Dirt cheap…

My brother and his daughter were home and while they were here, they sure enjoyed the local delights such as the kampua mee, generally around RM3.00/NZD1.00, and the Foochow fried noodles, around RM4.00 or a little over NZD1.00, and they did not mind having it every day or every other day, not at all. For one thing, they could not believe how cheap everything here is, even without converting into their currency.

I bought them the nasi lemak from here, now RM2.80, a vast difference from what they would have to fork out for the same there, somewhere in the region of NZD15.00 from places like Pappa Rich…and it’s less than NZD1.00 in their currency here.

One evening, my girl wanted the wat tan hor here so we dropped by at that place for dinner and I bought them their very nice satay, RM2.00 a stick for beef and RM1.50 a stick for chicken…

Colourful Cafe satay

…and they enjoyed them to the max. Yes, they can get them there but according to them, theirs are “not quite the same” and of course, a stick of satay for less than NZD1.00 is something quite unheard of over  there.

The serving of the wat tan hor (RM12.50)…

Colourful Cafe wat tan hor

…that my girl had was so big that she had to share it with the mum and even so, they could not finish the whole lot. In the end, we tapao-ed the remaining one-third and no prize for guessing who ate it all up. No, this time around, it wasn’t me! LOL!!!

I also ordered the honey chicken wings (RM9.80)…

Colourful Cafe honey chicken wings

…that my girl also wanted and she had two while the mum finished off the remaining one.

It was quite a struggle for me to finish the fish and chips (RM10.50)…

Colourful Cafe fish & chips

…that I wanted to try. I am not all that fond of Dory so at best, I would say it was as good as any fish and chips around here can get – I would much sooner go for the non-western delights that they have on their menu here. Of course, I did not get this for my brother and his daughter – they have much nicer fish and chips there, with your own pick of the type of fish you want. No, it is not cheap, that goes without saying, but to give credit where credit is due, I did enjoy theirs a lot more.

COLOURFUL CAFE (2.316673, 111.837539) is located in the Renew4U building at the junction of Brooke Drive and Lorong Kwong Ann 8, across the road from the Church of Jesus  Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “Dirt cheap…”

  1. Definitely their fish and chips are way better than ours. Melissa finished up the balance of wat tan hor back home?

    Sorry, wrong guess. Try again! 😀

    It’s the fish – I wish they would not use those cheap frozen fish fillet or dory. I don’t mind paying more as long as it is some nice fish that I can enjoy. I had some other fish at one place here and I loved it! Unfortunately, when I went back again, they said they were using dory do no, thank you.

    On the other hand, there are many of those half past six fusion restaurants here – sometimes I wonder where the chefs graduated from. The locals love those though. Dunno if they dunno better or they love being able to eat the so-called western cheap or at least, at very affordable prices.

    1. Ah, that leaves one other person only – the mum! You are right about many people love to eat so-called western food at budget price, even those western food sold by hawkers in coffee shops.

      Nope! We bought the satay for my brother & his daughter and passed the leftover wat tan hor to them too. Like everything else that she ate here, my niece went, “Yumsss!!!” 😀

  2. Oh I have to agree with your brother that food back home is way cheaper – even if no conversion is done on the prices. With the conversion, obviously the cash I bring home goes a lot further than it would if I were to make a living back home, so that helps immensely. The food back home is still the best around and the abundance of it is breathtaking LOL. It usually results in a gain of 10lbs for a whole month of being home!

    I can’t think of any locals residing overseas who do not miss our local delights and when they come here, they are stunned by how everything is…and if in Sibu, how big the houses are!

  3. Am not into fish & chips either. Western delights aren’t cheap. I prefer our local delights anytime.

    I would agree with you on this, 100%.

  4. Satay, one of my favourite foods…

    Singapore, same as New Zealand/Australia – all our prices here, divide by 3!

  5. Everything was good over here.

    Satay! Reminded me of CNY where we ordered satay for dinner. RM18 for 20 sticks of chicken. Forgot how much the beef cost then.

    That’s over RM1.00 a stick, more or less the same as the one here but the sticks are huge! Chicken is only 80 sen at the Malay stalls but they are very small, maybe around half the size but theirs are nice too, and their lamb as well. Dunno why their beef is hard, not nice at all. The one here is really good, very tender.

  6. are you sure it wasn’t you who finished the remaining tabao’ed wat tan hor? 😛 ..

    No, I’m not really into wat tan hor actually, especially when there are lots of other nicer (and cheaper) things to enjoy here. That was why I did not want to share with the ladies and ordered something else – the HUGE serving would be just right for 3 persons. Will only go for it sometimes for a change.

  7. food looks good! i wonder if it’s possible to find a really good wan tan hor in NZ 🙂

    If they can find one there, it will probably cost a bomb! Sarawak laksa is NZD13.50 a bowl, don’t play play. 😀

  8. Sigh…..with the value of our currency where it is right now, even the people across the causeway will find things here dirt cheap.

    Divide by 3, and because they come over to shop, the locals will jack up the prices. I hear if you get posted to a jungle school here, just ask for JB and you will get your transfer right away…and KL too. Nobody wants to go to those two places – the cost of living is way too high.

    Thankfully, we are still ok here – things are still affordable, cheap…and no, I would not think of going to those countries, thank you very much – everything will be way too expensive for me to afford. If I stay in a small hotel there, with the money, I can bask in luxury at a 5-tar hotel in our own country, might as well cuti2 Malaysia. After all, there are so many places that I have not been to yet – I have Terengganu in mind, going back anytime soon? You can be my tourist/food guide.

  9. The wat tan hor can be very filling, looking at the size of the portion, I can understand why two ladies cannot finish them! LOL…

    That size is just ideal for three persons to share, too much for two…but believe it or not, I saw a slim lady at the next table eating that all by herself. So jealous! Some people can eat a horse and yet stay thin.

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