Pay the rent…

Yes, we were back here again and yes, I had their pecel lele (RM7.50)…

Penyet Delta pecel lele

…again and yes, this time around, they served the rice wrapped in banana leaf…

Penyet Delta rice in banana leaf

…the way it should be like what they always do at their original outlet at Bandong and that certainly puts them a cut above all the rest where they will just serve you plain white rice by the side, take it or leave it.

While I was paying my bill at the counter, I asked the boy why it is more expensive here, by RM1.00, at least, and whether it is because they have to pay to rent the shop and he said yes – at the other place, they are sharing the premises with somebody’s sister-in-law or somebody, operating from a small section of the shop with tables and stools laid out outside under the extended awning so of course, comparatively, this is a very much nicer place.

Actually, the people at the coffee shop next door were occupying this place before, both sides, but I heard that the landlord wanted to increase the rent by leaps and bounds so they all moved over to the other side. I guess if these people here have to fork out so much, it is only reasonable that they charge a little bit more for the food. Besides, their other place only opens at night while over here, one can stop by any time of day…and as a matter of fact, there are places here where their penyet dishes are even more expensive, RM8.00 and above.

Yes, I did enjoy what I had that day – they probably ran out of tofu because I was given two pieces of tempeh instead of one tempeh and one fried tofu. The sambal was as good as ever and the ikan keli (catfish) was grilled to perfection…

Penyet Delta ikan keli

…very nice and juicy and very much to my liking, not dry and hard like at some places.

They now have nasi campur (mixed rice) laid out at where the roti canai stall used to be

Penyet Delta nasi campur spread

They have those stainless steel food warmers instead of a mosquito-netting covered cabinet but the guys will come and open everything up when there is anyone there to look at the food.

My missus had that…

Penyet Delta nasi campur

…that day and the total came up to a whooping RM6.00! However, considering that the asam fish (with a whole lot of vegetables added) was RM2.50 a piece and the egg was RM1.00 or RM1.50, leaving around RM2.00 or 2.50 for the rice and the daun ubi masak lemak (tapioca leaves cooked in santan/coconut milk), it more or less adds up to that amount.

She enjoyed what she had picked – in fact, the fish and the tapioca leaves were so good that we even tapao-ed some home for dinner.

PENYET DELTA (2.307969, 111.825223) is located at No.14, Lorong Delta 10, off Jalan Delta, right behind the Delta Swimming Pool, right beside the Delta Seafood & Cafe.

Author: suituapui

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10 thoughts on “Pay the rent…”

  1. I like pecel lele and the sambal must be really spicy then it will be nice. The tempe looks nice. I like the rice wrapped with banana leaf. Never seen one in KL before

    That makes a world of difference, the only one doing that here and that is why I put it at the top of the list. The sambal is very nice too, spicy – will ask them for a bit more next time.

  2. Heard from my friend that banana leaf is hard to get these days, how true is that I don’t know. I like your missus picks especially the assam fish.

    Maybe in Kuching, with all that development – soon it will be hard to see any kind of trees there. Don’t see any problem at all here.

  3. We often complain about the price of food over here but when you consider all of the expenses a restaurant must undertake, it’s really not that badly priced.

    Yes, like buying vegetables, RM2 for a bundle – people grumble that they used to get a lot more for half the price. Frankly, all that hassle in planting one’s own, I’d much sooner go out and buy even though some will insist that it will deprive me of the pleasure of seeing my own grow and get to enjoy the fruit of my labour.

  4. Delta swimming pool? next time try to visit and take a sexy photo of yours in front of the pool *.*

    Make sure you’ve not eaten anything before you look at that photo. 😀

  5. I haven’t come across the pecel lele rice. It looks very compressed. Is the rice cooked in the leaf?

    Pecel lele, if I am not wrong, is the fish version of the ayam penyet. If you order the chicken here, you will also get the rice in banana leaf like that. I dunno if it is cooked in the leaf or whether it is cooked rice, wrapped in the leaf and steamed, served piping hot. Will ask them the next time I drop by there.

  6. Rental is a killer! Recently one of my favorite restaurants was forced to move because they could not afford the rental increase. The landlord was very adamant. What a shame.

    Quite a number of cases here too. Sad when some good places are forced to call it a day.

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