Try this…

I can’t remember exactly now where or when I was talking about corned beef – the canned ones that I would cook time and again because my girl likes it a lot, fried with sliced Bombay onions and with boiled potatoes added.

My cousin in Melbourne said that I should try fresh corned beef as not only would it be better but according to her butcher, it would not have all those preservatives and artificial flavourings and colourings and what not that we would usually get in food in tins. I think I tried it before, probably in the UK in 1994 but it did not leave a lasting impression. Anyway, we can’t get it here so I guess we would have no choice but to make do with what we have.

Well, it so happened that my cousin had to fly into town on a whirlwind visit as she had something to attend to and she brought me this…

Fresh corned beef silverside

Gee!!! Fresh corned beef! No, I’ve put it in the freezer waiting for an appropriate time to do something with it – anybody has anything to share regarding cooking fresh corned beef?

Now that wasn’t all that she brought. There was also this pack of “middle bacon”…

Middle bacon

…and these gluten-free stuff…

Gluten-free plus condensed milk

…for my girl and never mind that it is way too early for Christmas, these Scottish shortbread biscuits…

Scottish shortbread biscuits

…are most welcomed any time of year!

They came in two of those cooler bags so now I have a whole lot of those – they sure come in handy when we have to bring frozen stuff or cooked food all the way to my girl’s school in the jungle and we would not have to worry about those things going stale or turning bad en route.

Thank you so much, Siaw Ling, for bringing so much stuff all the way – too bad we did not have the chance to meet up and go for a nice dinner or something. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to do that some other time…and sorry I  did not get you anything at all from here to take home. *face palm*

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “Try this…”

  1. Uncle Art, for the corned beef, try making a corned beef hash with some of it or make a corned beef roast dinner with veggies/cabbage and potatoes. LOVE IT!

    Aha!!! Mr Jiggs’ favourite, corned beef and cabbage, much to the distress of his wife – Bringing up father comic strip. Supposed to be NCAA (no class at all), a poor man’s meal. 😀 I did see a lot of recipes for it though – yet to decide what to do with it.

  2. Has been a while I haven’t eaten corned beef. I remember once my son ask me to add it to my fried rice and he loves it. Love the butter shortbread.

    Walkers, no less. VERY expensive! I’ve never tried frying rice but my girl loves fried bihun with corned beef.

  3. Wah lucky you! I wonder how fresh corned beef tastes like. I saw on TV how it is made. Hope you blog about it when it comes out of your freezer hee..hee.. I had no idea what to do with it.

    Neither have I. Can’t remember what I did with the one I bought a long time ago, probably in the UK – I think I just cooked it the same way I would cook the canned ones.

  4. Fresh corned beef. That is new to me. I am not a big fan of it but hubby loves it. With bombay onion. ^^

    Yes, the canned ones…with potatoes too!

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