Dinner for two…

*This is NOT a paid post* and no, despite all the unfounded rumours circulating around town, I do NOT own this café nor am I one of the co-owners so let it be known here and now that I have NO vested interest in the place whatsoever.

Yes, I do go there quite often – I like the food, the ambiance and the people are very nice and hospitable and yes, they have helped me in more ways than one but make no mistake, I am just a regular customer and like all other customers, I have to pay the regular prices for everything that I eat there though some would insist that the servings I get SOMETIMES, not all the time, do seem a little more than usual. They do not charge me for the water that I drink there though but yes, according to the menu, under normal circumstances, it is chargeable and I may get to try some nice dishes they are having for their own lunch or dinner.

Well, in case you have not seen it on their Facebook page or heard about it, they are going to have something special for Valentine’s Day – the 14th of February, Wednesday….

Payung Cafe Valentine's Day special

…at RM55.00 per head but if you book before the 8th, this Thursday, you can get a discount of RM10.00 so you will only need to pay at RM45.00 per head, RM90.00 if it is going to be a romantic dinner for two.

For that amount of money, you get to pick ONE of the main meals – the chicken chop (usual price: RM25.00)…

Payung Cafe chicken chop

…or the chicken or beef spaghetti (usual price: RM17.00)…

Payung Cafe beef spaghetti

My guess is the hot and spicy curry lamb is what we often had, their Bangladeshi lamb curry (usual price: RM19.00)…

Payung Cafe Bangladeshi lamb curry

…and of course, their butter chicken (usual price: RM18.00)…

Payung Cafe butter chicken

…is one of our favourites here.

We tried the sedha beef (usual price: RM20.00)…

Payung Cafe sedha beef

…also a Bangladeshi dish, once but it did not really tickle our fancy – at best, I would say it was all right, non-spicy, not even a bit.

It so happens that Valentine’s Day this year coincides with Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting and abstinence (from meat) for Catholics and unfortunately, there is no fish or prawn dish in the list but no worries! I spoke to the Payung people regarding this and they assured me that if anyone is thus inclined, abstaining from meat, he or she can let them know when calling to make the reservation and put in a special request for their very popular Payung otak-otak (usual price: RM13.00)…

Payung otak-otak

…or their very nice Payung fish (ikan keli/catfish: usual price RM15.00)…

Payung fish

…and they will arrange for it to be served that night.

They also have two prawn dishes – their belimbing prawns and their tom yam prawns but I hear those crustaceans are kinda scarce these few days. Of course the sellers will put the blame on the current bad weather but we all know that they are hoarding them for Chinese New Year that is coming right up at the end of next week when they can jack up the prices and fleece the customers. Tsk! Tsk!

Like in previous years, I would expect a somewhat elaborate buffet spread and other than the main meal of your choice, you can help yourself to all the mushroom soup (usual price: RM5:00)…

Payung Cafe mushroom soup

…that you like and also the salads which I am pretty sure will include our favourites here, the Payung rojak (usual price: RM10.00, small)…

Payung rojak

…and their pomelo salad (usual price: RM8.00)…

Payung Cafe pomelo salad

…and their herbs salad and probably their papaya salad…

Payung Cafe papaya salad

…as well.

For the dessert, it is most likely that they will serve the very nice dreamy nite…

Payung Cafe dreamy nite

…and their banana cake…

Payung Cafe banana cake

…but I am not sure if you can get to enjoy their durian or mango ice cream or not or their Mulu ice cream…

Payung Cafe Mulu ice cream

Drinks will be free flow – I expect they will serve my girl’s favourite here, the pineapple ginger soda but there may be other options to pick and choose.

So, if anyone is interested, you can call them at 016-8906061 or 011-53375498 to make your reservation. I’ve never been to any of their Valentine’s Day dinners before but I did hear that the response in previous years had been very good, a full house no less, so it would be best that you book early to avoid disappointment.

PAYUNG CAFÉ (2.284049, 111.833014) is located at No.20F, Lanang Road, Sibu, Malaysia, back to back with the multi-storey car park of the Kingwood Hotel which faces the majestic Rejang River.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Dinner for two…”

  1. Nothing better to do, spreading rumours to pass time, hahaha…..Guess by now, everyone (if not all) who has been following your blog will be familiar with this place. Food has always been good. Eyeing for the Payung rojak & pamelo salad.

    Yes, somebody just commented that I’ve featured it too much in my blog but I cannot verify his/her identity so I am not letting it go past moderation.

    For one thing, I will only blog about it if there is something new or of interest to share – like in this post, their dinner for Valentines’s Day, not that I go there all the time, eat the same things all the time…and blog about it over and over again!!! Anyway, it’s my blog…and I don’t see why I need to explain what I do with it. Tsk! Tsk!

    At one time, there was this talk around town that I was a successful owner of a very successful tuition centre in town. My late aunt used to say – lang air chui bay tang kham eh! Cannot close people’s mouths – so let them talk…since they obviously derive so much pleasure from gossiping! 😦

  2. Don’t bother too much about this people…

    I am eyeing the chicken chop…

    One of my girl’s favourites here…

  3. Probably other shop owners that gets jealous.
    But I do believe you come here often due to the quality of food + ambiance.

    Dunno. Or people simply jump into conclusions…or create their own stories.

  4. Rumors, eh? Quite surprising how that came about. A Valentine’s dinner at Payung would be an evening to remember.

    Of that I am pretty sure! Too bad I’ve gone way past my time. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. RM45.00 sounds really reasonable if I convert it to NZ$. It’s quite a diverse selection as well

    Elsewhere here, like in KL or Penang, I am sure it will go up to three digits or close to that.

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