We were here…

…a number of times before but it was the first time for my girl.

This was on Chinese New Year’s Eve. After spending the morning with my mum, we went home to rest a while and then, do all the preparations necessary and go over to my mum’s house that same evening, bringing the ingredients and everything else needed for our steamboat dinner together.

We decided to stop by here on the way for lunch so my girl could give it a try but the nasi campur (mixed rice) selections were running out so they decided to go à la carte and order from their menu instead.

My missus had their seafood kway teow

La'zzaty Cuisine seafood kway teow

…which was very good, very very spicy even though she did not ask for it, but I thought it could have been a bit more substantial. I did check the price but somehow or other, I can’t seem to remember it right now.

Well, I definitely can remember only too well how much this, that my girl had that day, cost – a whooping RM13.00…

La'zzaty Cuisine corned beef fried rice & ayam bakar

I met some old friends of mine from the office, way back in those days before I retired, on one of our previous visits and the ladies were having their corned beef fried rice…

La'ssaty Cuisine corned beef fried rice

…which they praised to the skies and said that they kept coming back for more.

I did try a bit of the rice and thought it was all right, nothing sensational and the chicken, their ayam bakar, was good too but at that price, I would much sooner go for something else.

I saw they had liver…


…for their nasi campur and of course, I just could not resist it.

I also had their yam and yam shoots, masak lemak

Keladi & pucuk keladi, masak lemak

…that I had never tried before and yes, I loved it very much. I sure would have no second thought about going for it the next time I see it among the choices available.

Their daging masak hitam (black-cooked beef)…

Daging masak hitam

…was nice but I would not say it is the best I’ve had in town.

I guess my servings were XXL, a whole lot more than the regular servings one would get…

La'zzaty Cuisine nasi campur

…so I would consider the overall total of RM6.30 that I had to fork out for everything, inclusive of rice, quite reasonable actually…and I would give them a few bonus points for using those lovely old school plates, not the horrendously-colourful plastic ones elsewhere that I simply abhor.

LA’ZZATY CUISINE (2.307198, 111.828479) is located along Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg on the left if you are coming from town, right after the SHELL petrol station, at its junction with Jalan Nibong with the Sibu Buddhist Temple on your right on the other side of the road.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

14 thoughts on “We were here…”

  1. I like the seafood kway teow, but very very spicy, don’t think I can take it…

    You can always tell them when you order.

  2. With the amount of everything you had from your picks, RM6.30 for all is a good deal. Somemore beef are expensive. Over here, most places will charge RM1.20/1.30 for a bowl of white rice, not RM1 anymore.

    Yes, they have standard fixed prices for meat, fish, vegetables. I am sure if they had charged me double for each item that I picked, RM6.30 would not be enough. 😀

  3. I agree! I liked the design on the plates, too!

    I wonder where they bought them. I am not fond of those I see at the shops. Wouldn’t mind grabbing a few of these.

  4. Whoa … lots of meat here , looks good! As for me, I think I need to eat light as I had too much good food during CNY ! Hahaha..

    We’re not celebrating this year so I do not feel it one bit. Other years, by the third day I would be having plain porridge with salted fish or salted eggs already.

  5. That seafood kuih teow really looks fantastic!

    My missus enjoyed it. I would need a bit more than that to be filling enough for me though, will probably have to order two plates when having that. 😀

  6. The seafood away teow would be my option but less spicy for me. Hehehe

    We did not put in a special request and yet it turned out to be so very spicy. I wonder if it is always like that.

  7. only rm6? that’s really worth it.. hm, i missed my lunch today, time to grab some noms soon! 😛

    Oh dear!!! Chinese New Year, must feast plus-plus…so you will have food in abundance the whole year through.

  8. Even though I enjoy spice, I’d prefer dishes to be served mildly spicy and allow me to add my own to adjust.

    I’m like you – I think if it’s way too spicy, it takes away the enjoyment of the original taste. My missus does not mind it though, the spicier the better.

  9. Nothing to eat here in Penang during CNY eve, everything was closed 😦

    Been there, done that. Was there one CNY, could sleep on the road, like a ghost city. The nasi kandar shops were open though, thank goodness…and McD or KFC.

  10. XXL for RM6.30 sounds good … and yes, that plate reminds of the ones we used in my grandmother’s kitchen in the 1980s! 😀

    Earlier, I think. I only have a plate and a bowl, my prized antiques but the two don’t quite make a collection. So far, all that I’ve seen are not nice – maybe one of these days, I will ask them…and then I can go grab a dozen, or half a dozen at least.

  11. Corned beef fried rice sounds good. I bet you can whip up a better version. Mmmm…I like what you had on your plate!

    I’ve fried bihun with corned beef, never rice. Sure would love to give it a go one of these days.

  12. RM13 eh… that’s really on a high side for sibu standard right? Haha… happy CNY to u! 🙂

    Yes, very high! I think they are trying to follow the prices at one place here but that one’s classier, a much nicer place…not a coffee shop. I certainly would not want to order that again. 😦

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