I am king…

I remember there used to be an outlet of a food court chain here…

Food court, back of Sibu Heritage Centre

…at the back of the Sibu Heritage Centre with the entrance facing the side of the SMC multi-storey carpark – they also have one at what used to be the Kok Cheng coffee shop across the road from what once was the Cathay Cinema and later, the Star Cineplex, now closed down already and there is one at the Star Mega Mall as well and other than those, there is a sparkling new one at the Selangau Bazaar.

I heard of a Pakistani guy opening up this place…

Biryani King business card

…here but I had not stopped by to give it a try owing to the horrendous traffic congestion and the rampant illegal parking in that area.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, Saturday, however, many shops were closed and things were quite quiet around town so we ventured there and as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do and I parked my car illegally right in front of the entrance…

Biryani King side/back entrance

…which happened to be the back entrance and you would have to walk through the kitchen to get to the food court proper.

I liked the use of mirrors in the cabinet…

Biryani King food cabinet

…so one would be able to see from afar what they had in their selections for the day.

I saw their lamb shank curry…

Biryani King lamb shank curry

…and it did look very good. Believe it or not, it was going for just RM8.00 each! No, you do not get a teeny-weeny chunk of it like at some other places at that same price – you get the whole lamb shank…

Biryani King lamb shank biryani

…but the rice…

Biryani King biryani rice

…is RM6.50 per serving so the complete set would set you back by a total of RM14.50. Ouch!!!

The meat was nice and tender, the curry was slightly spicy, not all that spicy by our standard and the rice was bursting with all the exotic flavours and fragrances but I did feel it was kind of over-salty or maybe it was just me as we hardly have any salt and no msg in our own cooking at home. I noticed that they cooked the chicken thighs in the rice and they had those by the side but no, I did not want that – I already had my eyes on the lamb shank.

My missus had some minced meat thing…

Biryani King nasi campur

…that she liked a lot with plain rice and cangkuk manis and some acar (pickles) by the side and that was only RM4.50 altogether.

My girl had their mutton curry with the bryani rice and a bit of brinjal (RM9.50)…

Biryani King mutton curry biryani

…and yes, she did enjoy it.

We liked what we had that day and sure would not mind dropping by again sometime but of course, that would depend on whether we can manage to get a parking space or not, something that is virtually impossible to do on normal days in that area.

BIRYANI KING (2.289696, 111.828366) is located at the back section of the Sibu Heritage Centre, ground floor, along Central Road – its back/side entrance is beside the entrance into Daesim Mart in that back lane to the right of the centre and is not visible if you are going along or coming from Jalan Wong Nai Siong.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “I am king…”

  1. I’m not a fan of nasi biryani at all maybe due to the price. It’s always a hit or miss, if kena those nasi biryani and the lamb which are too dry then really not worth the money but I heard there’s one pretty good in KL where they cook it with salted vege. Gonna try it soon! 😀

    I had a good one at Fierce – I think it is very popular there?
    Salted veg? Hope it would not make it too salty – that would put me off right away.

  2. Love the layout photo in that first pic 🙂

    Yes, I like how the surroundings were very clean, something not usually seen at many towns and cities here.

  3. I also had mutton briyani a week ago, mine was with egg instead of brinjal…

    I saw briyani at one place here, they had hard boiled eggs by the side of the rice in the tray. I did try once but I did not really like the food…nor the people, rather snooty and unfriendly and the service sucked big time and the drinks took a long long time and were horrible so I did not even bother to blog about it.

  4. So far, I think I had nasi bryani only twice in KL. Not really keen in nasi bryani as I always find them very dry and not used to the long grain rice. The lamb shank looks good though.

    They use long grain here so that’s a bonus point for them…and no, it was not hard and dry. I loved the flavours and fragrances of all the spices used in the cooking, too bad it was a little too salty for me. I tapao-ed a pack for my sis – she did not complain as they are more into salt than us in their cooking.

  5. Briyani rice is memang pricey… but as long as you enjoy the food, it is worth it! 🙂 For the past few days, I have been eating so much…. now I am yearning for some vegetarian food… hahahaa… About the comments in my blog, not to worry, they will be under moderation after 24 hours so that I know who commented in my previous posts.. otherwise I wouldn’t know at all… I did not check my blog for a couple of days, just came back from outstation… 🙂

    Wahhhhh!!! Been travelling again? How nice. Ok, I was wondering why I would need to undergo moderation since I’m a regular at your blog. Usually that happens to newbies or people switching to a new gadget or appliance or something.

  6. Wah! The lamb shank is so cheap! Even at RM14.50 with the rice, I think it is still reasonable.

    I thought the lamb shank was really cheap too. Only RM8.00 for the whole lamb shank. At those classy cafes and restaurants, though theirs would be bigger, maybe double the size, one lamb shank would set one back by at least RM30.00 or more.

  7. Even during CNY you had to park your car illegally, wow. I noticed how quiet it is in town here too. We came home earlier than intended as the little one was not feeling well and we did not want to spread whatever virus he was having to the old folks at my in-law’s. It is a quiet CNY for us this year.

    Oh dear!!! I hope the little one is ok now.

    Yes, when it is not a public holiday, it may be even harder to get a space as parking is free – all the people at the shops will occupy the spaces and leave their cars there the whole day. I did see some coffee shops in the vicinity open and like any other day, all the cars were parked right outside all along the yellow line. They would park in the coffee shop if they could, I’m sure.

    But generally, CNY here is not like in the big cities. Lots of people, traffic jams everywhere – a lot come home to celebrate with their families.

  8. Lamb shank looks very good. Would surely go well with the bryani.

    It was good and the price was unbelievably cheap for whole lamb shanks, if only the biryani was a little less salty.

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