So new…

This place…

Nibong Corner

…is so new you can see the flowers from well-wishers…

Nibong Corner, flowers

…all over the shop.

They just opened for business the other day, Sunday which is less than a week ago…

Nibong Corner,

We went past the following morning, Monday, on our way to my mum’s house and it was packed but by the time we were going back home, after 11.00 a.m., there were not so many people already so we stopped by to check the place out.

Unfortunately, when we got there, everything was already sold out and they only had their specialty – the guy started in Mandarin and eventually switched to conversing in Foochow with my missus – she is very proficient in the dialect and I did hear something about some special Sabah delight and this came to mind instantly.

We did not have much of a choice so we agreed to give it a try. When we were served (RM8.00 per set)…

Nibong Corner noodles & soup set

…it turned out that I was right – it was what I thought it was – the very nice bone stock soup with the ultra-thin slices of pork…

Nibong Corner thinly-slices pork

…that they pour the hot boiling soup on to cook it and they had liver…

Nibong Corner liver in the soup

…in theirs here. I wouldn’t mind if they had pig’s intestines in it as well, actually.

It was only RM5.00 per set at the other place but that was way back in 2014 and I have not been there since and there, they served their very nice kampua mee with the soup whereas here, they had something different. It came across to me a bit like the konlou mee in Sabah and they gave this extra lard with fried garlic and pork fat crusts…

Nibong Corner extra lard & pork fat crusts

…so one could add to the noodles…

Added to the noocles

…if thus inclined. I guess it boils down to one’s own personal preferences which one would prefer – kampua or konlou.

All in all, I would say it was nice and I loved the extra-spicy chili and ginger dip, something like what one would get at the chicken rice places but I would much rather enjoy this for breakfast…and for RM8.00 or most likely, even less than that, I would much sooner go for the nasi campur (mixed rice) at this place next door in that same block for lunch…and enjoy it a lot more.

The drinks were more expensive than elsewhere too, it seemed. I had their kopi-o-peng (iced coffee, black) and my missus had the kopi-o (black coffee, no ice) and was charged RM4.00 in total. Elsewhere, what I had would be around RM1.50-1.80 and what my missus had, RM1.00-1.20 so that shouldn’t cost that much and would be around RM3.00 altogether.

NIBONG CORNER (2.307198, 111.828479) is located along Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg on the left if you are coming from town, right after the SHELL petrol station, at its junction with Jalan Nibong. The Sibu Buddhist Temple is on your right on the other side of the road.

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “So new…”

  1. Everything looks great. For the iced coffee black, do they add anything else to the drink, or is it just the coffee? I do love the smell of coffee, but I am not a coffee drinker. Now my herbal teas? I drink between 2-4 cups daily. 🙂 The noodles and soup look great. I’ve been craving a large bowl of clear soup. Perhaps I’ll make some tomorrow. Later today, we’re making chocolate chip cookies, gluten-free. My daughter is helping me make them. It’ll be a fun bonding experience. 🙂

    Hi Opal! Been a while. Glad to see you back commenting again. Hope all’s been good with you over there.

    Your girl must be very big now, and pretty too. My girl would love those, the gluten-free choc chip cookies. They have some at the supermarts here, just one brand, but they’re way too sweet for her liking.

    Yes, that’s black coffee – just coffee powder, brewed…with sugar and ice added and diluted. Not so nice, the one here, a little too diluted – they can do it better at many other places here.

    1. My father used to drink his coffee black, but now he adds cream and sometimes sugar to that. He’s 79. 🙂 Yes, all is well with me and I’m slowly getting back into the habit of commenting. I truly did miss doing that and visiting the websites of course. Yes, my daughter is taller than me now. Which isn’t saying much since I’m only 5′. I think she’s 5′ 2″. She is a lovely girl and still enjoys doing things with her mom, sometimes she’ll choose to do that instead of hanging with her friends. I am truly blessed and making the most of it by making sure we create lots of fun memories, sometimes it simply means just talking or creating something together in our home. 🙂

      Praise the Lord. I do appreciate every little thing in my life, make the most of it. After all, life is what we make it. I drink coffee, black, with sugar outside but not when I make my own cuppa at home.

  2. Happy Chap Goh Mei! Sabah pork noodles… ah there are a couple of stalls here in KL too. I like their konlo noodles that come with it.

    Thanks and the same to you and your loved ones. Personally, I prefer our kampua noodles or Kuching kolo mee.

  3. The noodles itself looks good. Happy Chap Goh Mei to you & yr family.

    It was nice, nicer than some konlou noodles I had in KK but then again, maybe I did not know the right places to go to. Happy Chap Goh Meh to you and yours too.

  4. Happy chap goh mei… Had heavy breakfast this morning, and didn’t take lunch, the noodle makes me hungry…

    Hope you had a happy one. Wahhhh!!! You eat so much? Usually, we would have a late breakfast and that would be it, no lunch.

  5. I’m not fond of intestines and such. Actually, I’m eating less and less meat as I get older.

    Not me, still going strong on everything…except alcoholic drinks – none of those for me and cutting down on sugar and salt and msg too.

  6. I like the way you highlighted the liver in that photo. Nicely done.

    Love it! But of course, limited to occasionally only, can’t over-indulge. 😀

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