with basmati rice (RM16.50)…

Cafe IND fish curry rice

I did not ask for a switch to biryani as I wanted to enjoy the very nice Indian curry gravy with the rice – it would surely drown out the taste of the biryani and that would be such a waste. I’m not too sure but I think you would need to fork out an extra RM2.00 to ask for the change.

The fish curry…

Cafe IND fish curry

…was really great, one thick slab of ikan tenggiri (mackerel) with a bit of brinjal and ladies fingers in it.

When I wanted to pay for our lunch, the generous boss said that it was on the house – his special treat for my brother, all the way from Auckland, New Zealand. That certainly was so very nice of him.

My girl, all cooped up in her school in the jungle at the time, was grumbling away when she heard that we went there for lunch, she loves the food here a lot too so I guess we would be going back there again…real soon! LOL!!!

CAFE IND (2.290813, 111.829294) is located along Laichee Lane, right behind one block of shops facing the main road (Jalan Kampung Nyabor) where the Bank Simpanan Nasional, Sibu branch (2.290561, 111.829071), is located.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Go there…”

  1. All the dishes looks great. You have made the right choice to have basmati rice to go with the fish curry instead of biryani. Two dishes I like, opor ayam & fish curry and mackerel is one of my favourite fish.

    All good. Another place one must not miss when visiting Sibu.

  2. Last week, when my kaki eat Indian food, I was not tempted at all as I was not hungry at that time, now see the foods makes me craving for it…

    I’m sure you can get nice Indian food in Singapore, lots of Indians there. Indonesian too, nasi padang…best! 😀

  3. Eyeing the fish curry. I must go to the Indonesian shop and see if they have that kalio chicken. Want to know how it tastes like.

    It’s a curry, Indonesian-style. Looks the same but does not taste quite the same, not that strong on curry powder, very very nice.

  4. The fish looks great! Seems fresh and the meat looks firm too

    Yes, they did not want me to order that night, Chap Goh Meh – the girl said what they had at that point in time was ok but small. This time around, it was all systems go and yes, it was good!

  5. I would also go every now and then to this shop… very nicely presented and impressive…

    My girl is home for the week-long school holidays but we have yet to drop by there again – will certainly do so sometime this week.

  6. The tengirri looks good. I’d like a piece like that fried.

    They do have that deep-fried and served like that, both in the Indian and Indonesian menus. There is also deep fried black pomfret (ikan bawak hitam) in the Indonesian menu but not in the Indian one.

  7. When the food is good, repeat visits are in order!

    So very good and reasonably priced too! Actually, can order two sets to be shared by 3 but the problem is everyone wants his or her own. 😦 So full even by dinnertime.

  8. On the house again! Next time I need to bring you every where when I want to eat in Sibu. Anyway, the food looks really good! 😀

    Come on over! I’ll bring you everywhere for the very best in town. You’ll love it here, that’s for sure.

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