When we were there…

We dropped by the grocer & deli near my mum’s house that day as I wanted to stock up on some instant noodles that I can have sometimes for breakfast. No, I do not eat those all that often just that on some days, there may not be anything in the house or I may feel like having it sometimes for a change.

I have not seen this brand anywhere else or maybe I have not been looking but a pack of 6 costs only RM2.90, a whole lot cheaper than all the other brands and yes, it tastes quite good too…

TIP TOP instanf mi goreng
*Archive photo*

While we were there, I also decided to buy a pack of the Thai fragrant rice bihun to try. I fried it with some sambal belacan (dried prawn paste) I had in the fridge, prawns and thinly sliced leek…

My fried belacan bihun 1

…and yes, it was very nice but I did not think it was any different from the regular made-in-Thailand ones in which case, should I be buying anymore, I would just grab whichever one is cheaper.

I shared the photograph on Facebook and somebody commented about it being in bits (pecah pecah)…

My fried belacan bihun 2

I always fried a little bit too long as I would want all the ingredients to be evenly spread all over the bihun and I always assumed that was the cause. Then, a friend said that I should soak the bihun in warm water but I always poured hot boiling water over it and wait till it had gone really soft or else when I ate it, I might have stomach discomfort. To me, it really isn’t a problem and I do not really mind, actually, as I  eat it with a fork and spoon, not chopsticks.

When we were done with our shopping, we decided to have our lunch at this Malay coffee shop right round the corner to the left of the supermarket entrance in that same block/building. For no apparent reason, we have not been here for quite a while actually – if I am not wrong, the last time was in July last year.

We had the nasi campur (mixed rice) and my missus had the sotong (squid)…

Mia sotong

…and this young mango sambal

Mia young mango sambal

…which turned out to be extremely sour, she said – thank goodness I did not pick that! Those two and also their fried paku (wild jungle fern) with sweet baby corn…

Mia paku

…and of course, the rice, came up to RM5.30.

I had the paku too and this very nice young cucumber leaves also with sweet baby corn…

Mia pucuk timun

…and the cangkuk manis and pumpkin masak lemak (cooked with coconut milk)…

Mia cangkuk manis labu masak lemak

…plus a slice of fish…

Mia fish

…and I only had to fork out 70 sen more…

Mia nasi campur

…RM6.00 altogether for 1 meat and 3 vegetables.

No, I would not say that was cheap but like on our previous visits, we did enjoy the food so I guess that was what mattered most.

MIA CAFE & RESTAURANT (2.308507, 111.820287) is located among the shops at Jalan Bunga Normah 4, around Simpang Tiga, Sibu, facing inwards overlooking the houses along Jalan Kuda, off Jalan Kampung Nangka.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “When we were there…”

  1. I like your picks especially that slice of fish & cangkuk manis & pumpkin masak lemak.

    Yes, I do enjoy the nasi campur at these Malay stalls more than the stuff at the Chinese chap fan places.

  2. Well, I don’t mind pecah pecah bihun. What matters most is the taste. hehe..
    Sometimes it could be due to the bihun type or way of cooking. I do experience peach2 if I keep gaul them during the process of cooking.

    I don’t mind either – for me, what is important is it must be soft enough and will not cause stomach discomfort after I’ve eaten it. Some people do not soak it enough, still firm/hard – even if there is not after-effect, I do not enjoy eating bihun like that.

  3. I like your fried bee hoon. Lots of ingredients.

    Can’t go wrong with prawns…and the added leek sure brought the taste to a whole new level. Very nice.

  4. The nasi campur looks good even for RM6.. reasonable… as for the fried meehoon, mine is the long type cos I soaked with cold water, lazy to boil hot water and soak. 🙂 I don’t mind eating your style cos the ingredients are overflowing…

    RM6 not reasonable, what is? I get quite pissed off at the Chinese shops selling something with rice, RM8-9, so very expensive and they are just no-class-at-all coffee shops…and the food is not all that nice even. The Chinese chap fan also that some price, RM5/6 and the food, mostly msg and very oily – like the new coffee shop I blogged about that day. I went to see the dishes and one glance, I had no appetite to eat already.

    You don’t get indigestion or stomach discomfort eating your bihun? That was the reason why my dad would never touch bihun when he was still alive, “bay siao hua” in Hokkien.

  5. I also prefer Bee hoon that’s pecah-pecah – easier and less messy to eat, like others say. Interesting how a lot of us feel the same way! 🙂

    Indeed, and yet people criticise my bihun, ask why pecah pecah, the Masterchef wannabes. Tsk! Tsk!

  6. Sotong looks good, seems fresh too

    I suppose it was – my missus did not come down with food poisoning…unlike poor you, in Vietnam! 😀

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